The Addams Family world gets bigger with the new series ‘Wednesday,’ featuring Gen Z horror standout Jenna Ortega as the macabre brood’s eldest child. In the series, Wednesday leaves her family’s spooky mansion and enrolls at Nevermore Academy, where she encounters various supernatural characters. Ortega’s portrayal of Wednesday brings a new depth to the character, exploring her teenage years, insecurities, and burgeoning psychic abilities.

Key Takeaways:

  • Jenna Ortega brings a fresh perspective to the iconic character of Wednesday Addams in the series ‘Wednesday’.
  • The show delves into Wednesday’s teenage years, as she attends Nevermore Academy and uncovers the mysteries of Jericho.
  • Ortega’s portrayal adds complexity and depth to Wednesday, showcasing her insecurities and psychic abilities.
  • ‘Wednesday’ expands the Addams Family universe, introducing new supernatural characters and settings.
  • The series offers a compelling narrative and explores themes of identity, friendship, and family.

Meet Wednesday Addams

jenna ortega mom in wednesday

In the eagerly anticipated series ‘Wednesday,’ Jenna Ortega takes on the iconic role of Wednesday Addams, breathing new life into the beloved character. This time around, Wednesday is a 15-year-old student at Nevermore Academy, where she faces not only the challenges of being a teenager but also the mysteries and supernatural occurrences that surround her.

Ortega’s portrayal of Wednesday brings a fresh perspective to the character, showcasing her vulnerabilities, insecurities, and internal conflicts. The audience witnesses Wednesday as she navigates her way through the complexities of adolescence, all while honing her psychic abilities and investigating a monstrous killing spree. This new iteration of Wednesday Addams is relatable, complex, and a captivating addition to the Addams Family universe.

“Ortega’s portrayal adds layers of insecurity and lived-in qualities to Wednesday, making her a relatable and complex teenager.”

As Wednesday embarks on her journey at Nevermore Academy, she encounters a diverse cast of characters who shape her experiences along the way. From her bubbly and spirited roommate, Enid Sinclair, to the enigmatic and mysterious Xavier Thorpe, each character adds depth and intrigue to Wednesday’s story.

The series delves into the world of Gen Z horror, exploring the intricate web of relationships, secrets, and supernatural elements that make up Wednesday’s life. With Jenna Ortega’s compelling performance at the core, ‘Wednesday’ promises to be a thrilling and immersive experience for fans of the Addams Family and newcomers alike.

Wednesday’s Roommate: Enid Sinclair

In the series ‘Wednesday,’ Jenna Ortega’s character, Wednesday Addams, navigates her new life at Nevermore Academy alongside her roommate, Enid Sinclair. Enid, played by Emma Myers, brings a refreshing contrast to Wednesday’s dark and brooding personality. Described as super bubbly, warm, and full of school spirit, Enid’s vibrant energy compliments Wednesday’s more reserved nature.

Despite their initial differences, Enid and Wednesday develop a strong bond and find common ground through their shared experiences at Nevermore Academy. Their friendship serves as an important source of support and understanding as they navigate the challenges of being teenagers in a supernatural world.

Enid’s character adds depth to the narrative of ‘Wednesday’ by bringing a contrasting personality to the mix. Her warm and outgoing nature shines a light on the complexities of the other characters and the dynamics within the series.

The Mysterious Boy: Xavier Thorpe

Xavier Thorpe, portrayed by Percy Hynes White, is a captivating character in the series ‘Wednesday.’ His enigmatic presence and mysterious aura add intrigue to the storyline and create an interesting dynamic with the protagonist, Wednesday Addams. Throughout the series, Xavier’s true intentions remain unclear, leaving viewers guessing about his motives and role in the unfolding events.

As Wednesday encounters Xavier at Nevermore Academy, she senses something intriguing and unsettling about him. Their interactions challenge Xavier’s sense of entitlement and force him to confront his own personal demons. These encounters also allow Wednesday to uncover aspects of herself and develop her own strength and resilience in the face of uncertainty.

