Curious… does Andrew Tate have a podcast?

Podcasts are increasingly becoming a popular medium for influencers, entrepreneurs, and thought leaders to share their insights, experiences, and perspectives with a global audience. One name that has been frequently mentioned in this context is Andrew Tate.  A four-time world kickboxing champion turned entrepreneur, Tate is known for his unfiltered opinions and controversial outlook on life. 

But does he have a podcast? This question has been buzzing around online communities and social media platforms. In this blog post, we will delve into the subject, exploring whether Andrew Tate has taken his candid and often contentious views to the world of podcasting. 

Let’s unravel the mystery together!

Short Summary

Who Is Andrew Tate?

Andrew Tate is a name that resonates with success, controversy, and resilience. Known for his exceptional kickboxing skills, which earned him four world championships, he’s also a business tycoon who has made waves in the digital space.

Let’s delve into understanding more about him.

Greatest Achievements

The realm of professional kickboxing witnessed the rise of an extraordinary athlete – Emory ‘Andrew’ Tate IV. His dedication to martial arts culminated in winning four ISKA World Championships, making him a celebrated figure within sports circles. 

But his achievements didn’t stop there.

In 2023, Andrew took social media by storm as he shared insights on wealth creation and lifestyle design principles, attracting followers from across the globe to tune into his unique perspective on life and success.


No stranger to controversies due to his outspoken nature, one instance saw major social media platforms like YouTube banning Andrew during 2023 following controversial statements online. 

However, it was December 2023 when things escalated significantly, leading Romanian police to arrest him under charges related to human trafficking allegations.

Fame Factors

Drawing upon three primary categories: sporting prowess, entrepreneurial acumen, and personal charisma coupled with controversy, we can outline factors contributing to Andrew’s fame. 

His impressive record as a world-class athlete gave way to successful ventures in various businesses, all while maintaining an unapologetic persona that attracted both admirers and critics alike.

Tate leveraged different mediums throughout his career trajectory, becoming one of the most talked-about personalities on digital platforms today.

Does Andrew Tate Have A Podcast?

Andrew Tate podcast tatespeech

In the realm of online entrepreneurship, Andrew Tate, a four-time kickboxing world champion and social media sensation, is no stranger to social media and the limelight. 

So, does he have a podcast? Here’s what you need to know:

Yes, Andrew Tate has a podcast called Emergency Meeting or Tate Speech. He hosts his podcast on Rumble, although it is frequently reposted on YouTube (where he is banned from creating his own account).

The Emergency Meeting Podcast

Co-hosted alongside Emory Tate on the Rumble platform – an alternative haven for content creators seeking freedom from mainstream restrictions – their show titled “Emergency Meeting” gives listeners unfiltered access to their lives’ latest updates. 

The brothers dive deep, discussing topics ranging from entrepreneurial insights all the way down to ongoing criminal investigations they’re entangled within.

An added bonus? You’ll get first-hand insight into how these successful entrepreneurs navigate through ‘The Matrix’, which metaphorically refers to societal norms that often impede individual progress and success. 

It’s not just about listening; it’s also about learning valuable lessons.

Taking Over YouTube Interviews Too.

That’s another feather in Andrew’s cap. 

From Tucker Carlsen, where he shares thoughts around free speech issues, or Candace Owens dissecting personal growth strategies, amongst other things.

  1. Andrew Tate’s BRUTALLY Honest Interview With Tucker Carlson
  2. Andrew Tate & Candace Owens (Full Interview) 2023
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  8. Andrew Tate’s Speech NO ONE Wants To Hear | Andrew Tate MOTIVATION 2023
  9. Funniest Andrew Tate Zoom Trolling Compilation of 2023
  10. Be a Real G | Andrew Tate Speeches 2023

These interviews offer viewers a more comprehensive understanding of who this ultimate alpha male really is while gleaning wisdom drawn directly from his personal and professional experiences.

Diversified Content Across Multiple Platforms

One cannot simply rely solely upon one medium when connecting globally with audiences today necessitates a diversified approach towards sharing knowledge beyond mere podcasts.

By leveraging multiple channels such as Spotify podcast networks or even Apple podcasts, accessibility becomes easier, catering to varied audience segments seamlessly, thus ensuring everyone gets a shareable piece of Mr. Tate.

