Jenna Ortega‘s portrayal of Wednesday Addams in the Netflix series “Wednesday” has captivated audiences with her unique interpretation and compelling character transformation. Costume designer Colleen Atwood’s gothic chic wardrobe for Wednesday has sparked fashion trends such as gothcore and dark academia.

From her black-striped school uniform to her off-campus wardrobe featuring sleek leather jackets and oversize hoodies, Wednesday’s style has become popular among Gen Z. Her subtly lined eyes and tinted lips have also gained attention and are being recreated by fans. With the success of the series, a second season has been announced, showcasing the impact of Jenna Ortega’s performance. Additionally, Ortega’s physical transformation, including a sassy bob hairstyle, further embodies the character of Wednesday Addams!

Key Takeaways

  • Jenna Ortega’s portrayal of Wednesday Addams in “Wednesday” has had a significant impact on fashion trends.
  • The character’s gothic chic wardrobe, created by costume designer Colleen Atwood, has sparked the rise of gothcore and dark academia styles.
  • Wednesday’s black-striped school uniform and off-campus wardrobe, including leather jackets and oversize hoodies, have become popular among Gen Z.
  • Her subtly lined eyes and tinted lips have garnered attention, with fans recreating her makeup look.
  • The success of the Netflix series has led to the announcement of a second season, highlighting the popularity of Jenna Ortega’s portrayal.

Exploring Jenna Ortega’s Wednesday Addams: A Dark Fashion Phenomenon

Costume designer Colleen Atwood’s creation of Wednesday’s gothic chic wardrobe has sparked fashion trends like gothcore and dark academia, making Wednesday Addams a fashion phenomenon. The Netflix series “Wednesday” has captivated audiences, particularly Gen Z, with its unique portrayal of the beloved character.

Wednesday’s black-striped school uniform, complete with her signature white collar and pigtails, has become an iconic style statement. The combination of classic elements and contemporary edge has resonated with young fashion enthusiasts, leading to a surge in popularity of gothcore and dark academia fashion trends.

Off-campus, Wednesday’s wardrobe takes a darker turn with sleek leather jackets and oversize hoodies. This blend of sophistication and rebelliousness has influenced Gen Z’s fashion choices, as they embrace the character’s unapologetic individuality.

Highlighting her mystique, Wednesday’s make-up has also become a standout feature. Subtly lined eyes and tinted lips create a hauntingly beautiful look that fans cannot resist. From tutorials to recreations, enthusiasts of all ages are embracing Wednesday’s make-up style and incorporating it into their own beauty routines.

Wednesday Addams Fashion Phenomenon

With the announcement of a second season, the success of “Wednesday” is undeniable. The series has not only reimagined and revitalized the beloved character but also introduced her to a new generation of fans. Jenna Ortega’s portrayal has captured hearts worldwide, solidifying her as a rising star in Hollywood.

Alongside her transformative performance, Jenna Ortega’s own sense of style has made waves in the fashion industry. Her unique fashion choices, both on and off-screen, have caught the attention of designers and fashion enthusiasts alike. From red carpets to Instagram, Jenna Ortega’s fashion influence continues to grow.

As a versatile actress and empowered role model, Jenna Ortega has forged a path for young individuals to express themselves through fashion and embrace their own unique style. With her portrayal of Wednesday Addams, she has left an indelible mark on both pop culture and the fashion world.

Popular Styles Inspired by Wednesday’s Wardrobe

From her iconic black-striped school uniform to her sleek leather jackets and oversized hoodies, Wednesday Addams’ wardrobe has inspired popular styles among fans of the show.

black-striped school uniform

The black-striped school uniform worn by Wednesday Addams has become a symbol of both rebellion and sophistication. Its timeless design and monochromatic color scheme have resonated with Gen Z fashion enthusiasts, who are embracing the gothcore and dark academia trends inspired by Wednesday’s character. The uniform’s distinctive black stripes add a touch of edginess to the classic schoolgirl attire, making it a go-to choice for those seeking a bold yet elegant look.