Xavier’s character serves as a source of mystery and adds depth to the narrative. His role in the series contributes to the overall sense of suspense and keeps viewers engaged. With Percy Hynes White’s portrayal, Xavier Thorpe becomes a compelling figure whom viewers will be eager to unravel as the series progresses.

jenna ortega's mom and wednesday

The Intrigue of Xavier Thorpe

Throughout ‘Wednesday,’ the character of Xavier Thorpe continues to captivate and intrigue viewers. His mysterious nature and complex personality make him a key player in the unfolding events at Nevermore Academy. As the relationship between Xavier and Wednesday develops, audiences are kept on the edge of their seats, eagerly awaiting revelations and twists in the storyline.

With Percy Hynes White’s exceptional portrayal, Xavier Thorpe comes to life, adding depth and nuance to the series. His interactions with Wednesday and the other characters provide insight into his motivations, secrets, and true intentions. As viewers delve further into the world of ‘Wednesday,’ the role of Xavier Thorpe becomes increasingly integral to the overall plot.

The enigmatic presence of Xavier Thorpe adds an air of mystery and intrigue to the series ‘Wednesday.’ Percy Hynes White’s portrayal brings the character to life, leaving audiences eager to unravel the secrets that lie within Xavier’s enigmatic persona. As the story unfolds, Xavier’s role in the narrative promises to deliver surprises and revelations that will keep viewers hooked until the very end.

The Normie: Tyler Galpin

Tyler Galpin, portrayed by Hunter Doohan, is one of the “normies” in Jericho, the county that contains Nevermore Academy. While Tyler may not possess supernatural powers like the other characters, he brings his own complexities and a darker past to the series. Despite being an outsider in a world filled with extraordinary beings, Tyler’s presence adds an element of mystery and intrigue.

Throughout the series, Tyler’s character development delves into his personal struggles and the demons he carries. His interactions with the supernatural characters and his efforts to fit in challenge his own perception of self. As the story progresses, viewers will witness how Tyler’s past intertwines with the unfolding mysteries of Jericho.

“I think Tyler’s character is a fascinating addition to the series,” says Hunter Doohan. “He represents the ordinary among the extraordinary, and through his journey, we explore themes of identity, acceptance, and the blurred lines between good and evil.”

The portrayal of Tyler Galpin by Hunter Doohan brings depth and nuance to the character, highlighting the internal struggles and complexities that he faces. As viewers follow Tyler’s journey, they will be captivated by the layers of his personality and the impact he has on the overall narrative.

Character Description
Tyler Galpin One of the “normies” in Jericho. Has no supernatural powers but carries a dark past.
Portrayed by Hunter Doohan
Role Challenges his own perception of self and fits into a world of extraordinary beings.
Themes Identity, acceptance, and the blurred lines between good and evil.

The Queen Bee: Bianca Barclay

Bianca Barclay, portrayed by Joy Sunday, is a siren and the queen bee of Nevermore Academy. Wednesday’s arrival challenges Bianca’s position and creates tension between the two characters. Bianca’s family secrets and struggles add depth to her character, making her more than just a typical mean girl.

Bianca Barclay: A Complex Queen Bee

Bianca Barclay, the captivating siren of Nevermore Academy, is brought to life by the talented Joy Sunday. As the queen bee of the school, Bianca exudes an air of superiority and wields her power over her classmates. However, beneath her icy exterior, Bianca hides a world of complexity and vulnerability.

Throughout the series, Wednesday’s arrival disrupts the carefully curated hierarchy that Bianca has established. The clash between the two characters not only creates tension but also forces Bianca to confront her own insecurities and face the shadows of her family history. As the layers of Bianca’s character are peeled back, viewers are left with a multi-dimensional portrayal of a young woman navigating her own struggles while trying to maintain control over her domain.

