Welcome to the realm of glamour, style, and distinctive haircuts that define Hollywood’s young stars.

Today, our style radar is tuned in to the fabulous Jenna Ortega, a versatile actress who has not only made waves with her captivating performances in shows like “You” and “Stuck in the Middle,” but also with her trendsetting hairstyles in 2024.

Jenna Ortega’s haircut has become a hot topic among fans and fashion enthusiasts alike. Her ability to pull off a variety of styles, from chic bobs to flowing waves, has positioned her as a true hair icon in the industry. Each new look she debuts seems to outdo the previous one, sparking intrigue and providing fresh inspiration for those looking to switch up their own styles.

In this in-depth guide we’ll embark on a journey through Jenna Ortega’s hair evolution in 2024. We’ll explore her most iconic styles, delve into the inspiration behind them, and even share some expert tips on how you can recreate these looks at home.

We even share our thoughts for what Jenna Ortega’s haircuts say about her sexuality and dating preferences…

Whether you’re a die-hard fan or a curious style seeker, this blog post is your ultimate guide to understanding and appreciating Jenna Ortega’s hair revolution. So, grab your styling tools and prepare to be inspired as we dive into the world of Jenna Ortega’s haircuts – a world where creativity meets style, and every hair flip makes a statement!

Jenna Ortega’s Evolution as a Hairstyle Icon
Jenna Ortega showcasing her best haircuts

After rising to fame with her portrayal of Wednesday Addams, Jenna Ortega’s hairstyles have developed a unique dark charm that resonates with her character’s gothic aesthetic, as described in an interview with Harper’s Bazaar.

Her fashion choices often channel Wednesday’s spirit, with a nod to goth culture, expressing a darker sense of humor and a newfound boldness.

“Beginning as a child star, Jenna Ortega has transitioned into a fashion trendsetter, experimenting with various hair looks from intricate braids and playful flips reminiscent of the 60s to modern curtain bangs.”

This evolution has been a journey of self-expression, both in the roles she plays and through the diverse, trendsetting hairstyles she brings to life on the red carpet and beyond.

The Rise of Wednesday’s Dark Charm

Wednesday Addams has had a lasting influence on Jenna Ortega’s hair, shaping her style choices and guiding her into exploring darker aesthetics. The following table highlights some of the most captivating hairstyles that embrace her character’s dark charm:

Haircuts Description
Wednesday Bangs Bold, straight-cut bangs above the eyebrows, framing the face
Raven-Black Braids Long, sleek braids that encapsulate her character’s mysterious nature
Textured Waves Messy waves in a dark hue, creating an edgy, gothic look

From Child Star to Fashion Trendsetter

Jenna Ortega’s journey from a child star to a fashion icon is a true testament to her ability to adapt and evolve as an artist.

Some key hairstyles that showcase her transition include:

  1. Intricate Braids: Elegant braided hairstyles that exude grace and sophistication
  2. Playful Flips: Retro-inspired hair flips reminiscent of the 60s, adding a touch of vintage charm to her looks
  3. Modern Curtain Bangs: On-trend curtain bangs that soften her face and give her a polished, contemporary appearance

Jenna Ortega’s hair evolution demonstrates her ability to embrace various trends and styles while staying true to her unique dark charm.

From Wednesday Addams-inspired hairstyles to contemporary celebrity haircuts, Ortega has proven herself as a fashion trendsetter, providing endless hairstyle inspiration for women everywhere.

Embracing Boldness: The Signature Jenna Ortega Haircut

Jenna Ortega Tom Holland Romance

Jenna Ortega’s signature haircut embodies boldness through an array of styles, including shag cuts, wolf haircuts, and dramatic bangs. Each style she embraces sets her apart as a bold innovator in celebrity hair fashion.

Hairstyle Description Image
Shag Cut A modern and edgy haircut with multiple layers, creating texture and movement.  
Wolf Haircut A hybrid of mullet and shag hairstyles, featuring choppy, wavy layers and disheveled texture.  
Wednesday Bangs Thick, straight-cut bangs that sit above the eyebrows, encapsulating a bold and profound look unique to Ortega’s Wednesday Addams character.  

