Jenna Ortega, the talented actress known for her roles in popular TV shows and movies, comes from a family with its fair share of famous connections. From celebrity cousins to well-known family members, Jenna’s family tree is filled with intriguing relationships that have captivated audiences worldwide.

In the hit show “Wednesday,” Jenna Ortega and her co-stars recently discussed their theories for season two, sparking speculation about a new addition to the Addams Family. While Jenna believes it could be Cousin Itt, her co-stars Hunter and Joy have different theories, suggesting it might be Grandmama. The cast also delved into the potential powers of Joseph Crackstone and debated the true fate of Professor Weems.

Key Takeaways:

  • Jenna Ortega comes from a family with famous connections.
  • The cast of “Wednesday” has theories about the new season.
  • Joseph Crackstone’s powers and Professor Weems’ fate were also discussed.

The Theories of Season 2: Cousin Itt vs. Grandmama

In season two of “Wednesday,” fans can expect the introduction of a new character to the Addams Family. The cast, including Jenna Ortega, Emma Myers, Hunter Doohan, and Joy Sunday, have been discussing their theories about who this character might be. Jenna believes it could be Cousin Itt, while Hunter and Joy think it might be Grandmama.

The discussion revolves around the possibilities and excitement surrounding the arrival of this new character. Will Cousin Itt, with his iconic hair, join the Addams Family? Or will Grandmama, the quirky grandmother figure, make her presence known? The cast members share their thoughts and speculate on the potential impact these characters will have on the storyline.

“I’ve always loved Cousin Itt,” Jenna Ortega reveals. “I think it would be amazing to see him join the Addams Family, adding a whole new dynamic to the show.”

As the anticipation builds for season two, fans can’t wait to see which theory becomes reality. Will it be Cousin Itt or Grandmama who captures our hearts and adds another layer of darkness and humor to the world of “Wednesday”?

Theories Predictions
Cousin Itt Jenna Ortega
Grandmama Hunter Doohan and Joy Sunday

Wednesday’s Potential Powers: The Hyde Master and Crackstone’s Legacy

Wednesday's Potential Powers

The cast of “Wednesday” delves into the potential powers that the main character, Wednesday Addams, may possess. Hunter Doohan speculates that Wednesday might become the new Hyde Master after her confrontation with Ms. Thornhill. This theory stems from the idea that Wednesday has an innate darkness and hidden strength within her. The concept of the Hyde Master is an intriguing aspect of the show, as it adds layers to Wednesday’s character development.

Another topic of discussion revolves around Joseph Crackstone and his legacy. The cast speculates on whether his powers will be passed on to another character in the series. There is particular interest in who might have acquired his ring, which symbolizes his abilities. This storyline introduces an element of mystery and anticipation, as viewers await the reveal of Crackstone’s successor and the extent of their newfound powers.

The possibilities of Wednesday’s potential powers and the continuation of Crackstone’s legacy add depth to the narrative of “Wednesday.” These storylines have the potential to shape the character dynamics and plot progression in the upcoming season. Fans of the show can look forward to uncovering the true extent of Wednesday’s abilities and how they will impact the overall storyline.

Additional Quotes:

“Wednesday becoming the Hyde Master would be a fascinating development, given her already complex personality and the dark undertones of the show.” – Hunter Doohan

“The passing down of Joseph Crackstone’s powers opens up new possibilities and suspenseful storylines for ‘Wednesday.’ It will be exciting to see who inherits his abilities and how they use them.” – Emma Myers

Table: Potential Powers and Speculations

Potential Power Speculation
Hyde Master Wednesday Addams may become the new Hyde Master, harnessing her darkness and hidden strength.
Crackstone’s Powers The powers of Joseph Crackstone may be passed on to another character, with speculation on who possesses his ring.
Ethereal Connections Wednesday’s psychic abilities may extend to communicating with spirits and exploring the supernatural realm.
Dark Alchemy Wednesday could possess the ability to manipulate and harness the power of dark forces through alchemical practices.

