Jenna Ortega channeled Old Hollywood glamour on the 2023 Golden Globes red carpet. She wore a sweeping sand-colored evening gown by Gucci with a wrapped bodice, sheer, pleated, floor-length sleeves, and abdominal cutouts strung together by silver hoops. She accessorized with Tiffany & Co. diamond chokers, studded earrings, and metallic silver platform heels. Ortega was nominated for her first Golden Globe in the category of Best Performance by an Actress in a Television Series – Musical or Comedy for her role in Netflix’s “Wednesday.”

Key Takeaways:

  • Jenna Ortega stunned on the 2023 Golden Globes red carpet in a sand-colored Gucci gown.
  • Her dress featured a wrapped bodice, sheer, pleated sleeves, and abdominal cutouts.
  • Ortega accessorized with Tiffany & Co. diamond chokers and metallic silver platform heels.
  • She was nominated for her role in Netflix’s “Wednesday” at the Golden Globes.
  • Ortega’s red carpet look showcased Old Hollywood glamour.

Jenna Ortega’s Style at Various Red Carpet Events

Jenna Ortega has proven herself to be a fashion force to be reckoned with on the red carpet. With her impeccable sense of style, she consistently turns heads and steals the spotlight at various events. Whether she’s attending premieres, award shows, or fashion shows, Ortega never fails to make a statement with her red carpet looks.

One of her most memorable appearances was at Dior’s Spring/Summer 2024 runway show, where she wore a navy blue blazer and a matching pleated midi skirt. The ensemble showcased her sophisticated yet edgy style and perfectly captured the essence of the event. At the 2023 Met Gala, Ortega donned a striking Thom Browne outfit that exuded confidence and personality. She also impressed at a photocall for her Netflix series “Wednesday” with a pinstriped navy blue double-breasted blazer and matching shorts.

In addition to these standout looks, Ortega has been spotted in a range of designer outfits. She effortlessly rocked a Thom Browne skirt suit, a Gaultier dress designed by Olivier Rousteing, and a mesmerizing black Saint Laurent hooded gown. These fashion choices demonstrate her versatility and willingness to experiment with different styles and designers.

Event Outfit
Dior’s Spring/Summer 2024 runway show Navy blue blazer and pleated midi skirt
2023 Met Gala Thom Browne outfit
Photocall for “Wednesday” Pinstriped navy blue double-breasted blazer and shorts
Various red carpet events Thom Browne skirt suit, Gaultier dress by Olivier Rousteing, black Saint Laurent hooded gown

Jenna Ortega’s fearless approach to fashion has cemented her status as a style icon. With each red carpet appearance, she continues to inspire and influence others with her sartorial choices. Whether she’s donning a glamorous gown or a sleek pantsuit, Ortega’s fashion expertise shines through, making her one of the most talked-about celebrities when it comes to red carpet style.

Jenna Ortega’s Fashion Choices on Talk Shows and Interviews

Jenna Ortega has showcased her impeccable fashion sense not only on the red carpet but also during talk shows and interviews. Her outfits are always on point, serving as a source of inspiration for fashion enthusiasts everywhere.

One of her notable talk show appearances was on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, where she rocked a sophisticated Thom Browne skirt suit paired with black-and-white pumps. The ensemble exuded elegance and power, making Ortega a standout on the show.

For an interview on Netflix’s “Wednesday,” Ortega opted for a daring denim Gucci set. She paired the ensemble with a sheer black bra and lace tights, showcasing her ability to effortlessly blend edginess with femininity.

“I think fashion is a form of self-expression. It allows me to tell a story and convey different emotions,” Ortega shared in a recent interview, highlighting the importance of fashion in her life.

Another memorable fashion moment was at the MTV Movie & TV Awards, where Ortega donned a brown silk suit that perfectly complemented her unique style. The outfit was a testament to her versatility and willingness to experiment with different looks.

Whether she’s gracing the red carpet or engaging in interviews, Jenna Ortega continues to captivate audiences with her fashion choices. Her ability to seamlessly transition from elegant to edgy looks makes her a true fashion icon.