Especially notable are her Wednesday Bangs, which are thick, straight-cut above the eyebrows, encapsulating a bold and profound look that frames the face intriguingly. This unique style perfectly complements Jenna’s mysterious and enigmatic character on screen.

“My hair has always been an important part of my personal style, and I love experimenting with bold hairstyles. Each haircut I try reflects my ever-evolving self-expression and adds more depth to the characters I portray.” – Jenna Ortega

Beyond her Wednesday Bangs, other key styles in Jenna Ortega’s hair repertoire include shag cuts and wolf haircuts. Shag cuts feature heavy texture with layers that create a tousled, edgy appearance, while wolf haircuts take this concept a step further by combining the shag with elements of the mullet, giving the style a unique twist.

Each of these hairstyles has its own personality and allure, making it clear that Jenna Ortega is unafraid to push the boundaries when it comes to her hair. As a result, she remains an undeniable source of celebrity hair transformation inspiration.

Wednesday Addams Influence: Braids and Bangs

Is Jenna Ortega LGBTQ

Jenna Ortega pays homage to her character, Wednesday Addams, with the iconic raven-black braided hairstyles and bangs, embodying the quirky and unique Addams family aesthetic.

These pigtails, paired with dramatic makeup, create an edgy look that has captivated fans and contributed to the ‘Wednesdaycore’ fashion movement, showcasing Ortega’s dedication to character authenticity through her personal style.

“I think the style itself is based on trying to obtain that sense of mystery that Wednesday has,” – Jenna Ortega on her hairstyle influenced by Wednesday Addams.

Wednesday Addams hairstyle is often characterized by two tight braids that run on either side of the head, with a distinctly sleek, dark charm.

Jenna Ortega incorporates this hairstyle in her looks, demonstrating her ability to play with the dark allure of the Addams Family character while adding modern twists and trendy elements for a captivating effect.

Paying Homage to Her Character with Style

Jenna Ortega not only nails the Wednesday Addams look with her intricate braids but also experiments with various other iconic styles and trendy hairstyles. Here are some noteworthy examples:

  1. Inspired updos: Jenna has sported numerous updos with braids woven into them, adding an edgy touch and paying tribute to her character in a glamorous manner.
  2. Half-up, half-down styles: A chic way to infuse this classic braid into a contemporary look, half-up, half-down styles effortlessly integrate braids with soft, flowing waves or sleek, straight hair.
  3. Accent braids: Jenna often incorporates smaller, accent braids into her loose hairstyles, adding a playful nod to the Wednesday Addams aesthetic while maintaining a modern appeal.

Overall, Jenna Ortega’s ability to incorporate Wednesday Addams’ iconic braids into her looks not only showcases her dedication to the character but also illustrates how she can make a traditional hairstyle feel fresh and trendy.

The Trendsetting Ponytail: A Classic Jenna Ortega Style

Jenna Ortega showcasing her best ponytail haircut

The ponytail remains a classic and versatile element of Jenna Ortega‘s style repertoire, demonstrating her ability to create timeless and trendsetting looks. With a variety of ponytail styles, including high and low positioning, as well as embellished versions for formal events, Jenna’s ponytails strike a balance between simplicity, elegance, and the occasional touch of glam.

Among the most iconic Jenna Ortega ponytails are:

  1. High Ponytail: A sleek and polished look that elevates the traditional ponytail, making it ideal for red carpet events and glamorous nights out.
  2. Low Ponytail: This relaxed, elegant style works perfectly for casual outings or daytime events, combining effortless chic with a touch of sophistication.

When it comes to trendy ponytails, Jenna Ortega often adds unique touches, such as incorporating braids or accessories, to keep her ponytail game fresh and innovative. These personalized additions increase the versatility and visual appeal of her hairstyles, demonstrating Jenna’s talent for evolving classic looks.

