A business’s website serves as its online storefront and delivers promising improvement in a competitive advantage for the company.

A website is crucial for attracting new customers and growing a business. If you want to build a website for your small business, you must understand the importance of online presence. 

At the same time, you must also note that the website development process involves multiple components, such as domain name, hosting service provider, and maintenance.

The ideal approach for determining the cost of building a website consists of determining each component’s cost.

Let us find out the average price of developing a business website with a detailed breakdown of the processes and their cost. 

Why Should You Develop a Website for Your Business?

The first thing that comes to mind about website development is the reason to build websites.

Most websites are deactivated after running for a few months or even days. Only 200 million websites are active out of the 1.13 billion websites developed worldwide. 

At the same time, you cannot ignore the value generated by websites for businesses in different sectors. Find some interesting statistics for identifying the value of website development here. Over 70% of companies worldwide have a website in 2023, and more than 43% of small businesses want high-performance websites.

Therefore, it is essential to focus on the best practices for website development to stay updated with the latest business trends. 

You should develop a website to increase the online visibility of your business. In addition, websites can help improve your sales and revenue with better opportunities for digital marketing. Websites provide a faster and easier way for customers to reach you to purchase products and services.

On top of that, you can use your website to earn the trust and confidence of customers through reviews and testimonials. 

What Are The Costs Involved in Developing a Business Website?

The average website development cost could be between $ 2,000 and $10,000, depending on your website requirements.

For example, you must consider the charges of a website hosting plan and domain name according to your needs. Learn more about an ideal hosting plan for your website development project.

Depending on the website’s complexity, features, and size, businesses could also pay more for the design and development process. 

However, the detailed breakdown of costs in building a website could help identify the areas to save money.

Here is an outline of the distinct steps in website development and the associated costs. 

1. Domain Name

The first thing you need to give a unique identity to your business is a name for the website.

It would help if you chose the ideal domain name for your website. Choosing domain names could be difficult, as most have been taken. You would obviously want to have a top-level domain with your desired domain name and the ‘.com.’ 

On the other hand, you must notice that top-level domains are expensive. Explore innovative solutions for managing website development costs with expert bookkeeping services. You could also choose extensions apart from ‘.com,’ such as .org or .net, according to your requirements.

Most importantly, domain name registrations are valid for one year only, and you should renew the domain name. The cost of a domain name could vary from $0.95 to $12 for each domain. 

2. Web Hosting 

The next significant component in building a website is the hosting service. You could only make a website with hosting, as it helps visitors see what you offer on your website.

If the domain name is the address of your online storefront, the web hosting service is the power company. 

It helps in lighting up your online storefront. Dive into details about the importance of web hosting and its types. You can uncover the options for shared and managed hosting with distinct traits. The hosting service will help you store your files, images, videos, and website content.

The cost of web hosting services could vary between $24 and $24,000 for one year. Remember that you can upgrade your web hosting plan when you need more server resources.

3. Website Builder

The costs of a website builder would depend on the type of development services you choose. For example, you can choose DIY platforms for building your website within a few simple steps in a drag-and-drop interface.

You can rely on professional designers to obtain a customized website tailored to your requirements. However, professional website designers would take around $2000 to $15000, while DIY website builder tools are comparatively cheaper. 

4. SSL Certificate

Another important element in the website development lifecycle points to security. You must ensure that your website is safe from unauthorized intervention. The best approach for safeguarding the data of visitors is the Secure Sockets Layer or SSL certificate.

You can find an SSL certificate for free as a part of your web hosting subscription. On the other hand, you could also purchase SSL certificates by spending up to $ 1,500 annually for building secure websites. 

Some of the other costs you would come across in a website development project include,

  1. Costs of add-ons and plugins.
  2. CMS costs.
  3. SEO costs.
  4. Costs of hiring Webmasters.

To determine the final development cost, you should pay attention to all the costs of a website development project. The cost of developing a simple website could range from $100 to $500, depending on the website’s objectives.

On the other hand, custom-built websites could cost around $25,000 to $30,000. 


The essential costs involved in building a website for your business focus on web hosting, domain name, and SSL costs.

It would help if you also considered the costs of hiring a professional designer to create an effective website. On top of that, add-ons and plugins to introduce additional functionalities to your website. 

Remember that the website can serve as an online storefront for your business. Therefore, you should consider the essential factors that boost the website’s performance, irrespective of development costs.

Learn more about website development with the help of experts right now.