Jenna Ortega‘s portrayal of Ellie Alves in the second season of “You” has garnered attention and praise from viewers around the world. Ellie is a 15-year-old aspiring filmmaker who becomes a crucial character in the series. She is played by the talented actress Jenna Ortega, known for her diverse roles in TV shows and movies.

Ellie Alves resides in Joe’s apartment building in Los Angeles and forms relationships with both Joe and her older sister, Delilah. Her story unfolds as she navigates through a troubled past, including the loss of her father and a strained relationship with her mother.

One of the highlights of Ellie’s character arc is her internship with comedian Henderson, which leads to a harrowing encounter with Joe, who believes Henderson to be a sexual predator. As the plot thickens, Ellie finds herself caught up in Joe’s dark world, ultimately relying on him for protection and guidance.

Jenna Ortega’s exceptional acting skills bring Ellie Alves to life, capturing the essence of a determined young girl in search of her own identity. Ortega’s performance has captivated audiences, further cementing her reputation as a rising star in the industry!

Key Takeaways

  • Jenna Ortega’s portrayal of Ellie Alves in “You” has received praise from viewers worldwide.
  • Ellie Alves is a 15-year-old aspiring filmmaker who becomes a central character in the series.
  • Jenna Ortega’s acting career spans various TV shows and movies, showcasing her versatility as an actress.
  • Ellie Alves forms relationships with Joe and her older sister, Delilah, which greatly impact her storyline.
  • Ortega’s exceptional performance brings Ellie Alves’ character to life, resonating with audiences.

Jenna Ortega: A Rising Star in the Industry

With an impressive acting career spanning TV shows and movies, Jenna Ortega has established herself as a rising star in the industry. Known for her versatility and talent, Ortega has portrayed various characters that have captivated audiences around the world.

In her early career, Ortega gained recognition for her role as Young Jane in the critically acclaimed series “Jane the Virgin.” This breakthrough role showcased her acting prowess and paved the way for a successful career in both television and film.

Ortega’s filmography boasts a range of compelling projects, including roles in “Iron Man 3,” “Insidious: Chapter 2,” and “The Babysitter: Killer Queen.” She has proven her ability to embrace diverse characters and bring them to life with depth and authenticity.

Not limited to the big screen, Ortega has also made a mark in television with roles in popular shows like “Stuck in the Middle,” “Elena of Avalor,” and most notably, “You.” Her portrayal of Ellie Alves in the second season of “You” further solidified her status as a talented young actress, leaving fans eagerly awaiting her future projects.

jenna ortega acting career

Throughout her career, Jenna Ortega has proven her versatility by taking on a wide range of roles and characters. From portraying a determined aspiring filmmaker like Ellie Alves in “You” to bringing to life a young superhero in “Stuck in the Middle,” Ortega’s talent shines through in every role she undertakes.

Her ability to seamlessly transition between genres and embody the essence of her characters is a testament to her dedication and skill as an actress. With every project, she brings a unique presence and breathes life into the stories she helps tell.

  • Young Jane in “Jane the Virgin”
  • Izzy in “Iron Man 3”
  • Anita in “Insidious: Chapter 2”
  • Melanie in “The Babysitter: Killer Queen”
  • Harley Diaz in “Stuck in the Middle”
  • Princess Isabel in “Elena of Avalor”
  • Ellie Alves in “You”

With each new role, Jenna Ortega continues to impress both fans and critics alike. Her dedication to her craft and her ability to bring characters to life with depth and nuance have solidified her place as a rising star in the industry.

Ellie Alves: A Key Character in “You”

As one of the main characters in the second season of “You,” Ellie Alves plays a pivotal role in the gripping narrative. Portrayed by actress Jenna Ortega, Ellie is a 15-year-old aspiring filmmaker who resides in Joe’s apartment building in Los Angeles. Her character brings a fresh perspective and adds depth to the storyline, captivating viewers with her youthful energy and determination.

Ellie’s journey in “You” is not a smooth one. After the death of her father and a strained relationship with her mother, she seeks stability by moving in with her older sister Delilah. In a twist of fate, Ellie becomes entangled in the life of Joe, the show’s main character, when she begins an internship with the controversial comedian Henderson.

Throughout the series, Ellie’s character undergoes significant growth as she navigates the dangerous and dark secrets surrounding her new acquaintances. Her resilience and intelligence shine through as she faces the challenges presented to her, making her a compelling and relatable character for audiences.

jenna ortega character in YOU

With her intriguing role in “You,” Jenna Ortega showcases her acting prowess and brings Ellie Alves to life on the screen. Ortega’s performance perfectly captures Ellie’s complexities, making her character both sympathetic and empowering. As the series progresses into its third season, viewers eagerly anticipate the future of Ellie Alves and the impact she will continue to have on the show.

