Jenna Ortega, known for her roles in movies and TV shows like Tim Burton’s Addams Family reboot and Scream V, has a diverse taste in music. In a recent interview, she mentioned her love for heavy rock and nu-metal music, citing Nine Inch Nails and Deftones as potential soundtracks for a Scream movie. She also expressed her admiration for The Beatles and revealed that if her character had a theme song, it would be ‘The Way Out Is Through’ by Nine Inch Nails or ‘She’s Leaving Home’ by The Beatles. Additionally, she shared her appreciation for Daft Punk and Nick Cave, mentioning that their music has been on heavy rotation in her playlist.

Key Takeaways:

  • Jenna Ortega has a diverse taste in music, including heavy rock, nu-metal, and classic rock.
  • Her favorite artists include Nine Inch Nails, The Beatles, Deftones, Daft Punk, and Nick Cave.
  • Jenna’s music preferences showcase her versatility and openness to exploring different genres.
  • She draws inspiration from music to enhance her acting performances, particularly in the Scream franchise.
  • Jenna’s collaborations with musicians, such as The Weekend, highlight her growing presence in the entertainment industry.

Jenna Ortega’s Favorite Artists: Nine Inch Nails, The Beatles, Deftones

Jenna Ortega's Favorite Artists

Jenna Ortega, known for her diverse taste in music, has expressed a particular affinity for the music of Nine Inch Nails, The Beatles, and Deftones. These artists have captured her attention with their unique sounds and have become part of her musical journey. Let’s take a closer look at Jenna Ortega’s favorite artists and the impact they have on her musical preferences.

Nine Inch Nails

Nine Inch Nails, the industrial rock band led by Trent Reznor, holds a special place in Jenna Ortega’s heart. She has mentioned that their songs, particularly ‘The Way Out Is Through,’ resonate with her and her character in the film “Scream V.” With their haunting melodies and intense lyrics, Nine Inch Nails’ music has left a lasting impression on Jenna and has become an integral part of her playlist.

The Beatles

The Beatles, legendary pioneers of rock music, have also captured Jenna Ortega’s admiration. She has revealed that ‘She’s Leaving Home’ holds a special significance for her and her character. The timeless music of The Beatles showcases their unparalleled songwriting skills and continues to inspire Jenna’s love for classic rock.


As a fan of heavy rock and nu-metal, Jenna Ortega’s music taste extends to Deftones. This alternative metal band has impressed her with their powerful sound and emotional lyrics. Their music complements Jenna’s diverse musical palette, showcasing her appreciation for different genres.

Through her favorite artists like Nine Inch Nails, The Beatles, and Deftones, Jenna Ortega’s eclectic taste in music shines through. These artists have influenced her musical preferences and have become an essential part of her creative journey. As she continues to explore the world of acting and music, it will be exciting to see how her favorite artists inspire and shape her future projects.

Jenna Ortega’s Eclectic Playlist: Daft Punk, Nick Cave

Jenna Ortega playlist

Jenna Ortega’s diverse taste in music is reflected in her eclectic playlist. Two artists that have been on heavy rotation in her playlist are Daft Punk and Nick Cave. Their unique sound and musical style have captivated Jenna and provided her with inspiration and enjoyment.

Daft Punk’s albums ‘Discovery’ and ‘Homework’ have become favorites of Jenna’s, often lifting her spirits and motivating her during workouts. The upbeat and energetic tunes are the perfect accompaniment to her active lifestyle.

On the other end of the spectrum, Nick Cave’s music offers a darker and more intense listening experience. The moody and brooding melodies resonate with Jenna and have played a significant role in setting the tone during the filming of the upcoming “Scream” movie.

This eclectic playlist showcases Jenna Ortega’s versatility in music choices, ranging from electronic beats to haunting melodies. It’s a testament to her appreciation for diverse sounds and her ability to connect with different artists and genres. With Daft Punk and Nick Cave as prominent additions to her playlist, Jenna continues to explore the vast landscape of music and find inspiration in its many forms.


“Daft Punk’s upbeat tunes are perfect for lifting my spirits and working out. Their music never fails to energize me.” – Jenna Ortega

“Nick Cave’s music has a haunting quality to it that resonates with me. It helped set the tone during the filming of ‘Scream’ and added depth to my character.” – Jenna Ortega

Jenna Ortega’s Broad Music Taste

Jenna Ortega's Broad Music Taste

In a conversation with NME, Jenna Ortega discussed her broad music taste, mentioning her love for Daft Punk and Nick Cave. She shared that she listens to a wide range of genres and appreciates different styles of music. Her openness to exploring various genres and her willingness to understand and appreciate different types of music showcases her diverse musical palette.

