Jenna Ortega, the talented actress known for her roles in Netflix’s You, Disney Channel’s Stuck in the Middle, and Jane the Virgin, has captivated audiences not only with her acting skills but also with her stunning beauty. In this article, we will delve into Jenna Ortega’s makeup routine and uncover her coveted beauty secrets. From her skincare must-haves to her favorite cosmetics, get ready to be inspired by her red carpet makeup secrets and find out how she maintains her radiant glow!

Key Takeaways:

  • Jenna Ortega’s makeup routine offers valuable insights for achieving a radiant and confident look.
  • Her skincare routine is the foundation of her beauty regimen, ensuring flawless skin.
  • Jenna Ortega has a signature fragrance that perfectly complements her style.
  • She accentuates her eyes with the help of an eyelash curler and mascara.
  • Jenna Ortega shares haircare tips to keep her locks shiny and healthy-looking.

Skincare Must-Haves for Flawless Skin

Jenna Ortega skincare routine

Jenna Ortega understands the importance of maintaining flawless skin, and she relies on a few key skincare products to achieve her radiant complexion. Let’s take a closer look at Jenna Ortega’s skincare routine and discover her must-have products for healthy and glowing skin.

When it comes to removing makeup, Jenna swears by Neutrogena makeup remover wipes. These wipes effectively remove all traces of makeup, leaving her skin clean and refreshed. Regularly washing pillowcases also plays a significant role in keeping her skin clear and breakout-free.

In addition to these skincare essentials, Jenna incorporates Aquaphor healing ointment into her routine to combat dry and cracked skin. This multipurpose ointment provides intense hydration and helps heal any skin issues. She also uses a scalp scrub to address any scalp concerns and keeps her hair and scalp healthy.

One of Jenna’s secrets for achieving a cooling and de-puffing effect is using cryo freeze tools. These tools help to reduce inflammation and boost circulation, leaving her skin looking revitalized and youthful.

Skincare Must-Haves

Skincare Product Description
Neutrogena Makeup Remover Wipes Effectively removes makeup and impurities, leaving the skin clean and refreshed.
Aquaphor Healing Ointment Provides intense hydration and helps heal dry and cracked skin.
Scalp Scrub Addresses scalp concerns and promotes a healthy scalp and hair.
Cryo Freeze Tools Reduces inflammation, boosts circulation, and provides a cooling and de-puffing effect.

Jenna Ortega’s skincare routine focuses on effective makeup removal, hydration, scalp care, and rejuvenation. These skincare must-haves play a vital role in maintaining her flawless skin, and they can also be incorporated into your own routine for radiant and healthy-looking skin.

Jenna Ortega’s Signature Fragrance: Santal 33 Eau de Parfum

Jenna Ortega fragrance

Jenna Ortega has a signature scent that perfectly captures her unique style and personality. Her go-to fragrance is Santal 33 Eau de Parfum by Le Labo. This captivating scent has become synonymous with Jenna’s presence, leaving a lasting impression wherever she goes.

Santal 33 Eau de Parfum is known for its unisex appeal, striking a perfect balance between masculine and feminine notes. It exudes elegance, sophistication, and a touch of mystery, making it the ideal fragrance for any occasion. Jenna’s choice of Santal 33 showcases her impeccable taste and individuality.

“The scent of Santal 33 is like stepping into a world of luxury. It reminds me of the ambiance of a high-end hotel, with its warm, woody notes and a hint of creamy sandalwood. People often compliment me on this fragrance, and it truly has become a part of my identity,”

To experience the allure of Jenna Ortega’s signature scent, Santal 33 Eau de Parfum, indulge in its captivating blend of cardamom, iris, violet, and ambrox. Let the fragrance transport you to a realm of sophistication and timeless beauty, just like Jenna herself.

Highlighting Eye Makeup

Jenna Ortega eyelashes

When it comes to enhancing her eyes, Jenna Ortega has a few go-to tricks that never fail. One of her favorite tools is an eyelash curler, which she uses to lift her lashes and create a wide-eyed, awake look. While many people struggle with applying false eyelashes, Jenna opts for mascara instead, which she finds easier to use and achieves a similar effect.

For Jenna, mascara is a must-have in her makeup routine. She loves how it adds volume and length to her lashes, making her eyes pop. While she hasn’t revealed her specific mascara brand preference, there are countless options available on the market to achieve the desired effect.

Whether she’s attending a red carpet event or going for a more natural look, Jenna Ortega knows the power of highlighting her eyes. With the help of an eyelash curler and a trusty mascara, she effortlessly enhances her lashes and brings attention to her sparkling eyes.

The Power of Mascara

“Mascara is like magic for your eyes,” says Jenna Ortega. “It instantly transforms your look and adds that extra touch of glamour.” She advises finding a mascara that suits your needs, whether you prefer lengthening, volumizing, or curling effects. Jenna believes that a good mascara can make all the difference in achieving a polished and put-together look.

