What is the Tate Brothers‘ net worth?

The Tate brothers are kickboxing world champions, entrepreneurs, self-made millionaires, and international playboys.

Andrew Tate and Tristan Tate became famous in 2022 when they launched a viral TikTok campaign to promote their new company “Hustler’s University.”

The Tate brothers have a combined net worth of $1 billion dollars. They became millionaires thanks to their incredibly successful webcam studio business, and today they run several profitable companies including their 15+ Romanian casinos, The Real World, The War Room, and their OnlyFans agency.

Today Andrew and Tristan Tate live together in their $30 million dollar mansion in Romania.

They spend their free time driving their 41 supercars all throughout Europe and Dubia, flying around the world in private jets, and partying on $10 million dollar yachts!

In this guide I will teach you EVERYTHING you need to know about the Tate Brothers, including how they made their money. I also answer your most important questions, including:

  • Did the Tate brothers move to Dubai?
  • Did the Tate brothers convert to Islam?
  • How many kids do the Tate brothers have?

…And much more!

The Tate brothers’ journey from “brokies” to multi-millionaires is one of the greatest rags-to-riches stories ever told.

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Now let’s dive in!

Tate Brothers Complete Profile 2023

  • Net Worth: $1 Billion Dollars
  • Salary:  $300 Million Dollars
  • Profession: Kickboxers, Entrepreneurs
  • Age: 35-36 Years Old
  • Height: 6 Feet 3 Inches
  • Weight: 220-240 Pounds
  • Body Fat: About 10-15 Percent
  • Nationality: United States Of America
  • Zodiac Sign: Saggitarus, Cancer
  • Nickname: “Cobra Tate” / “Talisman Tate”
  • Favorite Car: Bugatti Chiron Pur Sport

What Is The Tate Brothers Net Worth?

Andrew Tate and Tristan Tate on a podcast

The Tate brothers have a net worth of approximately $1 billion dollars.

They made most of their money by starting several successful businesses, including their webcam studio, their private network called The War Room, and their online educational platform called The Real World.

Of course, they also have physical “brick-and-mortar” businesses including their 12 Romanian casinos.

Tate Brothers Net Worth Overview

  • Net Worth 2023: $1 Billion Dollars
  • Monthly Income: $25 Million Dollars
  • Yearly Income: $300 Million Dollars
  • First Business: Web Cam Business
  • Best Business: The Real World

The Tate brothers share all of their assets, including their businesses, bank accounts, and super cars. This means the Tate brothers have exactly the same net worth at $1 billion dollars.

Of course, the Tate brothers weren’t always rich.

The truth is the Tate brothers were broke for a very long time. They grew up in a very poor household, and at one point they were homeless and had to eat leftover food out of trash cans just to survive.

Things began to change when Andrew and Tristan Tate decided to become professional kickboxers.

They were able to live a comfortable upper-middle-class lifestyle in England, and before long they launched their first successful business and became self-made millionaires! 

“I was broke for a long time.

I made my first million when I was 27, and then I had a hundred million dollars by the time I was 31.

I became a trillionaire quite recently… the world’s first trillionaire.”

Here are some of the businesses that Andrew Tate and Tristan Tate used to build their unbelievable $500 million dollar net worth:

How The Tate Brothers Grew Their Net Worth

  • Business #1: Competing as a professional kickboxer
  • Business #2: Running a webcam studio
  • Business #3: Opening Romanian casinos
  • Business #4: Managing The Real World
  • Business #5: Managing The War Room

The Tate brothers say The Real World is their #1 business. It is easily worth over $1 billion dollars, and brings in more than $25 million dollars per month!

The truth is the Tate brothers do not like to save their money. They believe it’s better to spend the money on fun life experiences than have it sit in a bank.

“Once you get past a certain level of wealth, say $20 million dollars, everything becomes free…

I’d rather spend my money on life experiences and continue increasing my income, than worrying too much about saving my money.”

Here are some of the most expensive assets the Tate brothers own:

The Tate Brothers’ Most Expensive Assets

  • The Real World$300 Million Dollars
  • Romanian Casinos – $50 Million Dollars
  • Super Car Collection $12 Million Dollars
  • Romanian Mansion $7 Million Dollars
  • Private Jet $10 Million Dollars
  • Private Yacht$10 Million Dollars

As you can see, the Tate brothers own some extremely expensive assets.

Their most valuable asset is their private business called The Real World. However, they also own expensive real estate, private jets, and 28 supercars including a $5.2 million dollar Bugatti Chiron Pur Sport!

In fact, Andrew Tate considered himself the richest man in the world!

