Curious… how did Andrew Tate make his money?

Andrew Tate is a 4x kickboxing world champion, self-made multi-millionaire, and social media icon.

He became famous in 2022 when he started posting videos of his expensive lifestyle on TikTok and YouTube. His lifestyle videos went viral, and before he knew it he had 5 billion views on TikTok alone and was “the most googled man in the world!”

So how did Andrew Tate actually make his money?

Andrew Tate made his money starting several successful businesses, including his Romanian casino empire, his OnlyFans management company, and online businesses like The Real World and The War Room. Andrew says his businesses generate more than $10 million dollars per month in profit, which is more than enough to fund his expensive lifestyle!

Today Andrew Tate lives in a $30 million dollar mansion in Bucharest, Romania.

He also drives 41 different supercars (including a Bugatti Chiron), flies around the world in his $20 million dollar private jet, and spends upwards of $40,000 dollars for dinner at the finest restaurants in Dubai! 

In this guide I will show you EXACTLY how Andrew Tate made his money and became one of the richest social media influencers in the world. We also show you how to join Andrew Tate’s learning platform The Real World, so you can learn his 19 modern wealth creation methods and start your online business…

Now let’s dive in!

Short Answer

Who Is Andrew Tate, And Why Is He Famous?

Andrew Tate being a gangster

Andrew Tate is a 4x kickboxing world champion, a self-made entrepreneur worth approximately $700 million dollars, and “the most googled man in the world.”

He is famous for blowing up on social media and sharing controversial viewpoints on women, dating, and relationships.

Here is Andrew’s most famous quote:

“My unmatched perspicacity, coupled with sheer indefatigability, makes me a feared opponent in any realm of human endeavor.”

Many mainstream news outlets believe he is “dangerous” and “a threat to the public.”

They gave him different derogatory nicknames, including:

  • “The King of toxic masculinity!”

  • “The scariest man on the planet!”

  • “The most hated man in the world!”

But is this really the case?

Is Andrew Tate as dangerous as everyone says he is?

Before jumping to any conclusions, let’s take a quick look at his life story, how he made his money, and how he became a world-famous social media influencer.

Andrew Tate’s Life Story

  • Raised in the US and England
  • Former kickboxing world champion
  • Kicked off “Big Brother UK” in 2016
  • Recently moved to Dubai, UAE
  • Has a net worth of $700+ million dollars
  • “The most googled man in the world” 
  • Banned from social media in August 2022
  • Arrested by Romanian police in December 2022

Andrew Tate was born in the United States.

His father was Emory Andrew Tate Jr., a professional chess player and former pilot for the U.S. Air Force. Andrew was a child chess prodigy as well, but he stopped playing when he moved to England at 8 years old.

After moving to England he picked up kickboxing, and by the time he was 25 years old he won his first kickboxing world championship fight!

A year later Andrew starred on Big Brother UK, and was quickly kicked off the show after a video emerged of him beating a woman with a belt.

It was later revealed that the two lovebirds were engaged in consensual role play, but many people believe he is still dangerous to women.

Andrew says he plays chess, competes in kickboxing, and goes on reality TV shows because he is easily bored, and cannot live a normal life like everyone else.

“I see people climb Mount Everest or jump off buildings or do base jumping.

They look crazy… what’s he doing?

But I understand, because some people can’t live normal lives.”

Andrew retired from kickboxing when he was 30 years old to focus on his business career.

He wanted to get “rich rich,” which to him meant making $30,000 – $40,000 per month. He believed if he was making this kind of money, he could do whatever he wanted.

Andrew went on to start a webcam studio business, a Romanian casino franchise, and several online businesses that made millions of dollars per month.

He is famous for living in expensive mansions, driving 33 supercars, and dating multiple supermodels at a time.

“I have everything every man has ever dreamed of.

I got a big mansion, I got a super cars, I can live anywhere I want, I got unlimited women, I go where I want…

I do anything I want all the time. So, I’m an amazing role model.”

Andrew Tate says his new mission is to help other men become rich and escape the slavery that is working a 9-5 job.

He teaches men how to make money online and live a life of masculine freedom and happiness.

How Did Andrew Tate Make His Money?

Andrew tate being rich and making money

Andrew Tate made his money by starting multiple successful businesses including a webcam studio, Romanian casinos, and online companies including The War Room and The Real World.

His most important company is The Real World, which generates more than $10 million dollars per month in revenue!

However, all of these businesses made money and contributed to his financial success. 

“I’ve lived an extreme life.