Genres Jenna Ortega Enjoys:

  • Rock
  • Electronic
  • Alternative

She finds inspiration in the energetic beats of Daft Punk and the moody and intense melodies of Nick Cave. Her music taste allows her to explore different moods and emotions, and she appreciates the artistry and creativity that different genres offer. This broad music taste enhances her ability to connect with diverse audiences and brings a unique depth to her performances as an actress.

“I believe that music is a universal language that speaks to our souls. It has the power to transport us and evoke emotions like nothing else can. That’s why I love listening to different genres and discovering new artists. It expands my horizons and gives me a deeper understanding of the human experience.”

With her eclectic taste in music, Jenna Ortega continues to surprise and delight her fans with her diverse range of influences. Her broad music taste not only reflects her personal preferences but also contributes to her growth as an artist. As she explores different genres and styles, she expands her creative boundaries, allowing her to bring fresh and authentic performances to both her on-screen roles and her future musical endeavors.

Jenna Ortega’s Collaboration with The Weekend

Jenna Ortega has an exciting new project on the horizon – a collaboration with none other than The Weekend! The talented actress is set to star alongside the renowned singer and actor in an upcoming untitled film. While details about the project are still under wraps, the prospect of this collaboration is generating much anticipation and buzz in the entertainment industry.

With both Jenna Ortega and The Weekend known for their immense talent and ability to captivate audiences, the combination of their skills is sure to make for a remarkable cinematic experience. This collaboration showcases Jenna’s growing presence in Hollywood and her ability to work with diverse talents from various artistic backgrounds.

As fans eagerly await more information about the film and its storyline, the partnership between Jenna Ortega and The Weekend promises a fascinating blend of music and acting. Both artists have made significant contributions to their respective fields, and this collaboration is poised to create something truly special. It’s a testament to Jenna’s rising star power and her ability to attract attention from renowned musicians in addition to her successful acting career.

Jenna Ortega’s Impact on the “Scream” Franchise

Jenna Ortega Impact on Scream Franchise

Jenna Ortega’s involvement in the “Scream” franchise has had a significant impact on both fans and critics. Her performance in “Scream V” elevated her status among horror enthusiasts, showcasing her talent and ability to bring depth to her characters. Now, she is set to reprise her role in the highly anticipated sixth installment of the slasher franchise, “Scream VI.”

Not only has Jenna Ortega made waves with her acting skills, but she has also contributed to the overall atmosphere of the “Scream” films. During the filming of “Scream VI,” Jenna and the rest of the crew drew inspiration from the moody and intense music of Nick Cave. This collaboration between music and film demonstrates Jenna’s understanding of the importance of setting the right tone for certain scenes and adds an additional layer of depth to the movie.

Jenna Ortega’s impact on the “Scream” franchise goes beyond her on-screen presence. Her involvement has generated excitement and anticipation among fans, eager to see her return to the world of horror. With each installment, the franchise has evolved and brought new elements to the table, and Jenna’s presence is sure to contribute to the ongoing success and legacy of the “Scream” films.

Impact of Jenna Ortega on the “Scream” Franchise Reasons
Elevated status among horror fans Her performance in “Scream V” showcased her talent and ability to bring depth to her character.
Contributed to the overall atmosphere Jenna and the crew drew inspiration from Nick Cave’s music, adding an additional layer of depth to “Scream VI.”
Excitement and anticipation among fans Her involvement in the franchise has generated buzz and eagerness to see her return to the world of horror.

Jenna Ortega’s impact on the “Scream” franchise showcases her ability to bring depth to her characters and contribute to the overall atmosphere of a film. Her involvement in the upcoming “Scream VI” ensures that fans and critics will continue to be captivated by her performances. Jenna Ortega is solidifying her place in Hollywood as a talented actress with a bright future ahead.

Jenna Ortega’s Rising Career in Hollywood

Jenna Ortega - Rising Star in Hollywood

Jenna Ortega’s talent and versatility have propelled her career in Hollywood to new heights. With notable roles in hit TV shows like “Jane the Virgin” and “You,” she has become a rising star in the entertainment industry. However, it is her upcoming Netflix movie, “The Fallout,” that has generated significant anticipation. The film, which tackles timely and thought-provoking subject matter, showcases Jenna’s powerful performances and further cements her status as a talented actress.

In “The Fallout,” Jenna Ortega portrays a teenager struggling to cope with the aftermath of a school tragedy. Her portrayal of this complex and emotionally charged character promises to be a standout performance, showcasing her range and ability to tackle challenging roles. As audiences eagerly await the release of “The Fallout,” all eyes are on Jenna Ortega, recognizing her as a rising star in Hollywood.