“Bianca’s journey in ‘Wednesday’ is a fascinating exploration of power dynamics and the masks we wear to hide our true selves,” says Joy Sunday. “Playing this complex character has been a thrilling experience, and I hope viewers will see the layers of humanity behind Bianca’s facade.”

A Table of Bianca’s Character Journey

Aspect Details
Personality Bianca appears confident and commanding, using her siren allure to her advantage.
Position at Nevermore Academy She is the queen bee, the most popular and influential student in the school.
Struggles Beneath her strong exterior, Bianca grapples with family secrets and personal insecurities.
Conflicts Wednesday’s arrival challenges Bianca’s status and creates tension between the two characters.
Growth Throughout the series, Bianca’s journey involves self-discovery and facing the shadows of her family history.

jenna ortega mother

Inspired by the creative talent of Joy Sunday, Bianca Barclay becomes a character full of complexities and hidden depths. Her journey in ‘Wednesday’ captures the struggle between power, vulnerability, and the need for acceptance. As viewers delve into the world of Nevermore Academy, they will witness the evolution of Bianca as she learns to navigate her own demons while trying to maintain her reign as the queen bee.

Meet Ajax and Eugene

In the eerie halls of Nevermore Academy, two fascinating characters emerge, adding their unique stories and personalities to the world of ‘Wednesday.’ Let’s meet Ajax and Eugene, the captivating individuals who play significant roles in the series.

Ajax: The Gorgon with a Heart

Ajax, masterfully portrayed by Georgie Farmer, is a mesmerizing gorgon and a member of the Stoners group at Nevermore Academy. With his serpentine features, Ajax possesses a bewitching allure that captivates those around him. Initially drawn to Wednesday’s roommate, Enid, Ajax encounters challenges due to his otherworldly powers. However, underneath his supernatural exterior lies a complexity that is sure to intrigue viewers.

Eugene: The Sweet and Nerdy Outcast

Moosa Mostafa brings the endearing character of Eugene to life on screen. Eugene stands out as a gentle and nerdy outcast, overcoming the challenges of fitting in at Nevermore Academy. He harbors a secret crush on Wednesday’s roommate, Enid, which adds a touch of innocent romance to the series. Eugene’s genuine nature and heartfelt actions make him an endearing character that viewers will root for.

Character Actor Description
Ajax Georgie Farmer A mesmerizing gorgon and member of the Stoners group at Nevermore Academy. Concealing a complexity beneath his supernatural exterior.
Eugene Moosa Mostafa A sweet and nerdy outcast at Nevermore Academy, harboring a secret crush on Wednesday’s roommate, Enid. Endearing viewers with his genuine nature.

The intriguing dynamics between Ajax, Eugene, and the other characters in ‘Wednesday’ add depth and excitement to the series. Viewers will be drawn to their captivating narratives, as they navigate the supernatural world of Nevermore Academy alongside Wednesday and her companions.

Continue to stay tuned as we explore more about the fascinating cast of ‘Wednesday’ and delve into the dark and mysterious world of the Addams Family like never before.

Larissa Weems, the Principal

In the world of Wednesday, Gwendoline Christie steps into the role of Larissa Weems, the principal of Nevermore Academy. Weems is not just any ordinary principal; she has a history with Wednesday’s mother, Morticia Addams. This connection adds a delicious layer of complexity to the relationship between Weems and Wednesday, as well as the overall narrative of the series.

Larissa Weems is a multifaceted character who has been overlooked and underestimated in the past. With Wednesday’s arrival, Weems is forced to confront her own past as she grapples with the challenges presented by the enigmatic teenager. Christie’s portrayal of Weems brings a sense of gravitas and intrigue to the character, making her an essential part of the series.

“Working with Gwendoline Christie was an incredible experience,” says Jenna Ortega, the talented actress who brings Wednesday Addams to life. “She brings so much depth and nuance to the character of Larissa Weems. It was a privilege to share the screen with her.”