I’ve been broke, I’ve been worth hundreds of millions of dollars, I’ve been a 4x kickboxing world champion, I’ve been a Romanian casino owner…

I live a very fast-paced, entertaining life!”

Here are the businesses that Andrew Tate started to build a net worth of approximately $500 million dollars:

Andrew Tate’s Business Ventures

  • Business #1:

    Professional Kickboxing
  • Business #2:

    Television Advertising Company
  • Business #3:

    Webcam Modeling Company
  • Business #4:

    Romanian Kickboxing Organization
  • Business #5:

    Romanian Casinos
  • Business #6:

    Online Courses
  • Business #7:

    OnlyFans Manager
  • Business #8:

    The War Room
  • Business #9:

    The Real World
  • Business #10:

    Top G Merch
  • Business #11:

    Top G Supps

Let’s take a closer look at each of these businesses… 

1. Professional Kickboxer

Andrew Tate started competing in kickboxing when he was 15 years old.

Rather than going to university like most successful people, Andrew decided to pursue a career as a professional kickboxer.

In 2011 Andrew won his first world-championship match against the fighter Jean-Luc Benoit, and he eventually went on to become the 4-time world champion. 

“I made some money kickboxing, but I was never rich.

Yea I made $50,000 – $100,000 per fight, but by the time you pay the manager, your kickboxing coach, and everyone else, there isn’t that much left over.”

Andrew says the most he ever won from one of his fights was $200,000. However, most of the time he won $50,000 – $75,000.

This may sound like a lot, but Andrew only fought twice per year, and by the time he paid his managers and support team, it was only enough to live a comfortable middle-class lifestyle.

2. Television Advertising Company

Andrew Tate’s first successful company was called T2 Advertising. This was a television advertising company that he started with a co-worker from his previous sales job.

Andrew Tate says the number 1 reason this business worked so well is they were fast, and focused on increasing revenue by closing new deals.

He often used the revenue from new clients to fulfill his promises to his old clients!

“How did we stay alive for a year and a half before it finally blew up in our face? Speed! You’re paying for old deals with new money.

But as long as we kept the speed, as long as we kept moving forward, we were staying in business!”

This is the literal definition of a Ponzi scheme, but Andrew Tate didn’t care!

He was making money, and he successfully ran this business for 1.5 years before it finally blew up in his face.

3. Webcam Studios

Andrew Tate’s first major business success was his webcam studio.

Andrew started a webcam studio with his brother Tristan Tate when he was 24 years old, and by the time he was 27 he was earning over $500,000 per month in profit! 

“I learned valuable lessons about people from managing this company. Most businesses are very competitive.

You have to find a way to differentiate yourself, and add value to the marketplace.”

Andrew Tate eventually shut down his webcam business, as it was taking too much time to manage his 70 female employees.

He has sense downsized his company and transformed it into an OnlyFans management business, which Tristan Tate continues to run to this day. 

4. RXF Commentator

Andrew Tate started working as a commentator for the Romanian UFC organization while he was still competing as a professional kickboxer.

Andrew is a master orator and can speak quickly and compenduously, so the business absolutely loved him.

They eventually offered him a 10% stake in the company as part of his contract!

“One thing led to another, and I found myself commentating for the Romanian kickboxing organization.

I also famoosed myself into a 10% ownership stake in the company.”

Andrew Tate never revealed how much money he made as a commentator for the Romanian UFC organization.

However, it was enough to positively contribute to his overall net worth.

5. Romanian Casinos

When Andrew Tate was competing as a professional kickboxer he met many Romanian casino owners.

Eventually Andrew opened up his first casino in Romania, and before he knew it he had a total of 15 different casinos making money! 

“I first learned about the Romanian casino business while working as a commentator for the Romanian UFC.

Once I learned more about the casino business, and how much money these casinos were making each month, I just had to open my own casino!”

Andrew Tate says he had to temporarily close the casinos due to lockdowns starting in 2020. However, he is eager to get them up and running again.

6. Selling Online Courses

When Andrew was in his late 20’s he started selling online courses under the handle “Cobra Tate.”

He sold various courses on how to make money online, how to improve your relationships, and how to get in shape fast.

For example, one of his courses covered his fitness program which he used to become the 4x Kickboxing World Champion.

“This is the only fitness course you need.

I will teach you the exact workout routine that I used to become a world-champion athlete.

No gym membership required.”

Andrew Tate made thousands of dollars from his online courses.

However, he eventually shut them down to focus on his other online businesses, including The War Room and The Real World.

7. OnlyFans Manager

Andrew Tate says he was making up to $500,000 dollars per month form his only fans management business. This was a ton of money, but the business also took up a lot of his time.