Jenna Ortega talk show interview

Jenna Ortega’s Gothic Glamour at the SAG Awards

At the 2023 SAG Awards, Jenna Ortega made a bold and unforgettable fashion statement with her gothic-inspired ensemble. Embracing the theme of gothic glamour, she donned a stunning black vintage Versace gown from the brand’s fall 1994 collection. The plunging strapless dress, crafted from textured black leather, featured an asymmetrical design and a thigh-high slit, exuding both elegance and edginess.

Ortega’s gothic glamour look was elevated with the addition of a black belt adorned with a striking gold buckle, further accentuating her waistline. To complement the dress, she accessorized with silver bangles, rings, and a goth-inspired ball chain necklace, adding a touch of dark allure to her ensemble. Her choice of open-toed platform pumps completed the overall look, showcasing her fashion-forward approach to red carpet style.

With her gothic-inspired outfit at the SAG Awards, Jenna Ortega successfully channeled the spirit of her character Wednesday Addams. The daring and unique fashion choice not only garnered attention on the red carpet but also showcased her ability to embrace different styles and make a lasting impression. Ortega’s gothic glamour look at the SAG Awards exemplified her fearless approach to fashion, solidifying her status as a trendsetter in the industry.

Outfit Details Designer
Gown Vintage Versace
Accessories Silver bangles, rings, ball chain necklace
Shoes Open-toed platform pumps

Jenna Ortega's Gothic Glamour at the SAG Awards

Jenna Ortega’s Role in Netflix’s “Wednesday”

Date Event Outfit
September 2022 World Premiere of “Wednesday” Goth-bride inspired look – white satin gown with lace detailing and a black lace veil
October 2022 The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon Thom Browne skirt suit – plaid blazer and skirt set with black-and-white pumps
November 2022 Netflix’s “Wednesday” Interview Denim Gucci set – blue denim jacket with matching shorts, paired with a sheer black bra and lace tights

In Netflix’s series “Wednesday,” Jenna Ortega brilliantly takes on the iconic role of Wednesday Addams. Her portrayal of the beloved character has received critical acclaim and has catapulted her into the spotlight. The show has become one of the most-watched on Netflix, and Ortega’s performance has garnered her a nomination for Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Comedy Series at the SAG Awards.

Throughout the series, Ortega flawlessly embodies the essence of Wednesday Addams, capturing her dark and mysterious personality. From her deadpan delivery to her signature braids and somber wardrobe choices, Ortega brings a fresh and modern take to the character while staying true to the beloved original.

Ortega’s portrayal also showcases her acting versatility. She effortlessly balances the dark humor and wit that Wednesday Addams is known for, while also revealing vulnerable moments and layers of complexity. Her performance resonates with audiences of all ages, making “Wednesday” a must-watch series for both fans of the Addams Family and newcomers alike.

Jenna Ortega’s Red Carpet Journey

Jenna Ortega’s red carpet journey has been a testament to her evolving sense of style and fashion. From her early appearances to her most recent red carpet moments, she has consistently showcased her ability to stay on top of the latest trends while adding her own unique flair.

Over the years, Jenna’s red carpet looks have gone through a remarkable evolution. She started off with youthful and playful ensembles that reflected her vibrant personality. As she grew in prominence, her fashion choices became more sophisticated and daring. From elegant gowns to chic pantsuits, she has mastered the art of dressing to impress.

One of the notable highlights of Jenna’s red carpet journey is how she effortlessly adapts to changing trends. She has embraced everything from vibrant colors to bold prints, demonstrating her versatility and willingness to take risks. Whether she’s sporting a classic Hollywood glam look or experimenting with edgier styles, Jenna consistently delivers stunning and memorable fashion moments.

red carpet trends

Red Carpet Trends

Trend Description
Vibrant Colors Jenna has been seen rocking bold and bright hues such as vibrant reds, blues, and yellows. These eye-catching colors add a youthful and energetic element to her red carpet looks.
Statement Silhouettes Jenna loves to experiment with unique and dramatic silhouettes. From voluminous ball gowns to asymmetrical designs, she is not afraid to stand out and make a fashion statement.
Sheer Details Sheer fabrics and intricate lace details are another trend that Jenna has embraced on the red carpet. These delicate elements add a touch of elegance and femininity to her overall look.
Power Suits Jenna has also proven that power suits can be just as glamorous on the red carpet as dresses. With tailored blazers and matching pants, she exudes confidence and sophistication.