Throughout the series, Larissa Weems serves as a catalyst for Wednesday’s growth and self-discovery. Her complex relationship with Morticia and her own personal struggles add layers of depth to the overall storyline. As the principal of Nevermore Academy, Weems holds a position of power and authority, but it is her vulnerabilities and hidden past that make her a fascinating character to watch.

jenna ortega's mom and Wednesday

Character Actor Description
Larissa Weems Gwendoline Christie The principal of Nevermore Academy with a history with Morticia Addams. She is a complex character who confronts her past through her interactions with Wednesday.

Thing, Wednesday’s Companion

Wednesday with Thing

Jenna Ortega’s portrayal of Wednesday in the series ‘Wednesday’ brings the iconic character to life once again. Alongside her, we have the classic character Thing, who serves as Wednesday’s companion and confidant. Thing, brought to life by Victor Dorobantu, adds a unique dynamic to their relationship and provides support to Wednesday as she navigates the challenges of Nevermore Academy and uncovers the mysteries of Jericho.

Thing, as a hand trick magician from Romania, brings his own quirks and abilities to the series. Despite being a disembodied hand, Thing manages to communicate and interact with Wednesday in meaningful ways. Their connection is genuine and heartwarming, showcasing the bond between a young girl and her loyal companion.

Throughout ‘Wednesday,’ Thing accompanies Wednesday on her adventures and provides assistance whenever needed. Whether it’s helping her solve puzzles or offering a comforting presence, Thing proves to be an invaluable ally to Wednesday. Together, they face the supernatural and navigate the complexities of teenage life, creating a captivating dynamic that adds depth to the series.

The Iconic Morticia Addams

In the highly anticipated series, ‘Wednesday’, Catherine Zeta-Jones takes on the iconic role of Morticia Addams, Wednesday’s mother. Bringing her own interpretation to the character, Zeta-Jones showcases Morticia as a modern mother dealing with her own secrets and the challenges of raising a rebellious teenager.

As Morticia, Zeta-Jones adds depth and complexity to the character, highlighting her role as a source of embarrassment for Wednesday. The dynamic between the two characters is a central theme of the series, exploring the complexities of their mother-daughter relationship.

With Zeta-Jones’s exceptional talent and charisma, Morticia Addams becomes a captivating and integral part of the ‘Wednesday’ series, captivating viewers with her portrayal of this beloved character.

jenna ortega's mom and Wednesday

Key Insights:

  • Catherine Zeta-Jones takes on the role of Morticia Addams in ‘Wednesday’.
  • Morticia is Wednesday’s mother and a main source of embarrassment for her teenage daughter.
  • Zeta-Jones brings her own interpretation to the iconic role, showcasing Morticia as a modern mother dealing with her own secrets and the challenges of raising a rebellious teenager.

Table: Morticia Addams, Wednesday’s Iconic Mother

Character Portrayed By Description
Morticia Addams Catherine Zeta-Jones A modern mother with her own secrets and challenges

Gomez Addams, the Passionate Husband

Gomez Addams, portrayed by Luis Guzmán, is the quintessential passionate husband in the series ‘Wednesday.’ As the beloved father of Wednesday and devoted husband to Morticia, Gomez embodies unwavering love and dedication to his family. Guzmán’s portrayal brings a magnetic charm and liveliness to the character, capturing the essence of Gomez’s romantic and indulgent nature.

While Gomez adores his family, he is also connected to a decades-old deadly mystery in Jericho, the county where Nevermore Academy is located. This mysterious past adds intrigue and suspense to the storyline, as Wednesday becomes determined to unravel the truth. Gomez’s journey intertwines love, loyalty, and the darker secrets that lurk within the Addams Family history.

