As we know that PNG(Portable Network Graphics) is the most commonly used image format. This image format was developed to improve the GIF format. What if you need to extract the text written on a PNG? For converting your PNG images you can go to and use the online PNG to Word converter offered by this website. It will let you turn the PNG images into MS Word files seamlessly.

Let’s take a look at the following authentic ways to convert PNG to an editable Word file:

Google Docs:

Having a Google account is a common thing nowadays. If you own one, then you don’t need to go for installing format conversion software on your system. You just need to have an active internet connection to make the conversion happen with Google Docs. It has a built-in OCR feature that extracts the text from the PNG images instantly.


  • Totally Free.
  • Offers High-Speed Conversion.
  • Export as Word, PDf TXT, HTML, Epub etc.


  • Open your “Google Drive”.
  • Now upload the PNG image.
  • What you have to do is to open the PNG image with “Google Docs”. Now, you will see the extracted text in the opened Docs file below the image.

This is a huge website that is solely designed to extract text from different types of images. It also includes a pretty good PNG to Word converter that converts the PNG images to MS Word instantly. With it, the user can change the format or can also convert the text written on PNG images into editable text format. 


  • Free of cost unlimited conversions from PNG to Word.
  • Multi-language support.
  • Supports Batch Conversions.


  • Firstly, drag/drop or paste the PNG images into the toolbox of the Converter.
  • Make click on the convert button.
  • Choose “Convert with OCR”, “Store all images into one single word file” or “convert each image as a separate file”.
  • Make click on the “save & convert” button and that’s all.
  • Once the conversion is completed, press the “download all” button to get all the converted Word files at once.

If you want to convert PNG to Word securely, then go to this website. Because it has a reliable PNG to Word converter. All the conversions through this converter are 100 % secure. No files are stored anywhere. With the help of OCR technology, it provides users with editable text. The batch conversion feature makes it easy to convert a number of PNG images within seconds.


  • Countless Conversions.
  • Free and 100 % secure.
  • Allows to perform multiple conversions at once.
  • Makes text editable.


  • Add the PNG images that you need to convert to Doc.
  • Move the cursor and make click on the “convert” button.
  • When the conversion of PNG images is completed, click on the “download” button to export the converted files.

Final Words:

Working regularly with PNG images may require you to extract the text at a point. Retyping will cost time. Instead of that using an online PNG to Word converter will be the best option. Through it, you can perform the conversations directly from your browser. No need to perform any additional installation on your system.