Off-campus, Wednesday’s choice of wardrobe includes sleek leather jackets and oversized hoodies that exude a sense of comfort and style. These pieces have become wardrobe staples for many young fans, offering a versatile and effortlessly cool aesthetic. The leather jackets, in particular, embody Wednesday’s rebellious spirit, while the oversized hoodies provide both warmth and a laid-back vibe.

Whether it’s the black-striped school uniform or the edgy off-campus looks, Wednesday Addams’ wardrobe has left its mark on fashion, sparking a renewed interest in gothic-inspired styles. Gen Z fashion enthusiasts have embraced these popular styles, incorporating elements of Wednesday’s wardrobe into their own personal fashion statements. As a result, Wednesday’s influence extends beyond the confines of the show, solidifying her status as a fashion icon for the younger generation.

The Allure of Wednesday’s Make-up

Wednesday Addams’ make-up, featuring subtly lined eyes and tinted lips, has become a source of inspiration for fans who seek to recreate her captivating allure. The combination of the dark, smoky eye look and the touch of color on the lips perfectly complements Wednesday’s gothic chic style, adding an extra layer of mystery and intensity to her character.

Many fans have taken to social media platforms to share their own interpretations of Wednesday’s make-up, showcasing their creativity and attention to detail. From perfectly winged eyeliner to precise lip application, these fans are dedicated to capturing the essence of Wednesday’s beauty. Whether it’s for Halloween, cosplay, or simply to embrace their love for the character, recreating Wednesday’s make-up has become a popular trend.

Wednesday Addams’ make-up, featuring subtly lined eyes and tinted lips, has become a source of inspiration for fans who seek to recreate her captivating allure.

The appeal of Wednesday’s make-up lies in its versatility. It can be adapted to suit different skin tones and personal styles, allowing individuals to put their own spin on the look. Some fans choose to go for a more dramatic approach, intensifying the eye makeup and adding bold, dark lip colors. Others prefer a softer interpretation, opting for lighter shades and a more natural finish.

Wednesday Addams’ make-up has become a symbol of self-expression and creativity, empowering fans to experiment with their own unique beauty looks. It serves as a reminder that beauty comes in many forms and can be found even in the darkest of aesthetics.

Wednesday Addams makeup

The widespread popularity of Wednesday’s make-up is a testament to the influence of pop culture in the realm of beauty. Fans are not only drawn to the character’s captivating allure but also to the artistry and skill behind the creation of her iconic look. Whether it’s through YouTube tutorials, beauty forums, or social media platforms, enthusiasts are using their platforms to share tips, tricks, and product recommendations, fostering a community of like-minded individuals who appreciate the power of make-up.

As fans continue to recreate Wednesday’s make-up, the influence of her character extends beyond the TV screen, leaving a lasting impact on the beauty industry and inspiring a new generation of make-up enthusiasts.

The Success of “Wednesday” and Season Two Announcement

The Netflix series “Wednesday” has been a hit, with audiences embracing Jenna Ortega’s portrayal and eagerly anticipating the recently announced second season. Since its debut, the show has captivated viewers with its unique take on the beloved character of Wednesday Addams. Jenna Ortega’s performance has been widely praised, breathing new life into the iconic role.

The announcement of a second season has only fueled the excitement surrounding the show. Fans are eager to delve further into the intriguing world of “Wednesday” and witness the continued growth of the characters. The series has managed to strike a perfect balance between honoring the original source material and introducing fresh elements that resonate with modern audiences.

Jenna Ortega’s portrayal of Wednesday Addams has undoubtedly played a significant role in the success of the series. Her talent and dedication to the character have brought Wednesday to life in a way that has resonated with fans old and new. With the second season on the horizon, the anticipation and enthusiasm for “Wednesday” shows no signs of waning.