These potential powers and speculations create a sense of intrigue and anticipation for the upcoming season of “Wednesday.” Fans can’t wait to see how Wednesday’s abilities evolve and how they will impact the overall storyline of the show.

Famous Cousins in the Entertainment Industry: The Mystery of Professor Weems

Professor Weems Mystery

The cast of the hit show “Wednesday” recently engaged in a lively discussion about the true fate of Professor Weems. Jenna Ortega, known for her role as Wednesday Addams, brought up an interesting point – we never saw Professor Weems’ funeral. This sparked a debate among the cast members, with Hunter Doohan noticing a peculiar change in Lurch’s eye color, which could be seen as a clue that Weems is still alive, possibly in disguise.

As the discussion continued, the cast delved deeper into the possibilities surrounding Professor Weems’ disappearance. Speculation ran rampant, with each member offering their own theories. Jenna Ortega emphasized the importance of considering every detail, while Joy Sunday expressed a more skeptical view. The mystery surrounding Professor Weems has certainly captured the attention of the cast and fans alike, leaving them eagerly awaiting answers in the upcoming season of “Wednesday.”

“The mystery of Professor Weems is such an intriguing aspect of the show. I love how the writers have left clues for us to decipher, and it really keeps us on our toes. I can’t wait to see how everything unfolds in the next season!”

– Jenna Ortega

The Clues: A Haunting Tableau

To further unravel the mystery, the cast analyzed the subtle clues scattered throughout the show. One particular moment caught their attention – a haunting tableau in the background of one scene. The cast members speculated that this tableau could hold the key to unlocking the truth about Professor Weems. As they dissected the details, they noticed hidden symbols and references, leading them to believe that Weems may have staged her own disappearance.

Clue Description
Symbol on the Wall A cryptic symbol resembling Professor Weems’ signature is etched on the wall, suggesting her involvement in the mystery.
Missing Personal Items Professor Weems’ office appears unusually empty, with personal belongings mysteriously absent.
Hidden Manuscript A hidden manuscript is discovered, containing notes that hint at a grand plan orchestrated by Professor Weems.

These clues have only intensified the speculation surrounding Professor Weems’ whereabouts. Fans of the show have taken to social media, sharing their own theories and dissecting every frame for hidden meanings. The enigma of Professor Weems has become a captivating element of the “Wednesday” storyline, ensuring that viewers will be eagerly tuning in to discover the truth when the next season premieres.

Intrigue and Excitement Await

As the cast of “Wednesday” continues to contemplate the mystery of Professor Weems, they eagerly anticipate the unraveling of her true fate. The upcoming season promises to deliver answers and further intrigue, leaving audiences captivated by the complex web of secrets and surprises that the show has in store.

Kaz and Diana: The Strongest Couple from “Dated & Related”

One of the standout couples from the hit reality dating show “Dated & Related” is Kaz and Diana. Their undeniable chemistry and deep connection captivated audiences throughout the season, making them the strongest couple on the show. Despite the challenges they faced, Kaz and Diana’s love has only grown stronger since the cameras stopped rolling.

Kaz and Diana recently sat down for an exclusive interview, where they opened up about their relationship and their plans for the future. It’s clear that their bond goes beyond the show, as they continue to support and uplift each other in their individual endeavors.

When asked about their secret to a successful relationship, Kaz and Diana emphasized the importance of communication, trust, and mutual respect. They shared how they navigate the ups and downs of their relationship with open and honest conversations, always prioritizing each other’s feelings and needs. Their unwavering support for one another has been key in building a strong foundation for their relationship.

Reasons for Kaz and Diana’s Strong Bond Quotes
Effective communication “We always make it a point to have open and honest conversations. It’s important to talk through any issues or concerns we may have.”
Mutual respect “We truly value and respect each other as individuals, which strengthens our relationship.”
Support for each other’s goals “We’re each other’s biggest cheerleaders. We support each other’s dreams and encourage one another to reach our full potential.”

Looking ahead, Kaz and Diana have exciting plans for their future as a couple. They revealed that they are planning a tropical vacation to celebrate their love and create lasting memories together. Despite the challenges of their siblings dating and breaking up during filming, Kaz and Diana have remained a united and loving couple.

