Tristan Tate’s Kickboxing Record 2023: Earnings, Best Fights, Knockouts

Tristan Tate Kickboxing

What is Tristan Tate’s kickboxing record?

Tristan Tate is a former professional kickboxer, entrepreneur, playboy, and social media personality.

Tristan became famous when his brother Andrew Tate went viral on TikTok and YouTube and became the most googled man on the planet! Of course, he is also famous for his career as a professional kickboxer.

Tristan Tate has a professional kickboxing record of 43-9, including 43 wins and 9 losses. His career highlights include winning 2 European Kickboxing World Championships, and serving as a sparring partner for Andrew Tate, his brother and 4x Kickboxing World Champion.

Tristan retired from professional kickboxing in his late 20s to focus on his growing webcam studio business.

Today Tristan Tate is an extremely successful entrepreneur, with an estimated net worth of $500 million dollars and over 2 million followers on Instagram.

In this guide I will show you EXACTLY how Tristan Tate became a professional kickboxer. I also answer your most important questions, including:

  • Why did Tristan Tate retire from kickboxing?
  • Who’s a better fighter: Tristan Tate or Andrew Tate?
  • Why did Tristan Tate move from Romania to Dubai?

…And much more!

I even reveal Tristan Tate’s secret business plans for 2023 and beyond…

Tristan Tate Profile 2022

  • Net Worth: $500 Million Dollars
  • Salary: $100 Million Dollars
  • Profession: Kickboxer, Entrepreneur
  • Age: 34 Years Old
  • Height: 6 Feet 3 Inches
  • Weight: 235 Pounds
  • Nickname: “Talisman Tate”
  • Titles: 2x European Kickboxing Champion
  • Record: 43 wins, 9 losses

What Is Tristan Tate’s Kickboxing Record?

Andrew Tate may be a 4-time kickboxing world champion, but his brother Tristan Tate is no pushover in the ring either!

Tristan Tate is a 2-time European kickboxing world champion, and a feared opponent for anyone who faces him in competition.

Tristan retired from professional kickboxing to focus on his business projects. However, he still stays in fighting shape even in his retirement.

So what is Tristan Tate’s kickboxing record?

Tristan Tate is the 2x ISKA European kickboxing champion, with an impressive record of 43 wins and 9 losses.

At 6 feet 3 inches tall and 230 pounds, Tristan Tate competed in the light heavyweight division.

This made him one of the largest and most dangerous kickboxers in the world when he was competing. 

Tristan Tate Kickboxing Stats

  • Height: 6 Feet 3 Inches
  • Weight: 230 Pounds
  • Record: 43 Wins, 9 Losses
  • Titles: 2 Time European Kickboxing Champion
  • Nickname: “Talisman Tate”

Here is a video of Tristan Tate fighting Margyn Flood for the ISKA British Title in 2009:

Tristan Tate says competing in professional kickboxing, and he had to train at least 5 hours per day to stay in peak fighting shape.

He was famous for his incredible work ethic, and his stamina in the ring.

“Tristan is a war machine in training and in the ring. He has an enormous tank and work rate and won multiple fights by stoppage.”

Today Tristan trains with his brother Andrew in their $30 million dollar mansion in Romania.

They spar against each other several days per week to maintain their skills and stay in fighting shape. They also spar with their cousin Luke, who lives with Tristan and Andrew.

What Is Tristan Tate’s Workout Routine?

Tristan Tate says his workout routine is incredibly simple.

When he was training as a professional kickboxer, he spent most of his time sparring in the ring, performing kickboxing drills, and other sport-specific activities. He says lifting weights and “bulking up” is a waste of time if your goal is to be a professional fighter!

Of course, he still performed some resistance training exercises to build and maintain his upper body strength.

Tristan’s favorite exercise is actually the regular push up. He performs anywhere from 500 – 1,000 push ups per day to build his upper body strength.

Sometimes Tristan performs his push ups first thing in the morning after he wakes up.

Other times he performs them throughout the day, whenever he is taking a break from work.

“I don’t train in the gym too often. I do 500-1,000 push ups a day. Whenever I’m on the computer, I set myself a little target.

So I’m on the computer, every few minutes I’ll drop and do as many push ups as I can.

The important thing is that he actually performs 500 – 1,000 total push ups each day. If he can do that, then he is happy with his performance.