“Jenna Ortega’s fashion journey on the red carpet is a true testament to her evolving style and ability to stay on top of the latest trends.” – Fashion Critic

Style Evolution

Jenna Ortega’s style evolution is a reflection of her growth not only as an actress but also as a fashion influencer. She has transitioned from youthful and playful looks to more sophisticated and daring choices, all while maintaining her own unique sense of style.

Early on, Jenna showcased her love for bright colors and bold prints, often opting for fun and vibrant ensembles that captured her youthful energy. As she matured, her fashion choices became more refined, incorporating elegant gowns, tailored suits, and statement accessories.

Today, Jenna’s style can be described as a perfect balance between classic elegance and contemporary edge. She effortlessly combines timeless elements with modern trends, creating looks that are both chic and fashion-forward. Whether she’s gracing the red carpet in a glamorous gown or making a statement in a tailored pantsuit, Jenna consistently showcases her impeccable taste and innate sense of style.

Jenna Ortega’s Signature Accessories and Hairstyles

Jenna Ortega’s fashion choices extend beyond her stunning outfits. She has also established her signature accessories and hairstyles, adding to her overall fashion statement and inspiring others to try out unique looks. Let’s take a closer look at some of her standout accessories and hairstyles:

Signature Accessories

  • Diamond Choker Necklaces: Jenna Ortega has been seen layering multiple diamond choker necklaces, creating a glamorous and eye-catching effect.
  • Dainty Rings: She often accessorizes with delicate rings, adding a touch of elegance to her ensemble.
  • Statement Earrings: Ortega is no stranger to bold earrings, whether it’s oversized hoops or intricate designs that grab attention.

These signature accessories not only complement her outfits but also showcase her personal style and attention to detail.

Hairstyle Inspiration

“My biggest inspiration for hairstyles comes from the ’90s and early 2000s. I love experimenting with different textures, lengths, and colors to create unique looks that reflect my personality.” – Jenna Ortega

Jenna Ortega’s hairstyles are as diverse as her fashion choices. From shaggy layers to shoulder-length hair with messy fringe, she embraces a range of styles with confidence. Her hairstyles serve as inspiration for those looking to switch up their looks and explore different hair trends.

By incorporating these signature accessories and hairstyles into her overall fashion aesthetic, Jenna Ortega continues to leave a lasting impression and inspire others to embrace their own unique style.

Jenna Ortega Signature Accessories and Hairstyles

Jenna Ortega’s Fashion Impact

Jenna Ortega’s fashion choices have had a significant impact on the industry, establishing her as a young starlet and a style inspiration for many. With her ability to effortlessly carry different styles and embrace various fashion trends, she has garnered attention and admiration from fashion enthusiasts around the world.

From her memorable red carpet appearances to her unique fashion sense in interviews and talk shows, Ortega consistently showcases her individuality and confidence through her outfit choices. Her versatility and fashion-forward approach have made her a go-to reference for those seeking style inspiration.

Ortega’s fashion influence extends beyond her red carpet moments. She has successfully made a mark in the industry by effortlessly navigating various fashion trends and designers. Her bold and confident fashion statements have not only captivated audiences but also inspired others to experiment with their own personal style.

Jenna Ortega’s Future Fashion Ventures

With her rising popularity and undeniable fashion influence, Jenna Ortega is poised to embark on exciting fashion ventures in the near future. As a young starlet known for her impeccable style, it’s only a matter of time before she collaborates with renowned designers, launches her own fashion line, or becomes an ambassador for top fashion brands.