“Eyes are the window to the soul, so why not emphasize them?” – Jenna Ortega

In addition to her mascara, Jenna pays attention to other eye makeup details, such as using an eyeliner to define her lash line and experimenting with eyeshadow shades that complement her eye color. These small but impactful steps help Jenna create eye-catching looks that accentuate her natural beauty.

Haircare Tips for Shiny Hair

When it comes to maintaining shiny and healthy-looking hair, Jenna Ortega swears by a few haircare tips and tricks. Whether you’re dealing with oiliness or dryness, these haircare secrets can help you achieve luscious locks.

One of the key aspects of Jenna’s haircare routine is the use of exfoliating shampoo. This specialized shampoo helps to remove buildup and excess oil from the scalp, leaving it feeling fresh and revitalized. By incorporating this into your routine, you can combat oiliness and promote a healthier scalp.

In addition to exfoliating shampoo, Jenna recommends using a leave-in conditioner. This product provides extra moisture and nourishment to your hair, leaving it soft, smooth, and hydrated. It’s a simple step that can make a big difference in the overall health and appearance of your hair.

When it comes to styling, Jenna advises minimizing the use of heat styling tools whenever possible. Excessive heat can cause damage to your hair, leading to dryness and breakage. To protect your hair, opt for heatless styling methods or use heat protectant products before applying heat. By reducing heat styling, you can maintain the integrity of your hair and achieve a natural shine.

Haircare Tips Benefits
Use exfoliating shampoo Removes buildup and oiliness
Apply leave-in conditioner Moisturizes and nourishes hair
Avoid excessive heat styling Prevents damage and breakage

By following Jenna Ortega’s haircare tips, you can improve the health and appearance of your hair. From using exfoliating shampoo to incorporating leave-in conditioner and minimizing heat styling, these simple steps can make a noticeable difference. Remember, your hair deserves some extra love and care!

Quick and Simple Makeup Routine

Jenna Ortega quick makeup routine

When it comes to makeup, Jenna Ortega has a quick and simple routine that helps her achieve a natural and effortless look. By focusing on a few key areas, she enhances her features and maintains a fresh-faced appearance. Here’s a breakdown of Jenna Ortega’s quick makeup routine:

1. Perfecting the Eyebrows

Beautifully groomed eyebrows can make a big difference in framing the face. Jenna Ortega fills in her brows using a brow pencil or powder, focusing on filling in any sparse areas and shaping them to perfection. This step helps to define her features and create a polished look.

2. Adding a Touch of Blush

To achieve a natural flush of color, Jenna Ortega applies blush to the apples of her cheeks. This step adds a healthy and youthful glow to her complexion. She prefers a shade that complements her skin tone and applies it lightly for a subtle and fresh finish.

3. Tinted Chapstick for a Hint of Color and Hydration

For a final touch, Jenna Ortega reaches for a tinted chapstick to add a hint of color and provide moisture to her lips. This step completes her quick makeup routine, leaving her with a soft and natural look.

Step Product
1 Brow pencil or powder
2 Blush
3 Tinted chapstick

Jenna Ortega’s quick and simple makeup routine is perfect for those busy days when you need to get ready in a hurry. By focusing on the eyebrows, adding a touch of blush, and using a tinted chapstick, you can achieve a fresh and put-together look in no time. Whether you’re headed to work, school, or running errands, this effortless routine will help you look and feel your best.

Self-Care and Beauty Rituals

Jenna Ortega's self-care routine

Jenna Ortega understands the importance of self-care and incorporates various beauty rituals into her routine. These practices not only help her relax and rejuvenate but also contribute to her overall well-being. Let’s explore some of Jenna’s favorite self-care rituals, including face masks and baths, that promote a sense of tranquility and enhance her natural beauty.

DIY Face Masks

“I love treating myself to a DIY face mask,” Jenna shares. “One of my favorite combinations is the Aztec Secret Healing Clay Mask mixed with apple cider vinegar. It leaves my skin feeling refreshed and detoxified.”

Jenna’s go-to face mask is a powerful combination of Aztec Secret Healing Clay Mask and apple cider vinegar. The clay mask deeply cleanses the pores, drawing out impurities and excess oil. Apple cider vinegar, known for its natural antibacterial properties, helps balance the skin’s pH levels and promote a healthy complexion. This DIY face mask is a key component of Jenna’s beauty rituals, as it provides her with a moment of relaxation while improving the overall appearance and texture of her skin.

Relaxing Baths

Baths are another self-care ritual that Jenna Ortega enjoys. She finds comfort in taking warm baths to unwind after a long day or when she needs a moment of calm. The warm water helps soothe both her body and mind, creating a serene environment for relaxation. Jenna often incorporates bath bombs or essential oils into her baths, adding a luxurious touch and a pleasant fragrance to enhance the experience.