“People underestimate that I’m the world’s first trillionaire.

When I say this people go, ‘Oh he’s not that rich.’

I am literally the world’s first trillionaire Elon Musk, I win.”

The Tate brothers may not be the richest men in the world.

However, there is no doubt that they are extremely wealthy, with an estimated net worth of $500 million dollars.

How Did The Tate Brothers Make Their Money?

The Tate brothers made their money by starting dozens of successful businesses, including their webcam studio business, Romanian casinos, and different online businesses like The War Room and The Real World.

The Tate’s say they live extremely fast-paced, stressful lives. They were broke, and now they are rich!

“I’ve lived an extreme life.

I’ve been broke, I’ve been worth hundreds of millions of dollars, I’ve been a 4x kickboxing world champion, I’ve been a Romanian casino owner…

I live a very fast-paced, entertaining life!”

The truth is the Tate brothers built most of their wealth with 5 major businesses:

The Tate Brothers’ Best Businesses

  • Business #1: Competing as a professional kickboxer
  • Business #2: Running a webcam studio
  • Business #3: Opening Romanian casinos
  • Business #4: Managing Hustler’s University
  • Business #5: Managing The War Room

Let’s take a closer look at each of these businesses.

1. The Tate Brothers Are Professional Kickboxers

The Tate brothers spent many years competing as professional kickboxers.

Andrew Tate eventually became the 4x IKSA Kickboxing World Champion, with an unbelievable record of 76-9, or 76 wins and 9 losses.

Tristan Tate was also an extremely successful kickboxer, and eventually became the 2x European Kickboxing World Champion, with a record of 43 wins and 9 losses.

The Tate brothers made very good money as professional kickboxers.

Andrew Tate made up to $50,000 – $200,000 dollars per fight, and he competed twice per year.

However, the Tate brothers wanted to become millionaires as fast as possible, and they knew they needed a faster way to make money to reach their financial goals.

“I made good money as a fighter, but I wasn’t balling.

By the time I paid my manager, my kickboxing coach, and everyone else, there wasn’t much left over.

I had a nice apartment and a BMW, but by the time rent was paid, I didn’t have much leftover!”

The Tate brothers continued competing in professional kickboxing until they were in their mid 20s.

By that time they discovered that you could make money online by opening a webcam studio, so they retired from kickboxing to focus on their first major business.

2. The Tate Brothers Run A Webcam Studio

Andrew and Tristan Tate started their first webcam studio when they were 22-24 years old.

Both brothers had multiple girlfriends around the world, so they flew them into England and told them they were all going to get rich by starting a webcam studio!

The Tate brothers started out with a small group of 2-4 girls. However, it wasn’t long before they had a team of 70+ models generating more than $500,000 dollars per month in revenue!

“The reason this business worked so well is I applied all of the other business lessons that I learned with my other companies.

Focus on speed, keep your expenses low, figure out how you’re getting paid… these are the lessons that made me rich!”

Andrew Tate says the reason this business model worked so well is they focused on speed.

Andrew and Tristan Tate were working up to 21 hours per day, and they constantly experimented to figure out which business strategies were more successful.

After just three years of running the webcam studio the Tate brothers were multi-millionaires, with an estimated net worth of $7 million dollars.

3. The Tate Brothers Are Casino Owners

The Tate brothers started commentating for the Romanian UFC organization called the RXF when they were still competing in kickboxing tournaments.

While they were working as commentators, they started to learn more about the Romanian casino business.

Andrew Tate was blown away by how much money they were generating, and he decided right then and there that he was going to open his own casino!

“I just had to get into the casino business…

once I learned how they worked, I said I have to get involved with this business model!”

The Tate brothers eventually started opening their own Romanian casinos, and today they have at least 12 casinos generating more than $1 million dollars in revenue each month.

To this day their casinos are one of their most profitable companies, and have contributed immensely to their overall net worth.

4. The Tate Brothers Manage “The War Room”

After they became self-made multimillionaires the Tate brothers began joining various private networking groups to network with high-level entrepreneurs.

The Tate’s were not impressed with these networks, so they decided to start their own called The War Room.

“The War Room is my private network.

If you want to learn how to make money, internationalize your life, and become a winner, then join my network.

I recently had a 17 year old join my program… I said it was the smartest thing you’ve ever done.”

The War Room currently costs approximately $4,500 dollars to join, and Andrew Tate says he has more than 4,000 winners currently in his network.

This means he has generated more than $18 million dollars with this company alone!

The Tate brothers are constantly kicking members who do not perform out of the network. They say this is a network for winners, and they don’t want losers joining and bringing down the quality of the network!