“Ponytails are a go-to hairstyle for many celebrities because they can be dressed up or down, and they free up the face to really let your makeup and fashion shine. Jenna Ortega is no exception, as she continues to stun with her range of trendy ponytail variations.” – Celebrity Hairstylist

As a trendsetter in celebrity hairstyles, Jenna Ortega is known for exploring different styles and experimenting with hair trends. Her ponytails, whether sleek and modern or embellished and intricate, remain an ever-popular choice among her fans and followers, both for their inherent versatility and the stunning visual impact they create.

Whether you are dressing up for a special event or seeking a low-maintenance style for everyday wear, the classic ponytail inspired by Jenna Ortega’s distinctive looks is a worthy hair trend to try.

Adding Edge: Jenna Ortega’s Take on Buns and Updos

Jenna Ortega showcasing her bun haircut

Jenna Ortega demonstrates her flair for edgy sophistication with her twist on the classic ballerina bun and other updo styles. Her innovative take on traditional updos provides flexibility for various occasions, from relaxed gatherings to more formal nighttime events.

Ballerina Buns with a Twist

Jenna Ortega has been spotted sporting stunning ballerina buns with an added touch of edge. Rather than sticking to the standard style, she often incorporates accessories like shiny silver chains for an upbeat look. This refreshing take on the classic bun showcases Jenna Ortega’s unique and adventurous approach to hairstyle inspiration.

Chic Low Buns with Tendrils

Offering a touch of natural charm, Jenna Ortega’s chic low buns with tendrils framing the face combine a relaxed vibe with understated elegance. Ideal for dinner dates or polished occasions, this hairstyle is a testament to Ortega’s ability to blend the tidy with the carefree in her hair choices.

“I love playing around with different hairstyles, and the fun part is figuring out how to achieve the perfect balance between edgy and elegant.” – Jenna Ortega

In addition to ballerina buns and chic low buns, Jenna Ortega has also experimented with other stylish hair trends. Here are some examples:

  1. High and tight updos for a sleek, modern look
  2. Braided updos with intricate designs
  3. Twisted chignons for an elegant and sophisticated appearance

Jenna Ortega’s diverse range of updo hairstyles serves as a source of inspiration for those seeking to blend edginess with sophistication. Whether you’re attending a formal event or looking for a fashionable way to keep your hair out of your face, Jenna Ortega’s innovative take on buns and updos offers endless options for chic, stylish hair trends.

Jenna’s Shag Haircut: A Nod to the Retro Vibe

Jenna Ortega showcasing her shag haircut

Jenna Ortega’s embrace of the shag haircut is a playful nod to retro vibes, featuring medium to longer lengths with her trademark bangs and textured waves that give her an effortlessly stylish and carefree appearance. This haircut exemplifies her adventurous take on blending contemporary trends with classic, nostalgic elements.

The shag haircut originated in the 1970s as an expression of the era’s free-spirited attitude. Today, many celebrities such as Jenna Ortega have revived this iconic haircut, with a modern twist that appeals to contemporary sensibilities.

With its multiple layers and a wide range of lengths, the shag haircut can be tailored to suit various hair types and textures. In Jenna Ortega’s case, it works particularly well with her natural waves and bold, textured bangs, creating a sense of movement and volume.

Jenna Ortega’s shag haircut proves that the perfect blend of contemporary trends and classic, nostalgic elements can create a stunning and versatile hair fashion statement.

  1. Bangs: Jenna’s signature straight, thick bangs add personality to her shag haircut, enhancing its relaxed vibe.
  2. Layers: The multiple layers in the shag cut effortlessly shape Jenna’s wavy hair, creating depth and dimension.
  3. Length: The shag can be adapted for various lengths, from short bobs to long locks, offering versatility to those wishing to adopt this retro hairstyle.
  4. Texture: Jenna’s natural waves add a touch of effortless chic to the shag haircut, making it a trendy option for various hair types.