Is Andrew Tate On Social Media?

In the digital landscape of 2023, a significant turn of events led to Andrew Tate’s banishment from major social media platforms. 

This included well-known networks such as YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter. These bans were primarily due to his alleged violations of community guidelines.

The rise in popularity of alternative platforms

Undeterred by these setbacks, he swiftly pivoted towards less regulated online spaces where he could continue broadcasting his messages without constraint. 

Rumble emerged as one such platform, an up-and-coming video-sharing site that has been gaining traction among those seeking fewer restrictions on content sharing.

Rumble: A New Haven

Tate’s presence on Rumble extends beyond just individual posts or videos – it includes hosting a podcast titled “Emergency Meeting” with Emory Tate – his brother and fellow entrepreneur. 

The brothers share updates about their lives, including details about ongoing legal battles they face together, while also discussing strategies for challenging societal norms, which they refer to metaphorically as ‘The Matrix’. 

They offer insights into various aspects of entrepreneurship, making this channel particularly appealing to business professionals who follow Andrew’s Twitter account closely despite its recent suspension.

A Return To Familiar Grounds

In a surprising turn of events, Elon Musk had an essential part in getting Andrew back on Twitter after taking a considerable stake in the company. 

His follower count already exceeds 300k, demonstrating continued interest in his opinions regardless of the controversy surrounding his persona. 

It could be a good idea to stay informed on the current developments without depending heavily on social media outlets for now.

The Rise Of Telegram In Communication Strategy

Besides Rumble, another key communication tool utilized extensively by Mr. Tate is Telegram – a rapidly growing messaging app known globally for its privacy-centric features – making it the ideal choice for individuals like him who value freedom of speech above all else. 

Through here, fans not only receive regular news but are privy to exclusive content available nowhere else, thus adding more depth to the overall engagement strategy between himself and audience members alike.

What Is Andrew Tate’s Newsletter?

In entrepreneurship and kickboxing, few names stand out as prominently as Andrew Tate’s. 

Known for his success in both arenas, he has taken to sharing his wisdom through an email newsletter.

This isn’t just any ordinary newsletter.

The contents within are a treasure trove of insights about wealth creation strategies, life-changing advice, and personal anecdotes from Andrew’s journey towards achieving remarkable success.

The Content: More Than Just Words

Andrew’s newsletters aren’t your typical read-and-forget pieces; they’re brimming with value. From motivational stories drawn from his own experiences to practical business management tips you can apply directly to your ventures – every issue is designed to inspire action.

If it’s comprehensive guides on marketing tactics or financial planning tips, you’re after – subscribing would be worth considering.

Hustler’s University: A Class Apart

Apart from providing valuable content via newsletters, Hustler’s University also finds mention quite often. 

This online course platform, created by none other than Mr. Tate himself, aims to teach students how to attain financial freedom using strategic investments & smart decision-making skills.

An Array Of Courses To Choose From

Courses covering topics like real estate investment, stock market trading techniques, etc., have reportedly helped many achieve economic independence, which speaks volumes about their effectiveness.

The Real World Company: Digital Products That Enhance Lives

Last but not least, we come across The Real World company, another venture promoted frequently in these emails. Their focus is primarily on creating top-notch digital products to improve people’s lifestyles personally & professionally.

Becoming Part Of The Community

To subscribe, simply visit, scroll down until “Subscribe Now” appears, and then enter your email address when prompted before clicking the submit button. You will receive a confirmation link shortly thereafter via e-mail. 

Once confirmed, voila. You’ve officially joined the ranks.

What Is Andrew Tate’s Net Worth?

Andrew Tate in front of his Bugatti in the desert

Andrew Tate, a four-time world kickboxing champion turned entrepreneur, has amassed an impressive net worth of $750 million.

 His wealth is a testament to his business acumen, strategic investments, and, of course, his unapologetic approach to enjoying the finer things in life.

Calculating Andrew Tate’s Net Worth

Most of Andrew Tate’s net worth comes from his ownership in Hustlers University – his online membership website. Andrew Tate’s company makes more than $10 million per month, meaning this company alone is likely worth over $500 million dollars!

