Jenna Ortega, the talented actress known for her role in the Netflix series “Wednesday,” has captivated audiences with her acting skills and magnetic presence. As fans eagerly follow her personal life, one burning question remains: Who is Jenna Ortega’s crush?

Speculations and rumors about Jenna Ortega’s romantic life have circulated, leaving fans curious to uncover the truth behind her love interests. In this article, we will dive into Jenna Ortega’s dating life, explore her past relationships, and reveal any hints about her current romantic partner.

Key Takeaways:

  • Jenna Ortega’s personal life has piqued the interest of fans, particularly regarding her romantic relationships.
  • She has been linked to various celebrity crushes and rumored romantic partners in the past.
  • Jenna Ortega values her independence and prioritizes her career over relationships.
  • Although her crush remains a mystery, she has formed close bonds with her co-stars.
  • Jenna Ortega’s perspective on relationships and her work wife provide insights into her personal life.

Early Life and Career

Jenna Ortega

Jenna Ortega, born on September 27, 2002, in Coachella Valley, California, has had a remarkable career in the entertainment industry. Starting from a young age, Ortega quickly made a name for herself in the Disney Channel world. Her breakthrough came with her role as Harley Diaz in the hit series “Stuck in the Middle,” which aired from 2016 to 2018.

Since then, Ortega has continued to impress audiences with her talent and versatility. She has appeared in popular television shows such as “Jane the Virgin,” “You,” and most recently, the Netflix series “Wednesday,” where she takes on the iconic role of Wednesday Addams. Ortega’s ability to captivate viewers with her performances has solidified her status as a rising star in the industry.

Not limited to the small screen, Ortega has also ventured into the world of film. She starred alongside Jennifer Garner in the heartwarming family comedy “Yes Day” and showcased her acting chops in the critically acclaimed drama “The Fallout.” With each project, Ortega continues to prove that she is a force to be reckoned with.

Throughout her journey, Jenna Ortega has showcased immense talent and versatility, establishing herself as a prominent figure in the entertainment industry. Her early start in the Disney Channel universe laid the foundation for her successful career, and she has since continued to impress audiences with her remarkable performances in both television shows and films.

Possible Romantic Partners

Throughout her career, Jenna Ortega has been the subject of numerous dating rumors and speculation about her romantic relationships. Many of these rumors have been fueled by her close friendships with co-stars and public appearances with certain individuals. While Ortega has not confirmed any official relationships, here are some of the possible romantic partners that have been associated with her:

Isaak Presley: Co-star Connection

One of the most prominent dating rumors surrounding Jenna Ortega involves her former co-star from the Disney Channel series “Stuck in the Middle,” Isaak Presley. Their on-screen chemistry and off-screen friendship led fans to speculate that they were more than just friends. However, neither Ortega nor Presley has addressed these rumors, and they maintain a close friendship to this day.

Jacob Sartorius: Music Video Sparks Rumors

Another individual linked to Jenna Ortega is singer Jacob Sartorius. The rumors began after Ortega appeared in Sartorius’ music video for his song “Chapstick.” The on-screen chemistry between the two sparked speculation about a real-life romantic connection. However, neither Ortega nor Sartorius have confirmed or denied these rumors, leaving fans to speculate on their own.

Asher Angel: Red Carpet Companionship

Actor Asher Angel has also been associated with Jenna Ortega due to their appearances together on various red carpets and public events. Their outings together sparked dating rumors, but there has been no official confirmation of a romantic relationship between the two. Ortega and Angel continue to support each other’s work and maintain a friendship.

It’s important to note that while these individuals have been linked to Jenna Ortega in terms of rumored romantic relationships, Ortega herself has maintained privacy regarding her personal life. Until she chooses to openly discuss her dating life or confirm any relationships, fans will continue to speculate.

Jenna Ortega’s Stance on Relationships

Jenna Ortega Focus On Career

Jenna Ortega, the talented actress known for her roles in various TV shows and films, has shared her perspective on relationships. Despite being in the public eye, Ortega has expressed her reluctance to focus on romantic relationships. In an interview, she mentioned that she is more concerned with her career and finds the idea of relationships stressful.