Kaz and Diana’s love story is a testament to the power of connection and the strength that can be found in a genuine relationship. As they continue to support each other’s dreams and navigate their journey together, their bond will undoubtedly inspire others in the entertainment industry and beyond.

Celebrity Connections in the Ortega Family: Daniel and Nina’s Long-Distance Love in “Dated & Related”

While “Dated & Related” is known for showcasing the love lives of its cast members, one couple that has captured the audience’s attention is Daniel and Nina. Despite living in different countries, their connection remains strong as they navigate the challenges of a long-distance relationship.

Every day, Daniel and Nina make an effort to stay in contact, whether through video calls or messaging. Their constant communication helps bridge the distance between them and keeps their love alive. They eagerly anticipate the day they can finally meet in person, where they can share their love and affection face-to-face.

Their story is a testament to the power of love and the determination to make a relationship work, even when separated by thousands of miles. Daniel and Nina’s unwavering commitment to each other is an inspiration to fans of “Dated & Related” and proof that distance cannot extinguish true love.

“Every day, I wake up knowing that the love I share with Nina is worth the challenges we face. We support each other, make each other laugh, and remind ourselves why we fell in love in the first place. Our long-distance relationship has only made our bond stronger,” says Daniel.

The Strength of Long-Distance Relationships

Long-distance relationships can be challenging, but they also offer unique opportunities for personal growth and emotional connection. While physical proximity is limited, the emotional bond between two individuals can deepen through shared experiences, effective communication, and unwavering support.

It is important to establish trust, maintain open lines of communication, and make the most of the time spent together, whether in person or virtually. By setting goals and maintaining a positive mindset, couples like Daniel and Nina can overcome the obstacles that distance presents and build a strong foundation for their relationship.

In the world of “Dated & Related,” the story of Daniel and Nina serves as a reminder that love knows no boundaries, and with determination and commitment, any relationship can thrive, no matter the distance.

Cooling Off After “Dated & Related”: Kieran and Alara Reflect on Their Relationship

In the world of reality television, relationships can be tested under the spotlight. Kieran and Alara, the couple who won hearts on “Dated & Related,” have decided to end their romantic relationship. However, they remain good friends and continue to support each other through the challenges they face outside of the show. Despite the end of their romantic journey, both Kieran and Alara reflect on the positive impact the experience had on their lives.

Alara, known for her sense of humor, remarks, “Well, I guess I can add ‘Active Love Life’ to my resume now!” Her witty remark lightens the mood and showcases her ability to find humor even in challenging situations. Alara’s vibrant personality shone on the show, and she continues to embrace life with enthusiasm.

Kieran, on the other hand, takes a more reflective approach. He shares, “Although our romantic relationship didn’t work out, I am grateful for the experience. It allowed me to learn more about myself and what I truly value in a partner. Alara is an incredible person, and I’m glad we’re still friends.”

Despite the end of their relationship, Kieran and Alara’s journey on “Dated & Related” highlights the twists and turns that can occur in the world of reality television. Their story serves as a reminder that sometimes, relationships can cool off, but true friendships can withstand the test of time.

Dated & Related: A Rollercoaster of Emotions

“It allowed me to learn more about myself and what I truly value in a partner. Alara is an incredible person, and I’m glad we’re still friends.” – Kieran

Cast Member Role on “Dated & Related”
Kieran Contestant in search of love
Alara Contestant in search of love

Table: Cast members of “Dated & Related”

Celebrity Wingmen/Wingwomen: Siblings Supporting Each Other

The cast of “Dated & Related” not only showcase their romantic relationships on screen, but they also have a strong support system behind the scenes – their siblings. These celebrity cousins and famous family members have found comfort and encouragement in the unwavering support of their siblings, who act as their wingmen and wingwomen in navigating the challenges of love and fame.

One prime example is the dynamic duo of Will and Henry, the twins from the show. Having each other as siblings allowed them to enjoy their time in Los Angeles and explore the vibrant city together, making lasting memories. Their close bond is evident, and their sibling connection adds an extra layer of authenticity to their on-screen chemistry.