Tate is known for his lavish lifestyle and does not shy away from spending his money on luxury experiences. His expenses cover everything from supercars and private jets to yachts and extravagant parties. 

His social media feeds are filled with images of him enjoying life to the fullest, reinforcing his mantra of living richly.

Here are five examples that highlight Andrew Tate’s extravagant lifestyle:

  1. Luxurious Homes: Tate owns a $10 million home in Romania and a stunning $50 million property in Dubai. These architectural marvels are a testament to his refined taste and affinity for luxury real estate.
  2. Supercars: His garage boasts some of the world’s most exclusive automobiles, including Bugattis, Lamborghinis, and Ferraris. These high-performance vehicles are more than just a mode of transportation for Tate; they symbolize his success.
  3. Private Jet Flights: Tate regularly charters private jets for his travels. With an average cost of $40,000 per flight, this extravagant mode of travel allows him to journey in style and comfort.
  4. Yacht Rentals: Whether for a party or just a relaxing day out on the water, Tate enjoys renting luxurious yachts. These floating palaces offer the ultimate in luxury and privacy.
  5. Extravagant Parties: Known for his love of a good time, Tate often throws lavish parties for his close friends and associates. These events, featuring top-notch entertainment and gourmet food, are a staple of his social calendar.

Through his ostentatious displays of wealth, Tate continues to inspire and provoke. His lifestyle is a testament to his belief in living on one’s own terms, embracing luxury, and enjoying every moment to the fullest. 

In the end, Andrew Tate’s net worth is not just about the money he has earned but also about the experiences and lifestyle that his wealth affords him.

How Did Andrew Tate Make His Money?

Andrew Tate’s journey to wealth is a story of determination, hard work, and strategic thinking. Born into a family with no money, Andrew had to work tirelessly to change his financial status.

Today, he enjoys a life of comfort and ease, thanks to his various successful ventures.

From Webcam Studio to OnlyFans Agency

Andrew Tate first struck gold with a webcam studio. At its peak, the studio was generating $500,000 per month, with over 80 webcam models working under his management.

Today, he has downsized this business into an OnlyFans agency, which manages over 20 premium quality OnlyFans models.

Online Ventures

In addition to his OnlyFans agency, Andrew runs multiple online businesses:

  • The War Room: This is an exclusive online network where members can interact and learn from each other.
  • The Real World: This is his acclaimed online course where he teaches individuals how to start and grow their online businesses.

Andrew confidently asserts that he knows more about making money than anyone else alive, a claim backed by his impressive wealth accumulation.

The Andrew Tate Wealth Philosophy

Andrew Tate’s success story is a testament to his belief in hard work and strategic thinking. He believes that with the right mindset and skills, anyone can become rich.

He shares these lessons through his online platforms, helping others to achieve financial success.

Andrew Tate posing for The Real World

What Is The Real World?

“The Real World” is Andrew Tate’s flagship online course that provides comprehensive training on how to make money online.

The platform teaches 19 modern wealth creation methods and covers a wide range of topics like personal finance, business management, and even fitness.

Wealth Creation Methods

The course offers a deep dive into various wealth creation strategies:

  • AI + Content Creation: Learn to leverage artificial intelligence in content generation.
  • Affiliate Marketing: Discover how to earn commissions by promoting other’s products.
  • Ecommerce: Get insights into setting up an online store and selling products globally.
  • Crypto Trading: Understand the nuances of cryptocurrency trading.
  • Freelancing: Know how to utilize your skills to offer services independently.

More than Just Business

In addition to the business modules, “The Real World” also offers:

  • Personal Finance: Learn how to manage your finances effectively.
  • Business Management: Understand the strategies for successful business administration.
  • Fitness Campus: Get access to fitness training and tips for a healthy lifestyle.

What sets “The Real World” apart from other online courses is the opportunity for direct communication with Andrew Tate himself. This allows for personalized guidance and mentorship.

Join The Real World Today!

At just $49 per month, “The Real World” is an incredible value for money investment. It is arguably the best online course available for those serious about wealth creation.

Don’t wait any longer – sign up today and start your journey towards financial independence!

What Is Andrew Tate Famous For?

A name that has made waves in various circles, Andrew Tate is a figure of fame and controversy. His reputation extends from his professional achievements to the scandals he’s been involved with.