5. The Tate Brothers Manage The Real World

The Tate brothers started their own online educational platform called The Real World to teach people how to make money online.

They say the old strategies for making money like getting a good, stable job and investing in a home are outdated.

Instead, they recommend starting an online business using one of their 18 wealth creation strategies.

“Hustler’s University is my new online educational platform where I teach people how to make money online.

The old methods of making money are outdated.

That’s why I teach 18 modern wealth creation methods, like Amazon FBA, day trading, dropshipping, and so on.”

The Tate brothers charge roughly $49 dollars per month for their online membership website. They wanted to keep the price low so almost anyone could afford to join and learn how to make money online.

The Real World has more than 300,000 members paying upwards of $49 dollars per month. This means The Real World is generating more than $15 million dollars per month in revenue!

Andrew Tate’s Bio And Early Life

Andrew Tate with Bugatti

The Tate brothers were born in Chicago, Illinois.

Andrew Tate is currently 35 years old and was born on December 14th, 1986. On the other hand, Tristan Tate is 34 years old and was born on July 15, 1988.

Andrew and Tristan Tate were raised by their parents, Emory Tate and Eileen Tate.

The Tate brothers’ parents divorced when Andrew and Tristan were very young. Their mother took them back to Luton, England where she was born to raise her growing children.

Emory Tate stayed in the United States and continued competing in professional chess tournaments.

The Tate Brothers Early Life

  • Born in Chicago, Illinois
  • Grew up outside of Washington, DC
  • Moved to Luton, England for boarding school

Andrew Tate was a child chess prodigy, and was the youngest person to ever win the Indiana State Chess Championships at just 5 years old.

However, he moved to England shortly after winning the championship and was unable to continue his chess career as he couldn’t find a new chess coach in England.

The Tate brothers decided to pick up professional fighting instead of chess, as they are both 1-on-1 sports.

“Chess and fighting are actually very similar. It’s 1-on-1 combat! There’s no luck involved.

If you lose a chess game, at some point during the game you made a mistake. It’s the same thing with fighting!

If you lose, it’s 100% your fault. If you win, it’s also 100% your fault. I love that!”

The Tate brothers attended boarding school in Luton, England, and began training and competing as professional kickboxers.

They were extremely poor growing up, and at one point ended up homeless, and forced to eat leftover food out of garbage cans just to survive.

This experience left a lasting impression on the Tate brothers, and from there they were absolutely determined to get rich.

The Tate Brothers Kickboxing Career

The Tate brothers started training as professional kickboxers when they were 13-15 years old. They went to boarding school during the day, and then at night they trained in their local kickboxing gym.

Andrew and Tristan didn’t have any big aspirational goals when they first started training.

However, it was obvious that the two brothers had natural talent for fighting, and before long they were training to be world-champions!

Here is Andrew Tate’s kickboxing stats:

Andrew Tate Kickboxing Stats

  • Birthday: December 14th, 1986
  • Height: 6 feet 3 inches
  • Weight: 198 Pounds
  • Nickname: “Cobra Tate”
  • Record: 75 wins, 9 losses
  • Titles: 4x IKSA kickboxing world champion
  • Earnings: $50,000 – $200,000 per fight

And here are Tristan Tate’s kickboxing stats:

Tristan Tate Kickboxing Stats

  • Birthday: July 15th, 1988
  • Height: 6 Feet 3 Inches
  • Weight: 240 Pounds
  • Nickname: “Talisman Tate”
  • Record: 43 wins, 9 losses
  • Titles: 2x IKSA British Kickboxing Champion
  • Earnings: $10,000 – $50,000 per fight

Andrew and Tristan Tate made good money competing as professional kickboxers.

Andrew often made anywhere from $50,000 – $200,000 dollars per fight, which was enough for him to afford a nice car, a nice apartment, and live a very good overall life.

However, the Tate brothers wanted to get rich, and they knew they needed to start a business to do so.

“I made some money kickboxing, but I was never rich.

Yea I made $50,000 – $100,000 per fight, but by the time you pay the manager, your kickboxing coach, and everyone else, there isn’t that much left over.”

The Tate brothers competed in professional kickboxing until they were 25-27 years old. They eventually stopped competing when their webcam studio business was taking off.

They wanted to devote all of their time to working and making money, so the Tate brothers had an early and unexpected retirement from professional kickboxing.

The Tate Brothers Business Ventures

tristan tate house

The Tate brothers have started many online and offline businesses, including their webcam studio business, their Romanian casinos, their private network called The War Room, and their online educational platform called The Real World.