Jenna Ortega’s Physical Transformation for the Role

In preparation for the role of Wednesday Addams, Jenna Ortega underwent a physical transformation that included sporting a sassy bob hairstyle. The change in hairstyle not only added a touch of modernity to the iconic character but also helped Ortega fully embody Wednesday’s rebellious spirit. With her sleek bob, Ortega perfectly captures the essence of Wednesday Addams, bringing a fresh and contemporary twist to the beloved character.

Jenna Ortega's sassy bob hairstyle

Ortega’s physical transformation goes beyond just her hairstyle. She fully embraces Wednesday Addams’ dark and enigmatic persona, captivating audiences with her intense gaze and stoic presence. Through her portrayal, Ortega seamlessly blends elegance and edginess, making the character her own while staying true to the essence of Wednesday. Her transformation not only showcases her versatility as an actress but also highlights her commitment to bringing characters to life with depth and authenticity.

Ortega’s dedication to capturing the essence of Wednesday Addams is evident in her attention to detail.

“I wanted to make sure that every aspect of the character was reflected in my physical appearance,” Ortega emphasizes. “From the sassy bob to the subtle makeup, it all contributes to creating the full Wednesday Addams experience.”

Her commitment to portraying Wednesday extends beyond the surface level, as she dives deep into the character’s psyche to deliver a powerful performance. The physical transformation serves as a testament to Ortega’s dedication and passion for her craft, further solidifying her status as a rising star in Hollywood.

Jenna Ortega’s Instagram and Celebrity Fashion

Jenna Ortega’s Instagram presence has not only showcased her personal style but also solidified her status as a trendsetter in the realm of celebrity fashion. With over 8 million followers, Ortega curates a feed that effortlessly combines glamour, elegance, and a touch of youthful edge. Her fashion choices reflect an impeccable taste that resonates with her followers and the wider fashion community.

Scrolling through Ortega’s Instagram, you’ll find a carefully curated collection of outfits that range from casual streetwear to red carpet glamour. She effortlessly pulls off classic looks, such as a tailored pantsuit paired with a crisp white shirt, while also embracing bold and vibrant styles that showcase her versatile fashion sense.

One of the standout aspects of Ortega’s fashion influence is her commitment to inclusivity and body positivity. She embraces her natural curves and celebrates diversity, challenging the industry’s narrow beauty standards. Her fashion choices inspire fans to embrace their individuality and express themselves through clothing.

Ortega’s Celebrity Fashion Inspires

“Fashion is a form of self-expression, and I want everyone to feel confident and empowered in whatever they choose to wear,” Ortega shared in a recent interview. “My goal is to show that style has no boundaries or limitations.”

Ortega’s influence extends beyond her Instagram feed and into the red carpet realm. She has made memorable appearances in stunning gowns and fashionable ensembles that have turned heads and garnered praise from fashion critics. Her ability to effortlessly blend glamour with her own unique style has cemented her as a rising star in both the entertainment and fashion industries.

Jenna Ortega Instagram

Jenna Ortega: A Rising Star in Hollywood

With her captivating performances and undeniable talent, Jenna Ortega has established herself as a rising star in Hollywood. From her breakthrough role in the hit Netflix series “You” to her portrayal of Wednesday Addams in “Wednesday,” Ortega has proven her versatility and ability to bring complex characters to life.

Known for her exceptional acting skills and ability to captivate audiences, Ortega has quickly become a sought-after actress in the industry. Her dedication to her craft and natural talent have earned her critical acclaim and a growing fan base.

Jenna Ortega

In addition to her acting prowess, Ortega has become an influential figure in the world of fashion and celebrity culture. Her unique sense of style and fearless approach to fashion have gained her recognition as a fashion icon among her peers. With each red carpet appearance, Ortega effortlessly showcases her impeccable taste and ability to push boundaries.