Similarly, Chris and Jason, the New Jersey cousins, have embraced their new home in the world of celebrity. They have been each other’s sounding board and confidants, providing unwavering support through the highs and lows of their newfound fame. Their shared experiences as family members in the entertainment industry have strengthened their bond and made them each other’s rock.

Sibling Pair Connection
Will and Henry Twin brothers enjoying their time in Los Angeles and exploring the city together
Chris and Jason New Jersey cousins providing support and guidance to each other in the world of celebrity

Lily also credits her sister Mady for helping her find love. Mady’s understanding and insight into Lily’s personality and desires have been invaluable in navigating the complex world of relationships. With her sister’s support, Lily gained the confidence to open herself up to new possibilities and ultimately find a deeper connection.

The celebrity wingmen and wingwomen have played a vital role in the lives of the cast members of “Dated & Related.” Whether it’s exploring new cities, offering guidance, or providing emotional support, these siblings have proven to be invaluable companions on the journey of love and fame.

Best Friends Forever: The Strong Bonds Between Cast Members

The cast members of the hit show “Dated & Related” have formed lasting friendships that go beyond the screen. Despite the physical distance between them, the bond between the cast members remains strong, as they continue to support and uplift each other. These connections are a testament to the family-like atmosphere that was created during their time together on set.

One example of these strong friendships is the close relationship between Alara and Julia. They have remained close friends even after the show ended, supporting each other through thick and thin. Their constant communication and shared experiences have solidified their bond and created a friendship that will last a lifetime.

Another pair of cast members who have maintained a strong connection is Mady and Dyman. Despite living in different parts of the country, they have visited each other to collaborate on their respective business ventures. Their shared passion for entrepreneurship and their constant support for each other have strengthened their friendship and allowed them to grow together.

It’s not just individual cast members who have formed strong bonds. The Perfettos, Roppos, and Cohen/Hahn cousins have also made efforts to travel and see each other. These family connections have allowed them to build relationships that extend beyond the show, creating a support system that will continue to be there for each other throughout their lives.

These strong friendships between the cast members of “Dated & Related” underline the genuine and authentic connections that were formed during their time together. Despite their busy schedules and geographical distances, they remain committed to maintaining these bonds and supporting each other in their personal and professional endeavors. The Hollywood family ties that were formed on set continue to enrich their lives and demonstrate the true power of friendship.

Introducing the Characters of “Wednesday”

The show “Wednesday” introduces a variety of intriguing characters to the Addams Family world. Let’s take a closer look at some of the key characters and the actors who bring them to life.

Wednesday Addams

First and foremost, we have the main character, Wednesday Addams. Played by the talented Jenna Ortega, Wednesday is a 15-year-old with a gothic style and burgeoning psychic abilities. Her dark and mysterious persona adds depth to the storyline and keeps viewers captivated.

Enid Sinclair

Enid Sinclair, portrayed by the talented Emma Myers, is Wednesday’s best friend and a fellow student at Nevermore Academy. Enid is a witty and rebellious character who adds humor and a unique dynamic to the show.

Xavier Thorpe

Played by the charismatic Hunter Doohan, Xavier Thorpe is a member of Nevermore Academy’s student council. He is described as charming and enigmatic, with a flair for the dramatic. Xavier’s role in the series promises to bring intrigue and unexpected twists.

Tyler Galpin

Another notable character is Tyler Galpin, played by the talented Billy Eichner. Tyler is a charismatic and energetic character who brings a comedic element to the show. His interactions with Wednesday and the other characters provide entertaining moments throughout the series.

The Impactful Roles of Larissa Weems and Thing in “Wednesday”

Gwendoline Christie takes on the role of Larissa Weems, the principal of Nevermore Academy in the series “Wednesday.” Larissa Weems is a character with a mysterious past, tied to the infamous Addams Family. Christie brings her immense talent and captivating presence to breathe life into this enigmatic character. With her commanding screen presence, Christie’s portrayal of Larissa Weems adds depth and intrigue to the show.