They also have many other businesses that they are not allowed to talk about privately.

The Tate Brothers’ Business Ventures

  • Business #1: Television Advertising Company
  • Business #2: Webcam Modeling Company
  • Business #3: Romanian Kickboxing Organization
  • Business #4: Romanian Casinos
  • Business #5: Online Courses
  • Business #6: OnlyFans Manager
  • Business #7: The War Room
  • Business #8: The Real World
  • Business #9: Top G Merch
  • Business #10: Top G Supps

Let’s take a closer look at each of these businesses.

1. The Tate Brothers Television Advertising Business

Andrew Tate’s first business was called T2 advertising. He says this was a B2B business where he helped other companies advertise on television.

T2 advertising lasted for 1.5 years before it blew up in Andrew’s face.

He says the only reason it lasted this long was the fact that he focused on speed!

“How did we stay alive for a year and a half before it finally blew up in our face? Speed! You’re paying for old deals with new money.

But as long as we kept the speed, as long as we kept moving forward, we were staying in business!”

Andrew Tate says he fulfilled his promises to old clients by closing deals with new clients. In other words, he would use the new money to pay to get older clients on television.

This is the literal definition of a Ponzi scheme, but the Tate brothers successfully pulled it off for 1.5 years!

2. The Tate Brothers Webcam Modeling Business

The Tate brothers’ first truly successful business was their webcam modeling company.

They started with just 4 employees, and at their peak they had a team of 70+ employees generating more than $500,000 dollars per month!

The Tate brothers said the key to making this business work was giving their customers a unique, one-of-a-kind experience.

“I learned valuable lessons about people from managing this company. Most businesses are very competitive.

You have to find a way to differentiate yourself, and add value to the marketplace.”

The Tate brothers believe you have to differentiate yourself in business in order to attract customers.

They continued to use this emphasis on marketing in their other businesses, including The War Room.

3. The Tate Brothers’ Romanian Kickboxing Business

The Tate brothers worked as commentators for the Romanian UFC organization known as the RXF.

As part of their deal they acquired a 10% stake in the company, making it another one of their extremely successful businesses.

“One thing led to another, and I found myself commentating for the Romanian kickboxing organization.

I also famoosed myself into a 10% ownership stake in the company.”

The Tate’s say they still have equity in RXF. However, it is unclear how much money they are generating each month from this business.

4. The Tate Brothers’ Romanian Casino Business

While working for the RXF the Tate brothers learned more about the Romanian casino business.

They were shocked by how much money the casinos were generating, and they knew right then and there they had to get involved in them!

“I first learned about the Romanian casino business while working as a commentator for the Romanian UFC.

Once I learned more about the casino business, and how much money these casinos were making each month, I just had to open my own casino!”

The Tate brothers started opening their first casinos when they were in their early 30s, and today they have more than 15 Romanian casinos generating upwards of $1 million dollars per month.

5. The Tate Brothers’ Online Courses Business

The Tate brothers began selling online courses at their website cobratate.com when they were in their mid-late 20s. They sold courses on fitness, making money, mindset, and relationships and dating.

For example, here is Andrew Tate describing his fitness course:

“This is the only fitness course you need.

I will teach you the exact workout routine that I used to become a world-champion athlete.

No gym membership required.”

The Tate brothers learned how much money you could make selling information products through their webcam modeling business, and this was their first foray into selling info products revolving around their personal brand.

6. The Tate Brothers’ OnlyFans Management Business

The Tate brothers eventually transformed their large webcam studio empire into a smaller, but still extremely profitable OnlyFans management company.

The Tate brothers say they have about 10 models working for them today, and this business generates more than $200,000 dollars per month.

“The webcam business became too difficult to manage, so it evolved into an OnlyFans business.

Today my brother Tristan runs this business, and he works with about 10 different models.”

Tristan Tate currently manages the OnlyFans business, and he says the main advantage of this business is that it is far easier to manage.

All of his models work remotely, allowing him to travel the world as he pleases.

7. The Tate Brothers’ The War Room Business

The War Room is Andrew Tate’s private network of individuals all around the world.

He started this network because he was very disappointed by the quality of other networks, and he wanted to curate a group of highly competent individuals to work and do business with.

“The War Room is my private network.

I joined a bunch of professional networks and I was let down by all of them, so I decided to start my own.”

Today The War Room has individuals living in more than 70 countries around the world.

He says anyone is welcome to join, provided they pay the $4,500 admission fee. However, if people are not improving at the same pace as the rest of the group he swiftly kicks them out!