As Ortega continues to take on challenging roles and make an impact both on and off the screen, there is no doubt that she is destined for even greater success in the future. With her incredible talent, unwavering determination, and undeniable charisma, Jenna Ortega is truly a rising star in Hollywood.

Jenna Ortega: A Versatile and Empowered Role Model

Jenna Ortega’s ability to portray a wide range of characters and her commitment to empowering others make her a versatile and inspiring role model. From her compelling performance as Wednesday Addams in the Netflix series “Wednesday” to her off-screen activism, Ortega demonstrates the power of using her platform for positive change.

As Wednesday Addams, Ortega captured audiences with her nuanced portrayal of the iconic character. Her ability to embody Wednesday’s dark and mysterious persona while adding her own unique twist showcases her versatility as an actress. Whether she is delivering sharp one-liners or showcasing vulnerability, Ortega brings depth and authenticity to every role she takes on.

Off-screen, Ortega actively uses her voice to champion important causes. She has been an outspoken advocate for inclusivity and representation in the entertainment industry, advocating for greater diversity in casting and storytelling. Her dedication to empowering young individuals and challenging societal norms has earned her a devoted following and admiration from fans around the world.

Jenna Ortega

Jenna Ortega’s impact extends beyond her on-screen performances. She serves as an inspiration to young people, encouraging them to embrace their uniqueness and stand up for what they believe in. Her authentic and unapologetic approach to life serves as a reminder that individuality and empowerment go hand-in-hand.

In a world where conformity often takes precedence, Jenna Ortega stands out as a role model who celebrates diversity and embraces her own power. Her ability to transform into different characters, combined with her commitment to empowering others, makes her a versatile force in the entertainment industry and a beacon of inspiration for generations to come.


Jenna Ortega’s portrayal of Wednesday Addams has not only captivated audiences but also left a lasting impact on fashion trends and popular culture. Playing this iconic character in the Netflix series “Wednesday,” Ortega has brought Wednesday’s gothic chic wardrobe to life, thanks to the creative genius of costume designer Colleen Atwood.

Wednesday’s wardrobe has sparked fashion trends like gothcore and dark academia, influencing the style choices of Gen Z. Her black-striped school uniform, with its signature collar and playful patterns, has become a coveted style staple. Off-campus, Wednesday is often seen sporting sleek leather jackets and oversize hoodies, representing a rebellious and confident look that resonates with many.

Not only has Wednesday’s fashion sense gained attention, but her makeup has also made an impact. With subtly lined eyes and tinted lips, Wednesday exudes a mysterious and alluring aura that fans are eager to recreate. Social media is flooded with tutorials and inspired looks, showing just how influential her beauty choices have become.

The success of the series “Wednesday” speaks for itself, with a second season already announced. It is clear that Ortega’s portrayal of Wednesday Addams has struck a chord with viewers, who have been captivated by this fresh take on the iconic character. Additionally, Ortega herself has undergone a physical transformation, embracing a sassy bob hairstyle to embody the spirit and personality of Wednesday.


How has Jenna Ortega’s portrayal of Wednesday Addams influenced fashion trends?

Jenna Ortega’s portrayal of Wednesday Addams in the Netflix series “Wednesday” has sparked fashion trends like gothcore and dark academia, with her gothic chic wardrobe becoming a fashion phenomenon.

What are some popular styles inspired by Wednesday’s wardrobe?

Popular styles inspired by Wednesday’s wardrobe include her black-striped school uniform and off-campus wardrobe featuring sleek leather jackets and oversize hoodies.

What has garnered attention in Wednesday’s makeup?

Wednesday’s makeup, including subtly lined eyes and tinted lips, has garnered attention and is being recreated by fans.

Has the Netflix series “Wednesday” been successful?

Yes, the Netflix series “Wednesday” has been a hit, with a second season announced.

How has Jenna Ortega transformed physically for the role?

Jenna Ortega has undergone a physical transformation for the role of Wednesday Addams, including sporting a sassy bob hairstyle.