Ortega’s fashion choices have garnered attention and admiration from fashion enthusiasts around the world. Her ability to effortlessly carry different styles and make bold fashion statements sets her apart as a trendsetter. Whether she’s embracing gothic glamour or donning chic red carpet looks, Ortega continues to inspire others with her fashion-forward choices.

As audiences eagerly follow her career, they can expect to witness Ortega’s fashion endeavors expand and make a lasting impression in the industry. With her keen eye for style and fashion sensibility, she is sure to leave her mark and further solidify her status as a style icon.

upcoming fashion projects

Jenna Ortega’s Potential Fashion Collaborations

Given Jenna Ortega’s growing influence in the fashion world, there are several potential collaborations that could be on the horizon:

  • A collaboration with luxury designer brands like Gucci, Chanel, or Versace, where Ortega could lend her unique style to create limited-edition collections.
  • A partnership with a prominent fashion retailer, such as Zara or H&M, to develop a capsule collection that showcases Ortega’s personal style.
  • An ambassadorship for a beauty or fashion brand, where Ortega could represent and promote their products through various marketing campaigns.
  • A foray into sustainable fashion, collaborating with eco-conscious designers and brands to create ethically sourced and environmentally friendly clothing.

These potential collaborations would not only elevate Ortega’s fashion profile but also provide a platform for her to express her creativity and make a positive impact in the industry.

As Jenna Ortega continues to captivate audiences with her fashion choices and inspire others with her unique style, her future fashion ventures are bound to be exciting and highly anticipated. Fashion enthusiasts and fans alike eagerly await what lies ahead for this talented young star.


Jenna Ortega’s red carpet fashion choices exemplify the Hollywood glamour and style that have captivated audiences. From her stunning looks at major events like the Golden Globes and SAG Awards to her unique fashion sense showcased on talk shows and interviews, Ortega’s fashion journey is one that continues to inspire.

She effortlessly transitions from gothic glamour to chic red carpet looks, demonstrating her versatility and confidence in the fashion world. Whether she’s donning an elegant Gucci gown or embracing her character Wednesday Addams in a goth-inspired Versace dress, Ortega’s bold fashion statements leave a lasting impression.

As her career progresses, audiences can eagerly anticipate her future fashion ventures. With her growing popularity and fashion influence, collaborations with designers, her own fashion line, or becoming a brand ambassador are all exciting possibilities. Ortega’s journey in the industry is one to watch as she continues to leave her mark with her impeccable style and undeniable fashion presence.


What was Jenna Ortega’s dress on the Golden Globes red carpet?

Jenna Ortega wore a sweeping sand-colored evening gown by Gucci with a wrapped bodice, sheer, pleated, floor-length sleeves, and abdominal cutouts strung together by silver hoops.

What accessories did Jenna Ortega wear on the red carpet?

Jenna Ortega accessorized with Tiffany & Co. diamond chokers, studded earrings, and metallic silver platform heels.

What has been Jenna Ortega’s most memorable red carpet look?

Jenna Ortega’s most memorable red carpet looks include her navy blue blazer and matching pleated midi skirt at Dior’s Spring/Summer 2024 runway show and her gothic-inspired black vintage Versace gown at the 2023 SAG Awards.

What is Jenna Ortega known for in the fashion industry?

Jenna Ortega is known for her fashion-forward choices and her ability to effortlessly carry different styles.

What role does Jenna Ortega play in Netflix’s “Wednesday”?

Jenna Ortega plays the iconic role of Wednesday Addams in Netflix’s “Wednesday” series.

What awards has Jenna Ortega been nominated for?

Jenna Ortega has been nominated for a Golden Globe and a SAG Award for her performance in Netflix’s “Wednesday” series.

What are some of Jenna Ortega’s signature fashion accessories?

Jenna Ortega’s signature fashion accessories include layers of diamond choker necklaces, dainty rings, and statement earrings.

How has Jenna Ortega made a fashion impact?

As a young starlet, Jenna Ortega has become a style inspiration for many with her bold, confident fashion choices.

What can we expect from Jenna Ortega’s future fashion ventures?

As Jenna Ortega’s popularity grows, we can anticipate exciting fashion collaborations or even the launch of her own fashion line.

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