“Gomez Addams is the epitome of passion and devotion. He brings a sense of warmth and heart to the series, balancing the macabre with a deep love for his wife and children.” – Luis Guzmán

The chemistry between Guzmán and Catherine Zeta-Jones, who portrays Morticia, adds another layer of complexity to Gomez’s character. Together, they navigate the challenges of raising a rebellious teenager while maintaining a strong and passionate connection. Gomez’s unconditional love and unwavering support for his family serve as a driving force throughout the series, providing emotional depth and familial bonds that resonate with audiences.

Gomez Addams

Gomez Addams Character Traits
Passionate Husband Gomez is deeply in love with Morticia and their relationship is filled with passion and ardor. He is known for his romantic gestures and devotion to his wife.
Dedicated Father Gomez is a loving and caring father to Wednesday. He supports her endeavors and encourages her to explore her abilities and solve the mysteries surrounding Jericho.
Magnetic Charm Gomez exudes charisma and magnetism, drawing others to him with his lively personality and infectious enthusiasm. His presence lights up the screen.
Connected to a Deadly Mystery Gomez’s past holds secrets and a connection to a long-standing deadly mystery in Jericho. This adds layers of suspense and intrigue to his character.


‘Wednesday’ offers a fresh and captivating take on the Addams Family, with Jenna Ortega’s portrayal of Wednesday Addams adding depth and complexity to the beloved character. As a 15-year-old newcomer at Nevermore Academy, Wednesday navigates the challenges of teenage life while investigating a monstrous killing spree and uncovering the mysteries of Jericho. Through her journey, Ortega’s performance brings a relatable and authentic portrayal of a teenager exploring her insecurities and burgeoning psychic abilities.

Supported by a talented ensemble cast, including Emma Myers as Wednesday’s roommate Enid Sinclair and Percy Hynes White as the mysterious Xavier Thorpe, ‘Wednesday’ showcases a diverse range of characters and their unique dynamics. Hunter Doohan adds intrigue as Tyler Galpin, a “normie” with his own dark past, while Joy Sunday brings depth to the role of the queen bee Bianca Barclay. Supporting characters such as Ajax, played by Georgie Farmer, and Eugene, played by Moosa Mostafa, contribute their own personalities and stories to the series.

With Gwendoline Christie as Principal Larissa Weems and Catherine Zeta-Jones as the iconic Morticia Addams, ‘Wednesday’ features a multi-dimensional cast that elevates the narrative further. The series explores the relationships and histories between these characters, providing a compelling and engaging storyline.

Under the visionary direction of Tim Burton, ‘Wednesday’ promises to be a captivating and intriguing series that will keep viewers hooked. With its unique blend of horror, mystery, and teenage drama, ‘Wednesday’ with Jenna Ortega’s portrayal of Wednesday Addams will undoubtedly leave a lasting impression as a must-watch series.


Who plays Wednesday’s roommate in the series ‘Wednesday’?

Enid Sinclair is played by Emma Myers.

Who portrays Xavier Thorpe in ‘Wednesday’?

Xavier Thorpe is portrayed by Percy Hynes White.

Who plays Tyler Galpin in ‘Wednesday’?

Tyler Galpin is played by Hunter Doohan.

Who portrays Bianca Barclay in ‘Wednesday’?

Bianca Barclay is portrayed by Joy Sunday.

Who plays Ajax and Eugene in ‘Wednesday’?

Ajax is played by Georgie Farmer and Eugene is portrayed by Moosa Mostafa.

Who is the principal of Nevermore Academy in ‘Wednesday’?

The principal of Nevermore Academy is Larissa Weems, portrayed by Gwendoline Christie.

Who brings Thing to life in ‘Wednesday’?

Victor Dorobantu, a hand trick magician from Romania, brings Thing to life on set.

Who portrays Morticia Addams in ‘Wednesday’?

Morticia Addams is portrayed by Catherine Zeta-Jones.

Who plays Gomez Addams in ‘Wednesday’?

Gomez Addams is portrayed by Luis Guzmán.

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