Here is Tristan’s brother Andrew Tate demonstrating a simple push up workout that you can perform almost anywhere. Check it out:

The Tristan Tate Push Up Workout

  • Exercise #1: Push ups, 1,000 total rep

This workout is as simple as it gets! In this video Andrew Tate performs 500 – 1,000 push ups with some friends.

Tristan says most people already know what they need to do to get in great shape. You just have to train hard and do your push ups!

Now that he is retired Tristan Tate also performs some weightlifting workouts to maintain his impressive physique.

It isn’t necessarily his favorite thing to do. However, he says if you fight every single day then you end up getting injured, so he also lifts weights throughout the week.

Here is one of Andrew Tate’s bench press workouts that you can try. Check it out:

The Tate Brothers Bench Press Workout

  • Exercise #1: Bench press, 3 sets of 6-8 reps
  • Exercise #2: Pull ups (wide grip), 3 sets of 6-8 reps
  • Exercise #3: V-bar dips, 3 sets of 6-8 reps

This is a very simple but effective workout.

Andrew Tate performs 3 total exercises for his upper body, including the bench press, pull ups, and v-bar dips. Tristan says that he also performs very similar bench press workouts to maintain his impressive upper body strength.

Here is Andrew Tate describing this workout:

“I’m a 4x kickboxing world champion.

I used to do push ups, shadow boxing with 4-5 kilos, running with 4-5 kilos, and burpees with weighted vests.

But I never lifted weights ever. Just lots of punching people in the head!”

As you can see, Tristan Tate uses some very simple workout principles to stay in shape:

The Tristan Tate Workout Plan

  • Priority #1: Kickboxing Sparring
  • Priority #2: Push Ups
  • Priority #3: Lift Weights

Tristan likes to spar with his brother Andrew, perform push ups, and occasionally lift weights.

If you want to become a kickboxing world champion like Tristan, or at least get his impressive physique, then this is how you need to train!

What Is The Tristan Tate Diet?

Tristan Tate says training hard in the gym is more important than eating a healthy diet for staying in shape.

Tristan trained up to 6 hours per day when he was training to be a kickboxing world champion!

Of course, following a healthy diet is still an important part of being a world-class athlete. Tristan Tate says he follows a modified carnivore diet to stay in shape.

During the morning and afternoon he uses intermittent fasting. This means he doesn’t eat any food until dinner.

He says that breakfast and lunch make him feel sluggish, so he avoids them altogether. Instead, he likes to have several cups of coffee during the day to suppress his appetite.

At night he likes to have 1 large meal with 1-2 pounds of steak and whatever else he wants! Check it out:

The Tristan Tate Diet Plan

Meal 1 (Dinner)

  • Steak (expensive cuts), 16-32 ounces
  • Whatever else he wants!

Here is a great video of Tristan’s brother Andrew Tate talking about their new intermittent fasting carnivore diet:

Tristan says this modified intermittent fasting diet is perfect if you have a busy schedule and are running multiple businesses.

Here are some of Tristan Tate’s top diet tips:

Tristan Tate Diet Tips

  • Tip #1: Never eat breakfast!
  • Tip #2: Coffee is your best friend!
  • Tip #3: Carnivore diet for the Top G!
  • Tip #4: Limit your carbs!
  • Tip #5: Build a base, and maintain it!
  • Tip #6: Meal prep is for dorks!
  • Tip #7: You still need to train hard!

Tristan says the most important things are to never eat breakfast, cut out sugar from your diet, and drink plenty of coffee during the day. He believes these tips will maximize your energy during the day.

Of course, many fitness experts disagree with some of these tips. After all, some people do great eating breakfast, eating carbs during the day, or using meal prep strategies.

However, some of his tips like reducing sugar from your diet are applicable for everyone.

“If you cut sugar off your diet and eat everything else, you’re going to be fine.”

If you want to learn more about how the Tate brothers eat and train, then check out the following article:

The Andrew Tate Diet And Workout Routine!

What Supplements Does Tristan Tate Use?

Tristan Tate takes a small number of supplements during the day.

He says following a good workout routine and diet are far more important than taking the latest supplement. This is especially true if you want to become a great fighter, or even the 2-time European kickboxing champion!