Ellie Alves’ Background and Aspirations

Ellie Alves is a 15-year-old aspiring filmmaker with a complex background and a determination to pursue her dreams. She lives in Los Angeles and finds herself entangled in the chaotic world of Joe Goldberg, the series’ protagonist. After the death of her father, Ellie’s relationship with her mother deteriorates, eventually leading her to move in with her older sister, Delilah. This new living arrangement sets the stage for Ellie’s journey of self-discovery and resilience.

As an aspiring filmmaker, Ellie is driven by her passion for storytelling and capturing the world through her lens. Despite her young age, she possesses a maturity and ambition that sets her apart. Her role in the second season of “You” provides a platform for Jenna Ortega to showcase her acting prowess, as she brilliantly portrays the complexities of Ellie’s character.

“I think it’s really important to give Ellie Alves the recognition she deserves. She’s a young girl who has faced adversity and tragedy, but she never loses sight of her dreams. Jenna Ortega’s portrayal of Ellie brings so much authenticity to the character, making her someone audiences can truly root for,” says a fan of the show.

The Challenges Ellie Faces

Throughout the series, Ellie faces numerous challenges that test her strength and resilience. From navigating her way through a troubled family dynamic to getting involved with dangerous individuals, she must rely on her resourcefulness and determination to survive. Ellie’s journey is not without its setbacks, but it is her unwavering spirit that keeps her going.

  • Dealing with the loss of her father
  • Mending her relationship with her mother
  • Surviving in a dangerous environment
  • Facing the consequences of her choices

These challenges shape Ellie’s character and provide a compelling narrative arc that keeps viewers engaged. As audiences eagerly await the next season of “You,” they are left wondering what the future holds for Ellie Alves and how her character will continue to evolve.

jenna ortega you character

Ellie’s interactions with Joe and Delilah play a significant role in shaping her character arc in “You.” Initially, Ellie forms a bond with Joe, unaware of his dangerous tendencies. As Joe takes on a pseudo-mentor role in Ellie’s life, she looks up to him, seeking guidance and protection. However, as the series progresses, Ellie starts to question Joe’s intentions and becomes entangled in his dark world.

“You” also explores Ellie’s relationship with her older sister, Delilah. Delilah serves as Ellie’s protector and guardian, but their dynamic is far from perfect. They come from a troubled family background, with a deceased father and a mother who is absent from their lives. Despite their shared struggles, Ellie and Delilah often clash, highlighting the complexities of sibling relationships.

Ellie’s journey in “You” is a testament to the profound impact that relationships can have on shaping one’s identity and choices. As she navigates her connection with Joe and the complex dynamic with her sister, Ellie’s character evolves, revealing her resilience and determination.

Surviving and Thriving

  1. Throughout the series, Ellie faces tremendous challenges and danger, but she manages to survive and find her inner strength. Her survival instincts and resilience are put to the test, and she manages to overcome the obstacles in her path.
  2. In the absence of Delilah, Ellie relies on her own resourcefulness to navigate the treacherous world she finds herself in. She shows remarkable maturity for her age, proving that she is more than just a victim.

As the story progresses, Ellie’s character becomes increasingly complex and multi-dimensional. Her relationships with Joe and Delilah shape her choices and actions, ultimately leading her down unexpected paths. The impact of these relationships on Ellie’s character arc in “You” adds depth and intrigue to the series, leaving viewers eagerly anticipating what lies ahead for her.

jenna ortega you character

Ellie’s Internship with Henderson: A Crucial Turning Point

Ellie’s internship with Henderson takes an unexpected turn and becomes a crucial turning point in her story. Initially, Ellie sees the internship as an opportunity to learn from a successful comedian and make connections in the industry. However, she soon discovers Henderson’s true nature and becomes entangled in a dark and dangerous world.

jenna ortega you character

As Ellie delves deeper into Henderson’s life, she uncovers disturbing secrets and realizes that he is involved in predatory behavior. This revelation poses a moral dilemma for Ellie, as she must decide whether to confront Henderson and risk her own safety or to remain silent. Her character’s journey highlights the resilience and strength of a young girl who finds herself navigating treacherous waters.