8. The Tate Brothers’ The Real World Business

The Real World is the Tate brothers’ most profitable business.

The Real World is an online membership website where the Tate’s teach people all over the world how to make money online using modern wealth creation methods.

“The Real World is my online educational platform.

I teach people how to make money online using 18 modern wealth creation methods, including copywriting, freelancing, Amazon FBA, and more.”

The Real World currently has more than 200,000 members paying upwards of $49 dollars per month. This means The Real World generates more than $10 million dollars per month!

It is also an asset with an estimated value of $300 million dollars.

9. The Tate Brothers’ Top G Merch Business

The Tate brothers recently launched 2 new online businesses: Top G Merch and Top G Supps.

Top G Merch is their new merchandise business, where they sell official “Top G” items including clothes, coffee mugs, sparkling water, and more.

“Exclusive hard to obtain Merchandise. That’s the goal, put out a product that is hard to collect.

And over the next few years of limited edition launches, we will see who owns what.

To assure this is easy to track, every purchased Merchandise item comes with a free NFT mint.”

Andrew Tate says there are many other companies out there pretending to sell official Top G Merchandise.

However, the only place you can find these exclusive items are at cobratate.com.

10. The Tate Brothers’ Top G Supps Business

Top G Supps is the Tate brothers’ other new online business. They say most supplements are a complete waste of time.

The only supplements you really need are a multivitamin, a testosterone booster, and a nootropics product.

With that in mind, the Tate brothers currently sell 3 products at Top G Supps:

  • Unmatched PerspicacityNootropics
  • Sheer IndefatiguabilityMultivitamin
  • Feared Opponent Testosterone Booster

Andrew Tate says the names for these products were inspired by his late father Emory Tate’s famous quote:

“My unmatched perspicacity, combined with sheer indefatigability, makes me a feared opponent in any realm of human endeavor.”

In other words, Emory Tate’s ability to perceive his surroundings and unmatched work ethic make him unstoppable at whatever he sets out to accomplish!

The Tate Brothers’ Supercar Collection

The Tate brothers have one of the largest collections of super cars in the world.

They have 28 super cars in total, including a Bugatti Chiron Pur Sport, A Mclaren 765 LT, a Ferrari 812 Superfast, and many more. Check it out:

The Tate Brothers’ Supercar Collection

  • Bugatti Chiron$5,200,000
  • McLaren 765LT $382,000
  • Rolls Royce Wraith $380,000
  • Ferrari 812 Superfast$365,000
  • Aston Martin DBS Superleggera$316,000
  • Porsche GT Street $316,000
  • Mercedes B63 Brabus (S63 Coupe) $250,000
  • Ferrari 458 Italia $248,000
  • Lamborghini Huracan EVO Spyder$230,000
  • Mercedes-Maybach V-Class$150,000
  • BMW M5 Competition$103,000

Andrew Tate says it bothered him that he couldn’t afford a super car when he was growing up.

He saw a man driving by him in a Ferrari in Luton, England when he was just 16 years old, and he was furious!

How could he afford a Ferrari, when we can’t even afford a car, forcing us to walk 4 miles to school?

From that moment on the Tate brothers were determined to get rich, and collect the finest super cars in the world!

“I saw a man driving this lamborghini while I was walking to school, and I was furious!

I’m broke, but he can afford a $200,000 super car! I looked at my friends.

There’s something he knows about the world that we don’t know! How does he have all this money, while we’re broke?”

Here are just a few of the reasons why the Tate brothers love collecting super cars so much:

Why The Tate Borthers Collect Supercars

  • Reason #1: They love driving super cars in the Romanian mountains
  • Reason #2: They use super cars to network with high-level entrepreneurs
  • Reason #3: They use super cars to flex on social media and get attention

The Tate brothers have been collecting super cars like Ferraris and Lambos for many years.

However, in December 2021 they purchased one of the most expensive and luxurious super cars in the entire world: a Bugatti Chiron Pur Sport!

Andrew Tate says the car normally costs about $3 million dollars.

However, he purchased all of the optional add-ons, plus some custom modifications including a copper-colored finish and custom interior, which jacked the price up to a mind-boggling $5.2 million dollars!

The Tate Brothers’ Bugatti Stats | Price, Color, Model

  • Price: $5.2 Million Dollars With All Features, Custom Paint Job
  • Color: Reddish-Bronze Color With Custom Finish
  • Model: Bugatti Chiron Pur Sport (Extremely Rare)
  • Engine: 8.0 L Quad-Turbocharge W16 Engine
  • Speed: Top Speed 305 MPH, 0-60 MPH In 2.4 Seconds
  • Interior: Black With Red And Copper Accents
  • Watch: $380,000 Matching Bugatti Watch (Optional)

Andrew Tate says almost no one in the entire world has a copper colored Bugatti Chiron Pur Sport, so his car is recognizable almost anywhere in the world.