Jenna Ortega’s Journey to Success

From her early beginnings in the industry to her current status as a prominent actress, Jenna Ortega’s journey to success has been marked by hard work and dedication. With each role she takes on, she continues to impress audiences and critics alike with her undeniable talent. Whether it’s portraying a beloved character in a popular TV show or tackling emotionally charged roles in films, Jenna consistently delivers compelling performances that resonate with viewers.

With “The Fallout” being a highly anticipated project, Jenna Ortega’s rising star status is set to soar even higher. Her ability to bring authenticity and depth to her characters, combined with her dedication to her craft, has positioned her as a sought-after actress in Hollywood. As she continues to take on new and challenging projects, Jenna Ortega’s impact on the industry is sure to leave a lasting impression.

Jenna Ortega’s Musical Versatility

Jenna Ortega’s vibrant music taste showcases her versatility as an actress, with a wide range of genres and artists that she appreciates. From heavy rock and nu-metal to electronic music and brooding melodies, Jenna’s diverse musical palette adds depth and dimension to her artistic persona.

One artist that stands out in Jenna’s playlist is Nine Inch Nails. She has expressed her admiration for their music, with songs like ‘The Way Out Is Through’ resonating with her and her character in the upcoming “Scream” movie. The Beatles, known for their classic rock sound, are also among Jenna’s favorite artists. The timeless appeal of their music has left a lasting impact on her, and she has mentioned ‘She’s Leaving Home’ as a potential theme song for her character. Another artist that Jenna Ortega appreciates is Deftones, known for their alternative rock sound, which complements her diverse taste in music.

In addition to these artists, Jenna has also been drawn to the electronic sounds of Daft Punk. Their albums ‘Discovery’ and ‘Homework’ have been on heavy rotation in her playlist, uplifting her spirits and providing the perfect soundtrack for workouts. Nick Cave’s moody and intense music has also captivated Jenna, creating the right atmosphere during the filming of the “Scream” movie. These eclectic choices highlight Jenna Ortega’s willingness to explore different styles and genres, further establishing her as a multifaceted artist.

Through her diverse music taste, Jenna Ortega showcases her artistic range and her ability to connect with a variety of sounds and expressions. Her collaborations with The Weekend and her impact on the “Scream” franchise serve as testaments to her versatility as an actress. With a passion for music that knows no boundaries, Jenna Ortega continues to captivate audiences with her dynamic performances and her ability to integrate music seamlessly into her work.


In conclusion, Jenna Ortega’s music taste is a testament to her diverse and eclectic preferences. She gravitates towards heavy rock and nu-metal genres like Nine Inch Nails and Deftones, showcasing her love for intense and edgy soundscapes. At the same time, she also appreciates the timeless melodies of The Beatles, adding a touch of classic rock to her playlist.

But Jenna’s musical journey doesn’t stop there. She explores different genres with an open mind, embracing the energetic beats of Daft Punk and the brooding darkness of Nick Cave’s music. Her Spotify playlist is a reflection of her willingness to experiment with various styles and appreciate the artistry present in each.

From her collaboration with The Weekend to her contributions to the “Scream” franchise, Jenna seamlessly integrates music into her work as an actress. It adds depth and dimension to her performances and allows her to create the perfect atmosphere for her characters. Jenna Ortega’s passion for music not only enhances her craft but also establishes her as a multifaceted artist to watch in both the entertainment and music industry.


What are Jenna Ortega’s favorite artists?

Jenna Ortega has mentioned Nine Inch Nails, The Beatles, and Deftones as some of her favorite artists.

What songs resonate with Jenna Ortega?

Jenna mentioned that ‘The Way Out Is Through’ by Nine Inch Nails and ‘She’s Leaving Home’ by The Beatles resonate with her and her character in the film.

Which artists are featured in Jenna Ortega’s playlist?

Jenna has been listening to Daft Punk and Nick Cave, finding their music uplifting and mood-setting.

Has Jenna Ortega collaborated with any musicians?

Jenna Ortega is set to star alongside The Weekend in an upcoming untitled film.

How has Jenna Ortega made an impact on the “Scream” franchise?

Jenna’s performance in “Scream V” and her contribution to the film’s atmosphere through the use of Nick Cave’s music has garnered attention from fans and critics.

How is Jenna Ortega’s career progressing in Hollywood?

Jenna Ortega’s career is on the rise, with notable roles in TV shows and upcoming movies like “The Fallout.”

How would you describe Jenna Ortega’s musical versatility?

Jenna Ortega’s diverse taste in music showcases her ability to appreciate and explore different genres and styles.

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