Ellie’s internship with Henderson becomes a catalyst for self-discovery and empowerment. It forces her to confront the harsh realities of the world and make difficult choices that will shape her future. Jenna Ortega’s portrayal of Ellie captures the complex emotions and inner strength of the character, making her a compelling and formidable presence in the series.

Uncertain Horizons and Ambiguous Alliances

As the season progresses, Ellie’s relationship with Joe, the main character, becomes intertwined with her internship. Joe unintentionally becomes her protector, as he believes he must shield Ellie from Henderson’s predatory acts. Their connection adds another layer of complexity to Ellie’s story, blurring the line between ally and potential threat.

Throughout the series, Ellie’s survival instincts and determination shine through, propelling her forward in a world filled with danger. As the future of Ellie’s character remains uncertain, audiences eagerly anticipate how her experiences will shape her decisions and influence the overall narrative.

Reflecting on her role as Ellie Alves, Jenna Ortega has expressed her interest in returning to the show if given the opportunity, further fueling speculation about the character’s future. The impact of Ellie Alves on the series cannot be understated, leaving viewers enthralled by Jenna Ortega’s portrayal and eagerly awaiting the next chapter of her story.

Ellie’s Survival and Relationship with Joe

Ellie’s resilience and the complex dynamics between her and Joe add layers of intrigue to her character in “You.” Throughout the second season, Ellie finds herself entangled in Joe’s complex web of secrets and lies, leading to unexpected consequences.

After Joe inadvertently becomes involved in Ellie’s life, their relationship takes an unexpected turn. Despite Joe’s dark past and questionable actions, Ellie sees a side of him that others might overlook. She becomes a crucial source of support and understanding for Joe, challenging viewers’ perceptions of his character.

The bond between Ellie and Joe is a unique one, built on mutual reliance and a shared desire for survival. As they navigate the dark and treacherous world of “You,” their connection deepens, leaving audiences intrigued about the outcome of their relationship.

jenna ortega you character

As Ellie’s journey continues, her resilience and determination shine through. She faces numerous challenges and obstacles, but her strength never wavers. Jenna Ortega’s compelling portrayal of Ellie brings this character to life, capturing the hearts of viewers and leaving them eager to see what’s next in store for Ellie Alves in “You.”

The Future of Ellie’s Character

With the ongoing storyline of “You,” viewers are left wondering about the trajectory of Ellie Alves’ character. Jenna Ortega’s portrayal of Ellie has left a lasting impact on the series, and her character’s future holds significant intrigue. As the second season concluded with Joe Goldberg faking his own death, leaving Ellie unaware of his true fate, it remains uncertain how this will affect her moving forward.

Throughout the series, Ellie Alves displayed resilience and determination, even in the face of challenging circumstances. Her relationships with Joe and Delilah played pivotal roles in her character development, and it will be interesting to see how these dynamics continue to evolve in future seasons.

Ortega’s interest in returning to “You” further piques curiosity about Ellie’s future. The talented actress has expressed a desire to continue exploring the complexities of her character if given the opportunity. This signals that there may be more depth and growth awaiting Ellie Alves on screen.

jenna ortega character analysis

Ellie Alves’ character has resonated with audiences, contributing to the overall success and popularity of “You.” Her relatability and strength as a young filmmaker navigating difficult circumstances have made her a fan favorite. Ellie’s story not only adds depth to the narrative but also raises important discussions surrounding issues of exploitation, consent, and survival.

As the series progresses into its third season, the impact of Ellie’s character will likely continue to shape the direction of the show. Whether she becomes more entangled in Joe’s web of secrets or finds her own path, the presence of Ellie Alves promises to bring further intrigue and complexity to “You.”

Jenna Ortega’s Interest in Returning to “You”

Jenna Ortega has shared her enthusiasm for reprising her role as Ellie Alves in “You” and continuing to be part of the series. In an interview, Ortega expressed her love for the character and the intriguing world of “You,” indicating she would gladly return if given the opportunity. She praised the show’s creators for their storytelling and the chance they provided her to portray such a complex and multi-dimensional character.

Ortega’s interest in returning to “You” showcases her dedication to her craft and her commitment to bringing Ellie Alves to life. It is clear that she appreciates the impact the character has had on viewers and the potential for further development in the series. Her portrayal of Ellie Alves, a young girl navigating difficult circumstances and forming unexpected connections, has resonated with audiences, making her return highly anticipated.

Jenna Ortega returning to You“I would definitely be interested in returning for another season if given the opportunity,” Ortega said during an interview. “Playing Ellie has been such a rewarding experience, and I’m excited to see where her journey takes her next in the show.”