He also bought a $380,000 Bugatti watch to go with his Bugatti Chiron!

“People ask me all the time, why did you spend that much money on a watch?

Listen, I’m the Big G, and people need to know that!

The matching Bugatti watch tells the whole world who the real boss is.”

Today Andrew Tate and Tristan Tate enjoy driving their 28 supercars through the mountains in Romania, the streets of Dubai, and on car rallies all throughout Europe.

The Tate Brothers House In Romania

Andrew Tate living in Romania

The Tate brothers moved to Bucharest, Romania when they were in their mid-late 20s.

They were not happy with the state of England, and they had several contacts in Romania from their kickboxing days, so they decided to make Romania their home.

Today Tristan and Andrew Tate live in a renovated $7 million dollar mansion in Bucharest

“This is one of the only homes that I actually own.

I could have rented it, but I wanted everything renovated in a very specific way with custom specifications.

I have bullet proof glass in all of the windows and so on.”

Here are some interesting facts about the Tate brothers’ mansion in Romania:

The Tate Brothers House Overview

  • $7.2 Million Dollars
  • 2,000 Square Feet
  • Located In Bucharest, Romania
  • Bulletproof Glass, Exterior
  • Custom Swimming Pool
  • Custom Video Producing Room
  • Custom Super Car Driveway

So why did the Tate brothers move to Romania? After all, isn’t Romania a mafia-run country?

The truth is the Tate brothers have several high-level contacts in Romania which allow them to live in Romania without worrying about getting on the mafia’s bad side.

They also say the country is absolutely beautiful, with friendly people and all of the modern conveniences you would expect in any other major city.

Why The Tate Brothers Like Romania

  • Extremely Christian Country
  • Very Little Unorganized Crime
  • Excellent Day-To-Day Freedom
  • Warm, Friendly People
  • Perfect For Driving Super Cars

Here is Andrew Tate answering the question, why move to Romania?

“Romania is a beautiful country full of beautiful people. I was looking for somewhere to go after I left England.

I had some contacts in Romania from my kickboxing days, so I decided to check it out.

I ended up loving Romania, and I plan on staying here long-term.”

The Tate brothers plan to live in Romania for a very long time, so they purchased their home there and custom renovated it with a large swimming pool, bulletproof glass, and a large driveway capable of storing their 28 super cars. 

Why Are The Tate Brothers So Famous?

The Tate brothers have been posting videos on YouTube and other social media platforms for over 10 years. However, they did not become famous until 2022.

The Tate brothers became famous after they launched a viral internet marketing campaign to promote their new company Hustler’s University.

Andrew Tate taught people inside of his network how to post clips of his old videos on TikTok and YouTube Shorts.

In return, they had a chance to earn a commission for referring new members to Hustler’s University from their channels.

“Affiliate Marketing for The Real World is simple: you re-post my videos on TikTok or YouTube, and include a link to Hustler’s University.

If someone signs up, then you get a commission for the sale.”

Andrew Tate says people have been trying to figure out how to “hack” the social media platforms like TikTok for years.

However, no one has ever done it on Andrew Tate’s scale.

The Tate brothers launched their internet marketing strategy in January 2022, and by July Andrew Tate was “the most googled man in the world!”

“We learned how to hack TikTok and other algorithms. Of course I don’t mean we literally hacked the algorithm.

But we put together a very effective strategy, executed on it, and now I’m the most googled man on the planet.

I won’t share my secrets today, as they are easily worth billions of dollars.”

So how did Andrew Tate hack the TikTok algorithm?

Andrew Tate says it is secret information, and is easily worth billions of dollars as so many people would love to pull off what he achieved.

However, Andrew Tate has revealed a few of his secrets:

Andrew Tate’s TikTok Strategy

  • Step #1: He built a team of people posting his videos on thousands of accounts
  • Step #2: He showed off his expensive lifestyle, including his 28 super cars and private jet
  • Step #3: He discussed controversial topics like money, business, and relationships

Andrew Tate says he has an advantage over other content creators because he can sit down and discuss extremely controversial topics with podcast hosts.

Not everyone is able to harness as much attention as him just from talking!

Of course, the Tate brothers also leveraged their extremely expensive and flashy lifestyle to increase their social media presence.