1. Kickboxing Champion

Tate’s rise to prominence began on the kickboxing stage, where he claimed four world championships during his career. 

These victories have garnered him respect and admiration among fans globally, earning him recognition as an accomplished athlete.

2. Social Media Influence

Beyond the sports arena, social media became another platform for Tate’s fame. 

He regularly showcased opulent displays of wealth on Instagram and TikTok – luxury cars private jets; these ostentatious exhibitions became part of what people associated with Andrew Tate.

3. The Big Brother Stint

Andrew also ventured into reality television by participating in the UK’s 2016 edition of Big Brother. His removal from the show was prompted by off-camera comments that stirred up controversy.

Alongside flaunting affluence came polarizing views about women and societal norms at large. Despite being divisive, they furthered visibility, adding layers of complexity to his persona.

4. Banned From Social Media

In August 2022, major platforms, including YouTube and Twitter, imposed bans, effectively silencing him momentarily. 

However, he resurfaced on alternative channels like Rumble and Telegram, continuing to spread his message despite his restrictions. Elon Musk played a pivotal role in facilitating his return to Twitter, giving yet another twist to the tale surrounding this intriguing personality.

Andrew Tate’s Greatest Controversies

In the world of fame and fortune, controversy is often a constant companion. 

Andrew Tate’s path to celebrity has been riddled with various disagreements, adding further complexity to his reputation.

1. Kicked Off Big Brother

The first major storm in Andrew’s career brewed during his stint on a popular reality TV show. 

His penchant for labeling co-contestants as “snakes” led to an abrupt exit from the program, catapulting him into the limelight but also marking the onset of several contentious episodes.

2. Romanian Relocation And Alleged Mafia Connections?

Tate upped the ante when he relocated to Romania amidst rumors about joining local mafia circles – claims he vehemently denies till date. 

While this move stirred plenty of speculation, it simultaneously paved the way for expansion into new business avenues like casinos and webcam studios.

3. Webcam Studio Venture

A leap into the webcam studio industry brought along fresh waves of debate around Tate’s entrepreneurial pursuits. 

With monthly earnings peaking at $500k per month, turning him swiftly into millionaire status, however, critics voiced concerns over potential exploitation linked with these ventures, further fueling allegations regarding misogynistic views towards women.

4. Social Media Ban & Accusations Of Misogyny

In 2023 came another blow when most social media platforms banned Andrew, citing hate speech against women as the primary reason behind their decision. 

Undeterred, Tate continued voicing similar rhetoric via alternative channels such as Rumble and Telegram, where censorship rules are comparatively relaxed.

The saga took a serious turn in December 2023, with Romanian police arresting him under charges related to human trafficking using the so-called ‘loverboy method’. This resulted in three months of jail time followed by a longer period of house arrest pending investigations.

Despite legal hurdles, Tate remains focused on continuing to work hard while training in boxing, even during confinement, providing updates through podcasts titled “emergency meeting” alongside his brother Emory.

Andrew Tate’s KickBoxing Career

multiple pictures from andrew tate kickboxing career

Andrew Tate is a name that resonates with power and success in the kickboxing world. 

His journey from an ordinary American kid to becoming a 4x kickboxing world champion is nothing short of awe-inspiring.

Rise to Stardom

The beginning was humble; as a teenager, he discovered his passion for martial arts after moving to London. With sheer dedication and natural talent, Andrew quickly climbed the ranks, turning professional at just 20.

In a short period, he had earned multiple championships, including four ISKA World Championships, making him one of the most renowned kickboxing figures in history. 

Earnings from Kickboxing

Talking numbers now: At peak performance levels, it’s reported that Andrew earned between $50k – $100k per fight. 

This hefty income came from prize money and endorsements and sponsorships due to his skyrocketing popularity within sports circles.

This contribution significantly helped build up his wealth, which later played into other business ventures like Hustler’s University or The War Room network, among others.

Pride In Achievements

Beyond financial gain, though, lies something even greater – Pride. 

A trait so deeply ingrained in Andrew Tate’s persona reflects who he truly is – someone who believes hard work always pays off no matter what obstacles stand before you. 

His unwavering confidence often translates into bold statements about himself, both admired by fans while drawing criticism alike amongst detractors, too.