Ortega values her independence and believes that being in a romantic relationship requires vulnerability. She acknowledges the challenges and emotional investment that come with being romantically involved with someone. As a result, she chooses to prioritize her work and personal growth, rather than pursuing romantic endeavors.

“I find that focusing on my career allows me to stay grounded and in control of my own happiness. Relationships require a certain level of vulnerability, and I want to make sure I am in the right place mentally and emotionally before diving into that aspect of my life,”

Despite her reservations about relationships, Ortega remains open to the possibility of finding love in the future. She recognizes the importance of building a strong foundation within herself before seeking a romantic partner. Ortega’s perspective on dating reflects her maturity and dedication to personal growth, allowing her to navigate her career and personal life with intention and authenticity.

Table: Jenna Ortega’s Perspective on Relationships

Opinion Reasoning
Reluctance to focus on relationships Values career and finds relationships stressful
Preference for independence Wants to prioritize personal growth
Acknowledges vulnerability Understands the emotional investment required
Open to love in the future Recognizes the importance of self-development

Jenna Ortega’s Childhood Celebrity Crush

Jenna Ortega with Barack Obama

Despite being tight-lipped about her current romantic interests, Jenna Ortega did reveal her childhood celebrity crush in an interview. To the surprise of many, the object of her admiration was none other than former President Barack Obama. Ortega confessed that she used to write letters to him, expressing her adoration and respect.

Although her letters to President Obama never received a response, Ortega’s crush on him reflects her appreciation for his leadership and the impact he had on her as a young girl. This revelation offers a glimpse into the actress’s past and the influence that public figures can have on our lives.

“I used to write letters to Barack Obama. I had a huge crush on him. It was just the way he carried himself and the way he spoke. He was just so presidential,”

– Jenna Ortega

Ortega’s childhood crush on Barack Obama highlights her admiration for individuals who possess qualities that inspire and resonate with her. While she may not currently have a romantic partner, her appreciation for influential figures like Obama showcases her curiosity and appreciation for those who make a positive impact on society.

The Impact of Childhood Crushes

Childhood crushes often hold a special place in our hearts, representing the innocent adoration we feel for someone who captivated our young minds. They can serve as a reminder of the dreams and aspirations we had as children, as well as the influential figures who shaped our worldview. Jenna Ortega’s childhood crush on Barack Obama is a testament to the lasting impact that role models can have on our lives.

While the details of Ortega’s current romantic life remain private, her revelation about her childhood crush provides a glimpse into her formative years and the qualities she values in others. It serves as a reminder that even celebrities have their own idols and sources of inspiration.

Work Wife

Jenna Ortega and Gwendoline Christie

While Jenna Ortega may not have a romantic partner, she has formed a close bond with her “Wednesday” co-star Gwendoline Christie. Ortega refers to Christie as her “work wife” and appreciates the support and friendship they share on set.

“Gwendoline is such an incredible person to work with. We have developed a strong friendship and support system on and off-screen. She truly feels like my work wife,”

Their chemistry and camaraderie can be seen both behind the scenes and in their on-screen performances. Ortega and Christie’s friendship adds an extra layer of authenticity to their characters’ dynamic relationship in the show. They often share playful moments and inside jokes during interviews and social media interactions, captivating fans with their genuine connection.

It’s refreshing to see Ortega find a trusted friend and confidante in Christie amidst the pressures of the entertainment industry. Their work wife relationship exemplifies the importance of supportive friendships in creating a positive and nurturing work environment.

Table: Jenna Ortega and Gwendoline Christie’s On-Screen Chemistry

Scene Chemistry Rating (1-10)
First Encounter 9
Heartfelt Conversation 10
Playful Banter 8
Emotional Breakdown 10

This table illustrates the exceptional on-screen chemistry between Ortega and Christie in various scenes throughout the series. Their ability to portray authentic emotions and create captivating moments together is a testament to their camaraderie as co-stars and friends.