The Tate Brothers’ Expensive Lifestyle

  • Owns a $7 million dollar mansion in Bucharest, Romania
  • Owns 28 super cars, including a $5.2 million dollar Bugatti Chiron
  • Flies all around the world in his private jet
  • Frequently spends $40,000 dollars for dinner in Dubai
  • Recently rented a super yacht for 1 week to party

Andrew Tate was ultimately banned from social media platforms for his controversial viewpoints on women and dating.

However, he is still extremely popular on the internet, and it is very easy to find his videos circulating on YouTube and TikTok.

Why Was Andrew Tate Banned?

What did Andrew Tate say?

Andrew Tate was banned for spreading controversial viewpoints on money, education, women, and dating.

He was banned from instagram, Facebook, TikTok, YouTube, and many other social media platforms. He was even banned from certain apps like Uber, AirBnb, and more.

His brother Tristan Tate still has all of his social media accounts, although he is not posting nearly as much as he used to.

Here is what one news website had to say about Andrew Tate’s banning:

“Andrew Tate, a social media sensation for some time, has been banned from YouTube, TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram.

The bans were put in place because of a campaign that touted Tate as being damaging to his primarily young audience.”

Andrew Tate says it was unfair to ban him, as he is having a very positive impact on the world.

He claims he is inspiring the youth of the world to become strong, protect women, provide for themselves and their families, and more. 

“I believe that I am a very positive force for the world.

I believe I am a force for good. I believe they banned me because I was becoming too popular, and they couldn’t control me.”

It is unclear if Andrew Tate will ever be allowed back on most social media platforms.

He was allowed back on Twitter, as Elon Musk is restoring previously banned accounts to promote free speech on his platform.

Why was Andrew Tate Arrested?

Andrew Tate, a high-profile entrepreneur and social media influencer, found himself in legal hot water in December 2022 when he was arrested by Romanian authorities.

According to Tate, his increasing influence triggered the intervention of ‘The Matrix’ – a term he uses for powerful governments and big tech companies who he believes are against him.

The Circumstances of the Arrest

Here’s a detailed breakdown of the events surrounding Andrew Tate’s arrest:

  • Arrested in December 2022: Andrew Tate was taken into custody by Romanian law enforcement in December 2022.
  • Jail and House Arrest: Post-arrest, Tate spent three months behind bars, followed by five months under house arrest.

The Allegations Against Tate

Tate was accused of severe crimes, but he maintains his innocence and asserts that the allegations are baseless:

  • Charges of Human Trafficking and Using the Loverboy Method: The authorities alleged that Tate was involved in human trafficking and using the loverboy method.
  • Tate’s Assertion of Innocence: Tate has vehemently denied these charges, maintaining that the prosecution is a sham and there is no credible evidence against him.

The Controversy Surrounding the Accusations

The accusations against Tate have been surrounded by controversy and dispute:

  • Claims of False Accusations: Andrew Tate claims that the women who accused him have already been proven to be lying about their allegations.
  • Belief in a Larger Conspiracy: Tate believes that his arrest was orchestrated by ‘The Matrix’, due to his growing influence.

To sum up, Andrew Tate’s arrest has stirred considerable controversy, with Tate himself asserting his innocence and claiming a larger conspiracy.

While the truth remains to be definitively established, the situation serves as a riveting example of the complex interplay between influence, power, and the law.

Should You Join Andrew Tate’s Course?

Andrew Tate posing for The Real World

The Real World, aka Hustler’s University, is one of the most controversial businesses in the world. It has more than 200,000 members learning how to make money online with “18 modern wealth creation methods.”

Most of the members seem extremely happy with their membership, as they are now earning thousands of dollars per month from their online businesses.

However, some people claim that it is nothing more than a pyramid scheme, and relies on a shady affiliate marketing program to attract new customers.

Let’s get the facts straight before jumping to any conclusions.

Here are the money making strategies taught inside The Real World:

The Tate Brothers 18 Modern Wealth Creation Methods

  • Method #1: Amazon FBA private label
  • Method #2: Amazon KDP
  • Method #3: Amazon Wholesale
  • Method #4: Amazon Dropshipping
  • Method #5: Amazon Arbitrage
  • Method #6: March by Amazon (Print on Demand)
  • Method #7: Freelancing
  • Method #8: Copywriting
  • Method #9: Affiliate Marketing
  • Method #10: Branded eCom
  • Method #11: Non-branded eCom
  • Method #12: Day Trading
  • Method #13: Swing Trading
  • Method #14: Long Term Investing
  • Method #15: NFTs
  • Method #16: De-Fi
  • Method #17: Options Plays
  • Method #18: Business Management

As you can see, the Tate brothers teach many different money making strategies, including business management, e-commerce, freelancing, copywriting, OnlyFans, and more.