With Ortega’s talent and dedication, it is certain that if she were to return to “You,” she would continue to captivate audiences with her portrayal of Ellie Alves. Fans eagerly await any news regarding Ortega’s involvement in future seasons, curious to see how Ellie’s story will unfold and how her presence will impact the narrative.

Exploring the Impact of Ellie Alves’ Character

Ellie Alves’ portrayal by Jenna Ortega has made a lasting impression on viewers, adding depth and intrigue to the storyline of “You.” As a 15-year-old aspiring filmmaker, Ellie brings a unique perspective to the show, capturing the attention of audiences with her determination and resilience. Her character arc, filled with personal struggles and unexpected twists, keeps viewers on the edge of their seats.

One of the key aspects of Ellie’s character that resonates with viewers is her strength and vulnerability. Despite facing hardships, including the loss of her father and a strained relationship with her mother, Ellie remains resilient. Her determination to carve out a better life for herself and her sister, Delilah, is both inspiring and relatable.

Furthermore, Jenna Ortega’s exceptional portrayal of Ellie Alves adds layers of complexity to the character. Ortega masterfully captures Ellie’s emotions, showcasing the internal conflicts and growth that Ellie experiences throughout the series. This nuanced performance further immerses viewers in Ellie’s journey, making her character all the more captivating.

In addition to the impact on the storyline, Ellie Alves’ character also sparks discussions surrounding relevant issues. Her involvement in an internship with comedian Henderson, who is later revealed to be a sexual predator, sheds light on the dangers and challenges faced by young individuals in vulnerable positions. The storyline serves as a catalyst for important conversations about abuse of power and the need for justice.

jenna ortega you character

“Ellie Alves’ character is a breath of fresh air in the series. Jenna Ortega brings so much depth and authenticity to the role, making Ellie a compelling and relatable character.” – TV Reviewer

“The impact of Ellie Alves’ character on ‘You’ cannot be overstated. She adds an extra layer of intrigue and complexity to the show, keeping viewers hooked with her engaging storyline and exceptional portrayal.” – Entertainment Magazine

In conclusion, Ellie Alves’ character, brought to life by Jenna Ortega’s remarkable performance, has had a significant impact on the success and popularity of “You.” The combination of Ortega’s acting prowess and the compelling nature of Ellie’s character development makes her a standout presence in the series. Viewers eagerly anticipate the continuation of Ellie’s journey and the potential future impact she will have on the show.


The character of Ellie Alves, brought to life by Jenna Ortega, remains a vital and intriguing part of the “You” series, leaving audiences wanting more. Ellie’s story arc, from a young aspiring filmmaker to a survivor entangled in Joe’s dangerous world, has captivated viewers and added depth to the show’s narrative.

Throughout the second season, Ellie’s character undergoes significant challenges and transformations, showcasing Ortega’s exceptional talent as an actress. Her portrayal of Ellie’s resilience, vulnerability, and determination has resonated with audiences, making her a standout character in the series.

As season three of “You” approaches, fans eagerly anticipate the continuation of Ellie’s story and how she will navigate the aftermath of Joe’s actions. The impact of Ellie Alves’ character extends beyond the fictional realm, raising important themes and discussions about trauma, survival, and the darkness that can lurk within seemingly ordinary lives.

Jenna Ortega’s portrayal of Ellie Alves has not only solidified her as a rising star in the industry but has also showcased her ability to tackle complex characters with depth and authenticity. With Ortega expressing her interest in returning to the show, it remains to be seen what lies ahead for Ellie Alves and the influence she will have on the future of “You.”


Who plays Ellie Alves in the show “You”?

Ellie Alves is portrayed by actress Jenna Ortega.

What is Ellie Alves’ role in the second season of “You”?

Ellie Alves is a 15-year-old aspiring filmmaker who lives in Joe’s apartment building in Los Angeles.

What happens to Ellie Alves in the show?

Ellie’s character becomes involved in a dangerous situation with comedian Henderson, whom Joe believes to be a sexual predator. Joe ends up protecting Ellie and accidentally killing Henderson. When Delilah, Ellie’s older sister, goes missing, Joe gives Ellie money to start a new life elsewhere.

Does Ellie Alves continue to receive money from Joe?

Yes, it is unclear if Ellie will continue receiving money from Joe after he fakes his own death in season three.

Would Jenna Ortega return to the show if given the opportunity?

Yes, Jenna Ortega has expressed interest in returning to the show.