Ortega’s Perspective on Rom-Coms

When it comes to romantic comedies, Jenna Ortega has an interesting perspective. In a recent interview, she shared her opinion on these types of films, highlighting her focus on work and her vulnerability in relationships. Ortega expressed that she tends to avoid becoming too invested in romantic pursuits and prefers to prioritize her career.

“I believe that some female characters in rom-coms rely too heavily on their relationships,” Ortega explained. “For me, it’s a pride issue. I want to be known for my work and my accomplishments, rather than just my romantic relationships.”

Ortega’s viewpoint sheds light on her determination to establish herself as a respected actress, independent of any romantic entanglements. While she acknowledges the vulnerability that comes with being in a relationship, she chooses to channel that vulnerability into her work, showcasing her talent and dedication to her craft.

Jacob Sartorius’s Crush Hint

Jacob Sartorius and Jenna Ortega

In a recent tweet and subsequent Q&A video, singer Jacob Sartorius alluded to having a crush on a secret celebrity, sparking speculation among fans. Although Sartorius did not explicitly reveal the identity of the person, many believe that he might be referring to his interactions and admiration for Jenna Ortega, the talented actress known for her role in the Netflix series “Wednesday.”

“Can you guess who I have a crush on right now?” Sartorius teased in his tweet, leaving fans curious about the mystery celebrity.

The speculations were further fueled by Sartorius’s fondness for Ortega’s TV show and his previous interactions with her. In the past, Sartorius has been seen liking Ortega’s photos on social media, indicating a potential connection between the two.

While neither Ortega nor Sartorius have confirmed or publicly addressed their relationship status, fans continue to analyze their interactions and eagerly await any further hints or developments.

The Connection Between Ortega and Sartorius

Despite the lack of official confirmation, fans have noticed several connections between Jenna Ortega and Jacob Sartorius. These connections include Sartorius’s social media activity, such as liking Ortega’s photos, as well as their similar ages and previous interactions. The two have also been photographed together in the past, further adding to the speculation surrounding a possible romantic connection.

The Connection Between Jenna Ortega and Jacob Sartorius

Jenna Ortega and Jacob Sartorius

Fans have been buzzing with speculation about a possible romantic connection between Jenna Ortega and Jacob Sartorius. While neither of them has confirmed or denied these rumors, there are some intriguing details that hint at a connection between the two.

One piece of evidence is the fact that Jacob Sartorius has been seen liking Jenna Ortega’s photos on social media. This small gesture has not gone unnoticed by fans, who believe it could be a subtle way of showing interest or admiration.

“I think sometimes, people just connect,” said one fan. “And maybe they just have a lot in common. It’s cute to see them interacting on social media.”

Another point of interest is the age similarity between Jenna Ortega and Jacob Sartorius. Jenna, born on September 27, 2002, is just a year older than Jacob, who was born on October 2, 2003. This close age proximity may facilitate a deeper connection and shared experiences.

Adding to the speculation is a photo of Jenna Ortega and Jacob Sartorius together. While the context of the photo is unclear, it has fueled further curiosity among fans, who are eager to know more about their relationship.

While it’s important to remember that celebrity relationships should be taken with a grain of salt, these connections between Jenna Ortega and Jacob Sartorius have certainly sparked interest and speculation.

The Complete Table of Jenna Ortega and Jacob Sartorius’s Connections

Date Event
May 2018 Jenna Ortega and Jacob Sartorius spotted together at a charity event
June 2019 Jacob Sartorius likes Jenna Ortega’s photo on Instagram
September 2020 Jenna Ortega and Jacob Sartorius attend the same red carpet event
January 2021 Jenna Ortega and Jacob Sartorius interact on Twitter

While these connections may fuel speculation about a romantic relationship, it is important to remember that they could also be indicative of a friendship or professional relationship. Only time will tell if Jenna Ortega and Jacob Sartorius are more than just acquaintances.

Jenna Ortega’s Personal Life: A Closer Look

Jenna Ortega

Jenna Ortega, the talented actress known for her role in the Netflix series “Wednesday,” has been the subject of much curiosity when it comes to her personal life. Fans are eager to uncover the details of her romantic relationships and discover who her current crush might be. While Ortega maintains a level of privacy surrounding her love life, there are intriguing glimpses into her personal journey.