Essential Oils

Jenna finds the use of essential oils to be incredibly beneficial for her self-care routine. She incorporates oils such as lavender, eucalyptus, and chamomile into her beauty rituals to create a spa-like atmosphere and promote a sense of tranquility. Whether diffusing the oils or adding them to her bathwater, Jenna enjoys the soothing and calming effects they provide.

Incorporating these self-care and beauty rituals into her routine allows Jenna Ortega to prioritize her well-being and nurture her inner beauty. By taking the time to care for herself, she sets a positive example for others, showing how self-love and self-care can enhance one’s natural radiance and confidence.

Jenna Ortega: Embracing Individuality and Heritage

Jenna Ortega Latina heritage

Jenna Ortega, a talented actress known for her roles in various television series, not only captivates audiences with her performances but also embraces her individuality and Latina heritage. Her beauty choices reflect her cultural background and personal style, making her a role model for those seeking to celebrate their own uniqueness. Let’s explore how Jenna Ortega incorporates her heritage into her beauty look.

Jewelry and Lip Liner

Jenna Ortega loves accessorizing her looks with hoop earrings, a staple in Latina fashion. Hoop earrings not only complement her features but also add a touch of sophistication and confidence to her overall appearance.

“Embracing my Latina heritage means embracing the fashion and styles that represent who I am. Hoop earrings are a statement piece that symbolize strength, femininity, and cultural pride,”

says Jenna Ortega.

In addition to jewelry, Jenna Ortega’s beauty routine incorporates a beauty tip passed down from her mother – lip liner. She understands the power of well-defined lips and considers lip liner an essential step in achieving a polished and put-together look.

Complementing Skin Tone

Jenna Ortega embraces her Latina heritage by choosing clothing and colors that flatter her skin tone. She appreciates the beauty of warm and vibrant hues that reflect her cultural background.

“As a Latina, I find joy in wearing colors that highlight my features and complement my skin tone. It’s a way to celebrate my heritage and express myself through fashion,”

shares Jenna Ortega.

By carefully selecting clothing and colors that align with her heritage, Jenna Ortega showcases her individuality and creates a style that is uniquely her own. Her beauty choices serve as an inspiration for others to embrace their cultural backgrounds and express themselves through fashion and beauty.


Jenna Ortega’s makeup routine and beauty secrets offer valuable insights and inspiration for those looking to enhance their own beauty routines. From her emphasis on skincare to her simple and quick makeup routine, there are plenty of tips to take away.

For those seeking celebrity beauty secrets and makeup inspiration, Jenna Ortega’s routine is a great place to start. Her emphasis on skincare reminds us of the importance of taking care of our skin, while her simple and quick makeup routine shows that a natural and effortless look can still be stunning.

If you’re looking for makeup tutorials or beauty routine inspiration, Jenna Ortega’s approach is a great source. Her emphasis on self-care and beauty rituals serves as a reminder to prioritize self-love and embrace individuality.

So, whether you’re a fan of Jenna Ortega or simply seeking new beauty tips, her routine provides valuable insights into achieving a radiant and confident look. Incorporate some of her ideas into your own routine and embrace your unique beauty.


What is Jenna Ortega’s skincare routine?

Jenna Ortega starts by using Neutrogena makeup remover wipes to remove her makeup. She also washes her pillowcases regularly and follows a consistent day and night routine. To combat dry and cracked skin, she uses Aquaphor healing ointment. She also uses a scalp scrub and cryo freeze tools for a cooling and de-puffing effect.

What fragrance does Jenna Ortega wear?

Jenna Ortega’s signature scent is Santal 33 Eau de Parfum by Le Labo. She loves its unisex fragrance that leans neither too masculine nor too feminine.

How does Jenna Ortega enhance her eyes?

Jenna Ortega uses an eyelash curler to lift her lashes and open up her eyes. She prefers not to use false eyelashes and relies on mascara instead.

What are Jenna Ortega’s haircare tips?

Jenna Ortega suggests regular trims and avoiding heat styling whenever possible to maintain long, healthy-looking hair. She also recommends using exfoliating shampoo to combat oiliness and keep the scalp fresh. On days off, she enjoys using a leave-in conditioner and keeping her hair in a wet bun for added moisture.

What is Jenna Ortega’s quick and simple makeup routine?

When in a rush, Jenna Ortega fills in her eyebrows, curls her lashes, and applies blush for a natural flush of color. She finishes off with a tinted chapstick for a hint of color and hydration.

What are Jenna Ortega’s self-care and beauty rituals?

Jenna Ortega practices saying no and takes time for herself when needed. She enjoys taking warm baths, watching movies, and treating herself to DIY face masks. One of her favorite face masks is a combination of Aztec Secret Healing Clay Mask and apple cider vinegar.

How does Jenna Ortega embrace her heritage?

Jenna Ortega embraces her Latina heritage by wearing hoops and emphasizing the importance of lip liner, a beauty tip passed down from her mother. She also appreciates clothing and colors that complement her skin tone and reflect her heritage.

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