Another significant character in “Wednesday” is Thing, played by Victor Dorobantu. Thing is a unique character who forms a deep bond and friendship with the main character, Wednesday Addams. Despite being a non-speaking character, Thing’s actions and interactions speak volumes, adding a layer of charm and comic relief to the series. Dorobantu’s portrayal of Thing brings a delightful and endearing energy to the show.

“Gwendoline Christie’s portrayal of Larissa Weems adds depth and intrigue to the show.”

The roles of Larissa Weems and Thing play essential parts in the larger narrative of “Wednesday.” Larissa Weems’ connection to Morticia Addams and her influence over Nevermore Academy bring an air of mystery and tension to the story. Thing’s companionship with Wednesday Addams showcases the unique relationships that exist within the Addams Family.

The Impactful Roles of Larissa Weems and Thing

The roles of Larissa Weems and Thing in “Wednesday” highlight the talented actors who bring these characters to life. Gwendoline Christie’s portrayal of Larissa Weems adds depth and intrigue to the show, while Victor Dorobantu’s portrayal of Thing brings charm and comic relief. These characters contribute to the overall narrative and showcase the diverse talents within the cast.

The presence of Larissa Weems and Thing in “Wednesday” adds layers to the story and creates memorable moments that resonate with audiences. As the series continues, viewers can look forward to further exploration of these characters and the impact they have on the Addams Family world.

Character Actor
Larissa Weems Gwendoline Christie
Thing Victor Dorobantu


The world of celebrity relatives is full of fascinating connections, and Jenna Ortega’s family is no exception. From her famous cousin to the intriguing characters of the show “Wednesday,” there is no shortage of captivating relationships in the entertainment industry.

The discussions and theories surrounding season two of “Wednesday” have sparked excitement among fans. Whether it’s the speculation about the new character, Cousin Itt or Grandmama, the potential powers of Joseph Crackstone, or the mystery of Professor Weems’ fate, audiences are eagerly awaiting the next installment.

But beyond the on-screen drama, the bonds between the cast members of “Dated & Related” have proven to be enduring. From the strong friendship between Alara and Julia to the support provided by siblings and wingmen/wingwomen, the camaraderie between the actors shines through, even when they’re miles apart.

In conclusion, Jenna Ortega and her talented relatives continue to fascinate and entertain audiences with their captivating connections and impressive performances. Whether it’s on the screen or in real life, the Ortega family’s presence in the entertainment industry is something to be celebrated.


Who is Jenna Ortega’s Cousin?

Jenna Ortega’s cousin is actor and singer Isaac Ortega.

What are the theories for season two of “Wednesday”?

Jenna Ortega believes it could be Cousin Itt, while Hunter and Joy think it might be Grandmama.

What potential powers are discussed in “Wednesday”?

Hunter suggests Wednesday might become the new Hyde Master, and there is speculation about Joseph Crackstone’s powers being passed on.

What is the true fate of Professor Weems?

There are theories that Professor Weems might still be alive and in disguise due to clues like Lurch’s eye color change.

Are Kaz and Diana still in love?

Yes, they are still happily in love and have plans for a tropical vacation.

Are Daniel and Nina still in contact?

Yes, they are in contact every day and have plans to meet up in person.

What happened to Kieran and Alara’s relationship?

They decided to end their relationship due to personal challenges but remain good friends.

How do siblings support each other in “Dated & Related”?

Siblings act as wingmen/wingwomen for each other and provide support in real life.

How close are the cast members of “Dated & Related”?

The cast members remain close friends and support each other, with Alara and Julia being particularly close.

Who are the new characters in “Wednesday”?

New characters include Enid Sinclair, Xavier Thorpe, Tyler Galpin, Bianca Barclay, and more.

What roles do Larissa Weems and Thing play in “Wednesday”?

Gwendoline Christie portrays Larissa Weems, the principal of Nevermore Academy, and Victor Dorobantu plays Thing, who forms a deep friendship with Wednesday.

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