Of course, Tristan does take a few supplements to stay healthy. Check it out:

Tristan Tate’s Top Supplements

  • Supplement #1: Pre Workout
  • Supplement #2: Multivitamin
  • Supplement #3: Testosterone Booster
  • Supplement #4: Nootropics

Let’s take a closer look at each of these supplements.

Tristan Tate’s #1 Supplement: Pre-Workout

Tristan Tate is a big fan of pre workout supplements.

In this video he actually takes 1 scoop of pre-workout powder, plus 15 scoops of coffee all at once!

Of course, this is NOT recommended. Taking this much caffeine at once is extremely dangerous. I hope Tristan Tate learned his lesson!

Tristan Tate’s #2-4 Supplements: Multivitamin, Test Booster, Nootropics

Andrew and Tristan Tate recently launched their own line of supplements under the company name “Top G Supps.”

Andrew says there are only three supplements that you need to stay in fantastic shape: a multivitamin, a testosterone booster, and nootropics.

You can click on the following link to learn more:

How Did Tristan Tate Make His Money?

Tristan Tate was born into a very poor family. His father was a chess grandmaster, but unless your name is Magnus Carlsen it’s hard to get rich playing chess!

So how did Tristan Tate make his money?

Tristan Tate got rich by starting several different businesses, including a webcam studio, Romanian casinos, Hustler’s University, and The War Room.

Tristan Tate says he was worth $7 million dollars by the time he was 26, and today he has an estimated net worth of $500 million dollars!

Here are the main ways that Tristan Tate earned his money:

How Tristan Tate Made His Money

  • Business #1: Competing as a professional kickboxer
  • Business #2: Running a webcam studio
  • Business #3: Opening Romanian casinos
  • Business #4: Running an OnlyFans business
  • Business #5: Managing Hustler’s University
  • Business #6: Managing The War Room

Let’s take a closer look at each of these businesses.

Business #1: Competing As A Professional Kickboxer

Tristan Tate first started competing in professional kickboxing when he was just a teenager.

He eventually became the 2x European Kickboxing Champion with an official fight record of 43-9, which allowed him to earn a very good living.

However, getting rich as a fighter is difficult. Even as a world champion, his brother Andrew Tate usually only made $50,000 – $100,000 per fight.

This sounds like a lot, but Tristan only competed twice per year, and much of this money went to his manager and coaches.

Business #2: Running A Webcam Studio

Tristan Tate first became a millionaire by starting a webcam studio. Within three years Andrew and Tristan Tate scaled their company to over $500,000 dollars in profit per month!

To make this much money Tristan Tate had to employ a team of over 70 models.

He says the business became very difficult to manage, and he eventually scaled it down and transformed it into his OnlyFans business.

Business #3: Opening Romanian Casinos

Andrew and Tristan Tate have opened about 15 different casinos in Romania. He says these casinos are extremely easy to manage as they only have electronic slot machines.

Unfortunately, the casinos were closed due to the lockdowns in Romania starting in 2020.

However, Tristan says his Romanian casinos are now back up and running.

Business #4: Running An OnlyFans Business

Tristan Tate shut down his old webcam business, as it became too difficult to manage a staff of 70+ models. Instead, he now runs an OnlyFans business, where he helps manage various models on the platform.

Tristan says this business brings in approximately $200,000 per month, making it an extremely lucrative business venture.

Business #5: Managing Hustler’s University

Andrew and Tristan Tate launched Hustler’s University in 2021.

Andrew Tate describes Hustler’s University as an online educational platform that teaches 18 modern wealth creation methods.

In other words, it is an online course that teaches members how to make money online using many different business models like dropshipping, affiliate marketing, trading stocks, and so on.

Tristan Tate rebranded Hustler’s University under the new name The Real World, and today it is generating millions of dollars per month in revenue.

Business #6: Managing The War Room

The War Room is Andrew Tate’s private network.

Members pay an entrance fee of approximately $5,000 dollars, making it an extremely profitable business.

Of course, Andrew and Tristan Tate share all of their businesses and bank accounts, so this counts as part of Tristan Tate’s income as well. 

What Is Tristan Tate’s Net Worth?

Tristan Tate is known for his expensive lifestyle.

He lives in a $30 million dollar mansion in Romania, he owns 18 different supercars including a Bugatti Chiron, and he uses private jets and yachts whenever he wants.