Embracing retro hairstyles like the shag haircut can be a fantastic way to showcase individuality and creativity. With its versatility and cultural significance, it is no wonder that the shag has become a hair fashion staple for celebrities like Jenna Ortega and many others.

Modern Elegance: Curtain Bangs and Their Versatility

Jenna Ortega curtain bangs

Jenna Ortega showcases modern elegance with her chic curtain bangs, a versatile hairstyle element that pairs beautifully with longer hair. These sleek bangs frame her face gracefully, resting gently above the eyebrows and effortlessly blending with her flowing locks. The resulting look is right in vogue and makes a definitive style statement.

Trendsetters like Jenna are turning to curtain bangs not only for their elegant appearance, but also for their adaptability. This versatile hairstyle can easily be worn in a variety of ways, making it suitable for any occasion.

“Curtain bangs are perfect for those who want a change without committing to a full fringe. Their easygoing nature allows for countless styling possibilities, from casual to formal settings.”

  1. Tucked behind the ears for a casual day look.
  2. Styled using a round brush for added volume and sophistication.
  3. Curled slightly to create a soft, romantic effect.
  4. Paired with updos or braids to add dimension and visual interest.

What makes curtain bangs even more appealing is their ability to suit various face shapes, creating style transformations across a diverse range of facial structures. From heart-shaped to oval faces, curtain bangs can work wonders in updating and enhancing your overall appearance.

Face Shape How Curtain Bangs Complement
Heart-shaped Contours the face’s width, softening wider foreheads and adding balance.
Oval-shaped Complements the face shape’s natural symmetry, framing the face attractively.
Square-shaped Offsets the sharp angles of the jawline, creating a more youthful appearance.
Round-shaped Creates an elongating effect, adding visual interest and definition to the face.


Jenna Ortega’s curtain bangs are a shining example of how modern elegance can be achieved through a fashionable and adaptable hairstyle. As a versatile and trendy choice, curtain bangs are an excellent option for anyone in search of a stylish transformation.

The Shaggy Wolf Haircut: Jenna’s Daring Transformation

Jenna Ortega shaggy wolf haircut

Jenna Ortega’s commitment to bold style choices is evidenced by her shaggy wolf haircut debut, which mixes choppy, wavy layers for a textured and voluminous appearance. Ideal for those seeking an edgy, adventurous look, this style is a fresh take on the TikTok-famous wolf cut and represents Ortega’s personal expression of fashion through hair.

In 2023, the shaggy wolf haircut quickly gained popularity among various celebrities, with Jenna Ortega being one of the first to embrace this daring hairstyle, adding her unique flair to it. The shaggy wolf haircut consists of several key elements that make it stand out:

  • Short, choppy layers around the crown
  • Long, wavy tendrils framing the face
  • A strong, straight-across fringe or angled bangs
  • A tousled, voluminous finish

Jenna Ortega’s embrace of the shaggy wolf haircut aligns with her penchant for celebrity hair transformations and willingness to experiment with various daring hairstyles. Her adoption of this striking look demonstrates the influence that trends and social media can have on celebrity style choices.

Alongside Jenna Ortega, other notable celebrities and influencers have taken the leap, trying out the shaggy wolf haircut and putting their spin on it. This collective adoption has solidified the style as a prominent trend in 2023, further encouraging other individuals to take risks with their own hair transformations.

Jenna Ortega’s shaggy wolf haircut and the various interpretations of the style have not only influenced the world of hair and fashion but also inspired countless individuals seeking out their next hair adventure. With continued popularity and head-turning potential, it seems that the shaggy wolf haircut will remain a frontrunner in hair trends for some time to come.

Celebrity Hair Inspirations: Adapting Jenna Ortega’s Hair Trends

Jenna Ortega showcasing her rise to fame through her movies

In the world of hair fashion, Jenna Ortega’s hair inspirations have become a go-to resource for those seeking to stay ahead of the curve.

From mixing hair textures to adopting colorful hair trends, Jenna’s fearless approach to styling her locks has captured the imagination of countless fans.