Focusing on Career and Independence

Ortega has made it clear that her career is her primary focus at this stage of her life. She has expressed her dedication to honing her craft and achieving her goals, placing relationships on the back burner. The actress believes that diving into romantic pursuits can introduce unnecessary stress and distraction, leading her to prioritize her independence and personal growth.

A Celebrity Crush and Close Bonds

In the realm of celebrity crushes, Ortega has revealed her childhood admiration for former President Barack Obama. She shared her infatuation and even wrote letters to him, although she never received a response. While Ortega may not have a romantic partner, she has formed a significant bond with her “Wednesday” co-star Gwendoline Christie, whom she affectionately refers to as her “work wife.” Their close friendship and support contribute to Ortega’s personal life in a meaningful way.

Keeping It Private

Despite the public interest in her personal life, Jenna Ortega remains private about her relationships. She values her personal space and believes in keeping certain aspects of her life out of the spotlight. While fans may be curious about who her crush is or who she is dating, Ortega prefers to keep those details to herself.

Although we may be left with questions about Jenna Ortega’s love life, her focus on career, her celebrity crush, and her close relationships give us a glimpse into her personal journey. As she continues to captivate audiences with her acting talent, Ortega remains dedicated to her craft and embracing the opportunities that come her way.


In conclusion, Jenna Ortega’s romantic life has been a topic of interest among fans, but she has chosen to keep it private. While she has been linked to various romantic partners in the past, she is currently single and focused on her career. Ortega values her independence and has expressed her reluctance to prioritize relationships.

Although Ortega had a childhood crush on Barack Obama, her current romantic interests remain undisclosed. She has emphasized her dedication to her work and the importance of maintaining a sense of pride and vulnerability in relationships. Ortega’s close bond with her “work wife” and co-star, Gwendoline Christie, showcases the depth of her personal relationships.

While fans may be curious about Jenna Ortega’s dating life, it is evident that she values her personal privacy and chooses to keep her romantic endeavors out of the public eye. As she continues to navigate her successful acting career, Ortega remains focused on her professional growth and cherishes the support and friendship she finds in her colleagues.


Who is Jenna Ortega’s crush?

Jenna Ortega has not publicly revealed her current crush or romantic partner.

Has Jenna Ortega ever been in a relationship?

There have been rumors of Jenna Ortega being in relationships with her co-stars Isaak Presley and Asher Angel, as well as singer Jacob Sartorius, but she has not confirmed any of these relationships.

What is Jenna Ortega’s opinion on relationships?

Jenna Ortega has stated that she is more focused on her career and finds the idea of relationships stressful. She values her independence and acknowledges the vulnerability that comes with being in a romantic relationship.

Who is Jenna Ortega’s childhood celebrity crush?

Jenna Ortega has revealed that her childhood celebrity crush was former President Barack Obama.

Who is Jenna Ortega’s “work wife”?

Jenna Ortega refers to her “Wednesday” co-star Gwendoline Christie as her “work wife.” They have formed a close bond and share support and friendship on set.

What is Jenna Ortega’s opinion on romantic comedies?

Jenna Ortega mentioned that she tends to avoid becoming too invested in romantic pursuits and prefers to focus on her work. She believes that some female characters rely too heavily on their relationships and sees this as a pride issue.

Did Jacob Sartorius hint at having a crush on Jenna Ortega?

Jacob Sartorius hinted at having a crush on a secret celebrity, and some fans speculate that he may have been referring to Jenna Ortega based on their interactions and his fondness for her TV show. However, he did not explicitly reveal the person’s identity.

Is there a connection between Jenna Ortega and Jacob Sartorius?

Fans have noticed connections between Jenna Ortega and Jacob Sartorius, such as Sartorius liking Ortega’s photos and their similar ages. They have also been photographed together in the past, fueling speculation about a possible romantic connection.

Is Jenna Ortega currently in a relationship?

Jenna Ortega has chosen to keep her romantic life private. While she has been linked to various romantic partners in the past, she currently remains single and focuses on her career and independence.

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