So what is Tristan Tate’s net worth?

Today Tristan Tate has an estimated net worth of about $500 million dollars. Most of his net worth comes from his company The Real World, aka Hustler’s University, which was recently valued as being worth approximately $300 million dollars.

Here is a brief overview of how Tristan Tate invests his fortune:

What Does Tristan Tate Invest In?

  • Priority #1: Private Business
  • Priority #2: Cash In Banks
  • Priority #3: Cryptocurrency
  • Priority #4: Real Estate
  • Priority #5: Super Cars

As you can see, Tristan Tate diversifies his wealth into many different asset classes.

Most of his net worth is tied up into different businesses, including The Real World and his Romanian casinos. He also holds some of his cash in liquid assets such as different bank accounts and cryptocurrencies.

Finally, Tristan Tate also has plenty of physical assets, including real estate, super cars, and private jets.

Tristan Tate Frequently Asked Questions

  • FAQ #1: Does Tristan Tate still compete in professional kickboxing?
  • FAQ #2: Who’s a better kickboxer: Andrew Tate or Tristan Tate?
  • FAQ #3: Do Andrew Tate and Tristan Tate live together?
  • FAQ #4: Where does Tristan Tate live?
  • FAQ #5: What Is Tristan Tate’s Ethnicity?
  • FAQ #6: Who’s richer: Andrew Tate or Tristan Tate?
  • FAQ #7: What Is The Real World?

Let’s take a closer look at each of these questions.

Does Tristan Tate Still Compete In Professional Kickboxing?

Tristan Tate has retired from professional kickboxing. He still trains with his brother Andrew and cousin Luke. However, he does not compete in professional kickboxing matches.

He is retired with a fight record of 43 wins and 9 losses, with 2 ISKA European Kickboxing Championships under his belt.

Who’s A Better Kickboxer: Andrew Tate Or Tristan Tate?

Andrew Tate is the 4x ISKA Kickboxing World Champion, while Tristan Tate is the 2x ISKA Kickboxing European Champion.

This means that Andrew Tate is a better kickboxer than Tristan Tate. If they were to compete against each other, Tristan says there is a 90% chance that Andrew would win.

Tristan might win 1 out of 10 fights against his brother. However, at the end of the day, Andrew Tate is the Top G of kickboxing!

Do Andrew Tate And Tristan Tate Live Together?

Andrew Tate and Tristan Tate live together in their $7 million dollar 2,000 square foot mansion in Romania.

They also live with their cousin Luke. Bother Tristan Tate and Andrew Tate have children. However, their girlfriends / wives do not live with them full-time.

Where Does Tristan Tate Live?

Tristan Tate lives with his brother Andrew Tate in Bucharest, Romania. Andrew Tate describes Bucharest as “a beautiful country with beautiful people.”

The Tate brothers say they like Romania as it has friendly people with a deep, rich history and culture.

What Is Tristan Tate’s Ethnicity?

Tristan Tate is mixed race. His mother is White, and his father is African American.

Most people believe that Tristan is actually Caucasian, based on his lighter skin tone. This is a common mistake, as anyone who looks up his father Emory Tate quickly realizes!

Who’s Richer: Andrew Tate Or Tristan Tate?

Andrew Tate and Tristan Tate share all of their assets, including their businesses, their bank accounts, their super cars, and so on.

The Tate brothers co-own everything, so they have the same net worth. Neither brother is richer than the other.

What Is The Real World?

Andrew Tate describes The Real World as the updated version of his old company, Hustler’s University.

The Real World teaches 18 modern wealth creation methods, including dropshipping, Amazon FBA, and freelancing.

The Tate brothers advertise The Real World as a way to learn how to make money online, although others have called it nothing more than a pyramid scheme.

Verdict | What Is Tristan Tate’s Kickboxing Record?

Tristan Tate is a 2x ISKA European Kickboxing Champion, with a final record of 43 wins and 9 losses.

Tristan may not have been a world-champion kickboxer like his older brother Andrew. However, Tristan was still a great fighter in his own right, and a feared opponent in the ring.

Tristan eventually retired from professional kickboxing to focus on running his business empire.

However, he still finds plenty of time to spar with his brother Andrew in their $30 million dollar mansion in Romania.

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