Achievements Overview

  • An impressive victory at the ISKA Full Contact Light Cruiserweight World Championship (2011)
  • I.S.K.A K-1 Rules Super Middleweight World Champion title win (2014)
  • Crowning glory being I.T.B.F Full Contact Light Heavyweight European Champion (2009).

Andrew Tate Arrested In Romania!?

The buzz in the world of online entrepreneurs and business professionals was all about Andrew Tate’s arrest. 

This unexpected turn took place in December 2023 when he found himself facing charges related to human trafficking, specifically employing a manipulative tactic known as the “loverboy method.”

The Charges Against Andrew Tate

In an unforeseen twist for those who knew him only as a kickboxing champion or through his controversial social media presence, serious allegations were brought against him. 

Human trafficking is no light matter; it’s one that carries severe penalties.

Beyond this grave crime itself, reports suggest that he used what’s referred to as the ‘loverboy’ method – where men feign romantic interest before coercing women into sex work. Such accusations have undeniably cast a dark cloud over his public persona.

Tate’s Time Behind Bars

As these charges unfolded, Andrew spent three months incarcerated, awaiting trial proceedings from December 2022 – March 2023 – marking an abrupt halt from his usual high-octane lifestyle filled with entrepreneurial ventures and professional fight training sessions.

This period undoubtedly represented one of the most challenging times for this self-proclaimed ultimate alpha male accustomed to enjoying immense personal freedom alongside financial independence.

Coping With House Arrest

Navigating life under house arrest following jail time can be daunting for anyone; however, sources indicate that despite such adversity faced by Emory Tate’s brother Tristan, they’ve managed to keep busy during this trying phase. 

One way seems to be maintaining strict physical discipline, including boxing training at home, while adhering strictly to legal restrictions placed upon them due to ongoing criminal investigations like their own case.

Apart from fitness pursuits, it appears work remains central even amidst adversity. Despite being confined within four walls largely due to criminal proceedings underway against them, content contribution on Rumble continues. 

Andrew Tate Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does Andrew Tate Run A Podcast?

Yes, Andrew Tate runs a podcast called “Tate Speech,” where he and Tristan discuss various topics, including fitness, making money, and fighting The Matrix.

2. Where Can I Find Andrew Tate Podcast?

Andrew Tate’s “Tate Speech” podcast can be found on platforms such as Apple Podcasts, Deezer, and Luminary.

3. Does Andrew Tate Have A Podcast On Spotify?

Yes, Andrew Tate’s podcast is available on Spotify. 

You can simply do a search for “Andrew Tate” or “TateSpeech” to find his podcast there.

4. What Is Andrew Tate’s Instagram?

Andrew Tate’s Instagram is @cobratate, but it was banned starting in August 2022. Mark Zuckerberg says Andrew Tate violated his terms of service, but it’s unclear why he was banned.

5. Does Andrew Tate Have An Audiobook?

No, Andrew Tate does not have an audiobook. He has an online course called Hustlers University, but Andrew Tate is a proud non-reader of books.

6. When Did Andrew Tate Retire?

Andrew Tate retired in 2016 when he was approximately 30 years old. 

He retired due to an eye injury and to focus more on his webcam studio business.

7. What Religion Does Tate Practice?

Andrew Tate is a Muslim and says he is working on being a better Muslim by reading The Quran and screaming “HARAM!” whenever he hears something that is degenerate and non-life-supporting.

8. What Reality Show Was Tate Brother On?

Andrew Tate gained additional fame when he appeared on the reality TV show Big Brother in the UK.

He was kicked off the show midway through after a video emerged of him beating a woman in bed (it was later revealed to be 100% consensual.

Verdict – Does Andrew Tate Have A Podcast?

Andrew Tate in front of Matrix green screen

So what’s the verdict – does Andrew Tate have a podcast?

Yes, Andrew Tate does indeed run a podcast. The podcast is called “Tate Speech,” and it features him alongside Tristan as they delve into a variety of topics. 

It’s available on several platforms, including Apple Podcasts, Deezer, and Luminary. However, at the time of writing, it appears that the podcast is not available on Spotify. 

So, those interested in hearing Andrew Tate’s insights can tune into “Tate Speech” on the mentioned platforms.