Jenna Ortega is one of the most popular Hollywood actors in the world today. 

She first started attending acting classes when she was 6 years old, and today she is starring in some of the world’s biggest movies and TV series, including Iron Man 3, Insidious: Chapter 2, and Wednesday. 

Jenna Ortega is 20 years old, 5 feet 1 inches tall, and has a mixed Mexican / Puerto Rican ethnicity. She is looks much younger than 20 years old, which can be confusing for many people. However, her experienced acting skills show that she truly belongs on the big screen.

Some of her other big leading roles include Rob, CSI: NY, Jane the Virgin, Stuck in the Middle, Elena of Avalor, YOU, The Fallout, and Scream.

In this guide you will learn more about Jenna Ortega’s age, height, and ethnicity, including why so many people have such a hard time figuring out her nationality.

We also cover your most important questions, including:

  • Why is Jenna Ortega famous?
  • How did Jenna start her acting career?
  • Will Jenna be back for season 2 of Wednesday?

…And much more!

We even cover Jenna Ortega’s secret dating life, including who she was seen going out with in private…

How Old Is Jenna Ortega?

Jenna Ortega is 20 years old, and was born on September 27th, 2002 in the small town of Coachella Valley, California, United States. 

Jenna grew up right near Hollywood, California, so it’s no surprise that she got into acting from a very young age! 

Jenna Ortega first started acting when she was just 6 years old.

By the time she was 8 she was already going to acting auditions, and she quickly got her big break in the hit Disney TV series Hannah Montannah.

From there Jenna went on to star in a variety of other hit TV series and movies.

She is even a nominee for the 2023 Golden Globes Awards for “best performance by an actress in a television series!”

How Tall Is Jenna Ortega?

Jenna Ortega is 5 feet 1 inches tall, or approximately 155 cm.

Jenna says that many people assume she is younger than 20 years old because of her height.

However, she doesn’t view this as a bad thing! Instead of getting mad, she likes to make jokes about her relatively short stature.

In an exclusive interview with the news site WIRED, Jenna revealed her true height to the world:

“I’m six foot four. I’ve got my head in the clouds!

No, I’m actually five foot one, or maybe a touch less.

But I think that’s what I am. That’s what I say.”

This video went viral, capturing more than 220K likes and 6 million views in less than a week!

Being a relatively short actress has its advantages and disadvantages. However, for the time being it looks like it hasn’t hurt her career one bit!

What Is Jenna Ortega’s Ethnicity?

Jenna Ortega was born in the United States, but she has a very interesting mixed ethnicity…

Jenna Ortega is a Latin-American woman with a mixed ethnicity of 75% Mexican and 25% Puerto Rican.

She normally identifies as Latin-American, but people are often confused by her lighter skin complexion and sometimes mislabel her as Caucasian. 

Jenna’s father Edward Ortega is Mexican, and moved to the United States when he was very young.

Her mother Natalie Ortega is of mixed Mexican and Puerto Rican ethnicity, and was born the United States.

Jenna Ortega’s parents moved from New York to California before starting their family together.

Today Jenna Ortega is the 4th out of 6 children… talk about a big family!

Jenna believes her mixed ethnicity is actually an advantage for her acting career, as it allows her to play a wider variety of roles while representing traditionally disadvantaged ethnic groups.

Verdict | What Is Jenna Ortega’s Age, Height, And Ethnicity? 

Jenna Ortega is one of the hottest new actresses in the world today.

She started acting when she was just 6 years old, and today she is starring in some of the world’s biggest movies and TV series including the hit Netflix show Wednesday (2022), which was based off the original “Adams Family” series.

She appears to have a very bright future in Hollywood!