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What Is Andrew Tate’s Instagram, YouTube, or Twitter?

Andrew Tate Instagram

What Is Andrew Tate’s Instagram, YouTube, or Twitter?

Andrew Tate is one of the biggest social media influencers in the world today.

He became famous when people started reposting his viral videos on TikTok, and today he has more than 10 billion views on that platform alone!

Andrew Tate can be found at the following social media platforms:

In this comprehensive guide we cover everything you MUST know about Andrew Tate’s social media presence, including his Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter pages.

We also cover your most improtant questions, including:

  • Where does Andrew Tate live?
  • Why was Andrew Tate banned from social media?
  • When will Andrew Tate be allowed back on Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok?

…And much more!

We even cover Andrew Tate’s 5 secret strategies for making money online in 2023…

Now let’s dive in!

Andrew Tate’s Instagram

Andrew Tate was banned from Instagram in August 2022 for unknown reasons.

Prior to being banned, Andrew Tate had over 4 million followers and 700 posts.

The fitness influencer Bradley Martyn said that Andrew Tate was growing faster than anyone he had ever seen, and before long he would be one of the biggest names on instagram!

In fact, Andrew Tate’s Instagram account grew from 1 million followers in June 2022 to 4 million followers in August 2022 just before he was banned. 

Right after Andrew Tate hit 1 million followers on Instagram, he posted the following YouTube Video:

“Onto the next battle. Reached 1m followers on Instagram. Was in the Gym. Don’t care.”

“I want the NEXT BATTLE. 10 million followers next. Then 100 million.”

Andrew Tate says he doesn’t like to celebrate his victories. Instead, he likes to immediately move onto the next goal.

Andrew Tate says he believes he will be reinstated back on Instagram in the near future, perhaps as early as 2023. 

Until then, you can always follow his brother Tristan Tate on instagram:

Andrew Tate’s YouTube

Andrew Tate started his YouTube channel “TateSpeech” in 2018. He posted different videos about kickboxing, making money online, and dating. 

In 2022 he decided to blow up on social media, and he grew his YouTube channel to more than 600,000 subscribers!

He also had an army of people posting his videos on different anonymous YouTube channels called “Tate Universe,” “Legendary Tate,” “Tate Scholar,” and so on.

Unfortunately, Andrew Tate was recently banned from YouTube for unknown reasons.

He now primarily posts on Rumble, Telegram, and other platforms.

Andrew Tate’s Twitter

Andrew Tate has been posting on Twitter for several years. His accounts would get banned, and then he would make a new account using a different name.

His followers would quickly find his new account, and within a few months he would be banned again!

Andrew Tate’s most famous tweet is “Depression isn’t real.”

He still believes in this tweet, and he was banned from twitter several times for posting it.

Andrew Tate was officially banned from twitter in August 2022 for unknown reasons. However, Andrew Tate is now back on twitter, thanks to Elon Musk and his new pro free speech twitter policies.

Andrew Tate primarily posts on his main twitter account “Cobra Tate.” However, he also posts on different secondary accounts, including @reachmorpheus.

He often goes by the screen name “Morpheus” on twitter, which is a reference to the character Morpheus from the movie “The Matrix.” 

Andrew Tate’s Twitch

Andrew Tate started a twitch channel in 2022 as part of his campaign to become “the most googled man in the world.” He does not live stream from twitch very often.

His main use for Twitch is to chat live with Adin Ross and other famous twitch users.

He says Twitch is a very useful way to connect with different audiences and expand his overall reach.

Andrew Tate’s Rumble

Andrew Tate started a Rumble account called “TateSpeech” shortly after getting banned from YouTube and TikTok in August 2022.

He now has 924,000 subscribers, which is FAR more than he ever had on YouTube before his ban!

Andrew Tate says that Rumble is the new “wild west” of the internet. Anyone can go onto Rumble and post whatever they want without fear of getting kicked off the platform.

This is different from YouTube, where users may be booted from the platform for posting about “insensitive” topics.

Andrew Tate now posts all of his new content to Rumble, so make sure you subscribe!

Andrew Tate’s Gettr

Andrew Tate joined Gettr in August 2022 after he was banned from YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter.

Getter functions as an alternative social media platform to twitter.

You can post short form content and engage with other individuals in real time. 

Andrew Tate’s Telegram

Andrew Tate has a thriving Telegram channel where he posts his latest Rumble videos, as well as his latest advice on making money online and becoming the best possible version of yourself.

Anyone interested in getting daily actionable advice from Andrew Tate should subscribe to his Telegram channel. 

Andrew Tate’s Website

Andrew Tate’s primary website is Cobra Tate (dot com).

This is where you can find information about his different products and services, including his online businesses The Real World and The War Room.

He also allows people to message his staff directly to ask for advice and help with specific tasks.

If you are interested in learning more about Andrew Tate, then check out his website.

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