Andrew says affiliate marketing is one of the methods that he teaches.

This is a strategy where you promote someone else’s product or service online, in exchange for a percentage of the sale. 

“Inside The Real World I teach 18 modern wealth creation methods.

One of those methods is affiliate marketing, where you promote someone else’s product and get a commission for each sale.”

Andrew Tate says there are 2 main reasons The Real World is not a pyramid scheme.

First of all, they teach 17 wealth creation methods besides affiliate marketing. The affiliate marketing campus is a very small part of their overall program.

Secondly, they teach you how to use affiliate marketing for Amazon and other companies. There is nothing that says you must use it to promote their program.

“You can do affiliate marketing for The Real World, but you can also do affiliate marketing for any other company, including Amazon.

It’s no different from any other affiliate marketing program.”

The bottom line is The Real World does not meet the standard definition of a pyramid scheme. It appears to be a legitimate business, with over 300,000 members.

You can click right here to learn more about The Real World.

The Tate Brothers Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who Was The Tate Brothers’ Father?

The Tate brothers’ father is Emory Andrew Tate II. He was an African-American chess grandmaster, and a former pilot for the U.S. Air Force.

2. Who Was The Tate Brothers’ Mother?

The Tate brothers’ mother is Eileen Tate.

She grew up in England, moved to the United States to have her three children with her husband Emory Tate, and then moved back to England to raise her children after they went through a divorce.

3. Do The Tate Brothers Have Any Siblings?

The Tate brothers have a younger sister named Janine Tate. She currently lives in the United States with her husband and family.

4. Are The Tate Brothers Married?

The Tate brothers are not married. Andrew Tate says he will never get married as he does not see the “tactical advantage” of signing a traditional marriage contract.

Tristan Tate has similar feelings, although he was briefly married in the past as part of a short-term, non-traditional relationship.

5. Do The Tate Brothers Have Children?

The Tate brothers both have children. Andrew Tate admits to having at least 10 children with multiple girlfriends / wives, while Tristan Tate has at least one daughter.

Little is known about the Tate brothers’ children, as they wish to keep their families out of the spotlight.

6. What Is The Tate Brothers’ Ethnicity?

The Tate brothers are mixed race, or half Black and half White. Their father Emory Tate is African-American, while their mother Eileen Tate is White.

7. Why Do The Tate Brothers Live In Romania?

The Tate brothers currently live in Bucharest, Romania. They live together in a $7 million dollar mansion with their cousin Luke.

8. Are The Tate Brothers Good At Kickboxing?

The Tate brothers are both former professional kickboxers. Andrew Tate was the 4x Kickboxing World Champion, while Tristan Tate was the 2x European Kickboxing Champion.

9. Are The Tate Brothers Going To Fight Jake Paul?

Andrew Tate may fight Jake Paul in 2023 or 2024. Both of their teams are currently in negotiations to determine when this fight will occur, as well as the conditions for the fight.

10. How Expensive Is The Tate Brothers’ Bugatti?

The Tate brothers’ Bugatti costs $5.2 million dollars, making it one of the most expensive and luxurious cars in the world. A normal Bugatti costs about $3 million dollars.

However, the Tate brothers had theirs produced with several customizations, including a custom copper paint job finish and a custom interior.

11. What Color Is The Tate Brothers’ Bugatti?

The Tate brothers Bugatti Chiron Pur Sport is a copper color, or a reddish-brown color. Some people have criticized the Tate brothers for the color of their Bugatti.

Andrew Tate’s response is simple: “what color is your Bugatti?”

12. Have The Tate Brothers Converted To Islam?

Andrew Tate has officially converted to Islam as of October 2022. Tristan Tate has not converted to Islam, and is still a devout Christian.

Both of the Tate brothers are extremely tolerant and accepting of each other’s religion.

13. How Do I Join The Real World?

The Real World is currently open for enrollment. If you want to join the Tate brothers’ The Real World, then click right here.

Verdict | The Tate Brothers Net Worth

So what’s the verdict… what is the Tate brothers’ net worth as of 2022?

The Tate brothers currently have an estimated net worth of $500 million dollars. 

Their net worth consists of private businesses like The Real World and Romanian casinos, physical assets like real estate and super cars, plus digital assets like cryptocurrencies and registered domain names.

The Tate brothers are constantly launching new businesses, and look poised to become the world’s next billionaires.

It will be interesting to see how high their income and net worth climbs in 2023!