Mixing Hair Textures and Colors

Jenna Ortega’s willingness to experiment with bold two-tone hair colors and mix textures such as crimped waves with vibrant hues has inspired personalized celebrity hair trends. Her adaptations often include wet looks, twisted sections, and side-swept flicks, encouraging others to play with diverse styles and embrace cutting-edge hair transformations.

Here are some examples of her mixing hair textures and colors:

  1. Two-tone shag: A shag haircut featuring contrasting shades at the top and bottom, combining retro vibe and modern sensibilities
  2. Wet and sleek: Smooth, shiny, and sleek hair with a wet look, contrasting with textured waves
  3. Chunky highlights: Bold, oversized highlights that showcase a blend of contrasting tones

Beyond just experimenting with textures and colors, Jenna also incorporates unique styling techniques into her hair fashion, offering endless inspiration for those looking to forge their own path in the world of beauty and glamour. Some of these techniques include:

  • Utilizing hair accessories such as chains, clips, and headbands
  • Experimenting with braids, knots, and twists for added dimension
  • Embracing messy, tousled styles for a carefree and effortless look

“I think it’s important to always be open to change and new experiences, especially when it comes to hair. It’s such a fun way to express ourselves and show off our individual personalities.” – Jenna Ortega

Jenna Ortega Hair Inspiration Texture Color
Two-tone shag Retro shaggy layers Contrasting shades
Wet and sleek Smooth and shiny Single-tone or subtle highlights
Chunky highlights Various textures, such as waves or crimps Bold, contrasting tones

Whether you’re a fan of Jenna Ortega or simply looking for innovative hairstyle ideas, her adventurous spirit and daring hair transformations serve as an inspiration for anyone looking to push the boundaries of their own personal style.

Take a cue from Jenna and experiment with mixing hair textures, playing with bold colors, and incorporating innovative styling techniques into your own hair fashion journey.


Jenna Ortega as a child star

Jenna Ortega’s diverse and iconic hairstyles offer a wealth of inspiration for those seeking to recreate her unique looks and channel their hair makeover. Embracing everything from Wednesday-inspired braids and bangs to trendy shag haircuts, Jenna showcases how hair can be a powerful tool for personal expression and growth, both in her career and personal life.

Exploring and adapting Jenna Ortega’s hairstyles provides fans with a creative outlet for fashion expression, allowing individuals to experiment and find their own style while taking inspiration from her bold and edgy hair choices. Jenna’s willingness to play with different styles, textures, and colors opens up a myriad of possibilities for those who want to transform their own hair and create a statement look.

In conclusion, Jenna Ortega’s personal style and hair evolution illustrate the vital link between hair and self-expression. As you consider embarking on your own hair makeover journey, look to Jenna’s hairstyles for inspiration and embrace the many variations and trends the world of hair has to offer.


What character did Jenna Ortega play in Netflix’s adaptation of The Addams Family?

Jenna Ortega played the iconic character “Wednesday” in Netflix’s adaptation of The Addams Family.

How does Jenna Ortega’s portrayal of Wednesday Addams influence her hairstyles?

Jenna Ortega’s hairstyles often reflect characteristics from her Wednesday Addams role, with a dark charm and gothic aesthetic including raven-black braids and straight-cut bangs that evoke the unique look of her character.

Can you describe Jenna Ortega’s signature haircut?

Jenna Ortega’s signature haircut includes styles such as shag cuts, wolf haircuts, and dramatic bangs, featuring the particularly notable Wednesday Bangs which are thick, straight-cut above the eyebrows.

Does Jenna Ortega experiment with two-tone hair colors and textures?

Yes, Jenna Ortega experiments with bold two-tone hair colors and mixes textures such as crimped waves with vibrant hues, showcasing a diverse variety of looks and personal style preferences.

What are some hairstyles that Jenna Ortega has embraced for herself and her characters?

Some of Jenna Ortega’s most iconic hairstyles include Wednesday-inspired braids and bangs, edgy ponytails, chic low buns, curtain bangs, shaggy wolf haircuts, and versatile updos.