The Tate brothers had to manage a team of over 70 employees, which was an absolute nightmare for them.

They eventually downsized their team to just 10 employees, and transitioned to an OnlyFans business model.

“The webcam business became too difficult to manage, so it evolved into an OnlyFans business.

Today my brother Tristan runs this business, and he works with about 10 different models.”

Andrew Tate says his Only Fans business now makes $200,000 dollars per month.

This is less money than he made from the webcam studio business. However, it is much easier to manage, and the Tate brothers have plenty of time to run their vast business empire.

8. The War Room

Andrew Tate has a private network that he calls The War Room.

This is where Andrew and other high-level entrepreneurs get together to discuss business, how to make money, how to get international passports and residencies, and how to maximize your personal freedom. 

“The War Room is my private network. I joined a bunch of professional networks and I was let down by all of them, so I decided to start my own.”

The War Room costs approximately $4,500 dollars to join. Andrew Tate says The War Room has about 4,000 members, which means it has generated more than $18 million dollars in revenue so far!

9. The Real World

Andrew Tate made most of his vast fortune through a new business called The Real World, aka Hustler’s University.

Andrew says his new course teaches “18 modern wealth creation methods” which show you how to make money online as fast as possible.

“The Real World is my online educational platform.

I teach people how to make money online using 18 modern wealth creation methods, including copywriting, freelancing, Amazon FBA, and more.”

The Real World is a subscription website that costs $49 per month to join, and Andrew Tate has more than 200,000 students.

This means he was making almost 10 million dollars per month!

Andrew says his company is valued at approximately $300 million dollars, making the business the largest part of his net worth.

10. Top G Merchandise

Andrew Tate recently launched a new business called “Top G Merch,” where he sells exclusive merchandise including clothes, coffee mugs, and more.

“Exclusive hard to obtain Merchandise. That’s the goal, put out a product that is hard to collect.

And over the next few years of limited edition launches, we will see who owns what.

To assure this is easy to track, every purchased Merchandise item comes with a free NFT mint.”

Andrew Tate says this is the only place you can find authentic Andrew Tate merchandise. Other businesses may use his name, but according to him they are all frauds.

It is unknown how much money Andrew Tate makes per year from his new Top G Merch business.

11. Top G Supplements

Andrew Tate’s most recent business venture is called Top G supplements.

He says you only need the following three supplements if you want to get in shape and recover from your hardest workouts:

  • Unmatched Perspicacity

  • Sheer Indefatigability

  • Feared Opponent

    Testosterone Booster

Andrew Tate sells a testosterone booster, a multivitamin, and a nootropics supplement. The names of these supplements were inspired by his father Emory Tate’s quote:

“My unmatched perspicacity, combined with sheer indefatigability, makes me a feared opponent in any realm of human endeavor.”

It is unknown how much money Andrew Tate makes per year from his new Top G Supplements business.

How Much Money Does Andrew Tate Make?

Andrew Tate smoking a cigar

Andrew Tate is one of the richest social media influencers in the world today, with an estimated net worth of more than $700 million dollars.

So how much money does Andrew Tate actually make? 

Andrew Tate makes approximately $240 million dollars per year, or $20 million dollars per month. His online business The Real World generates more than $10 million dollars per month in revenue, and his other businesses likely generate an extra $10 million dollars per month as well. 

Here is an overview of how much money Andrew Tate makes per year, month, day, hour, and second:

Andrew Tate’s Income

  • Per Year:

    $240 Million
  • Per Month:

    $20 Million
  • Per Week:

    $4.6 Million
  • Per Day:

  • Per Hour:

  • Per Minute:

  • Per Second:


In 2023 Andrew Tate makes $240 million per year, $20 million per month, $4.6 million per week, $660,000 per day, $127,400 per hour, $456 per minute, and $7.60 per second!

Recently Andrew said his yearly salary is so high, that he is actually the world’s first trillionaire. Check it out:

“I was broke for a long time. I made my first million when I was 27, and then I had a hundred million dollars by the time I was 31.

I became a trillionaire quite recently… the world’s first trillionaire.

Is this really true? Is Andrew Tate actually the world’s first trillionaire?

The truth is Andrew Tate has a net worth of approximately $700 million dollars. He was recently contacted by Forbes magazine to be put on their billionaires list.

However, Andrew Tate refused to show his financial statements, so his real net worth remains a mystery. However, it is safe to say he is NOT a trillionaire.

Even Elon Musk is not worth a trillion dollars!

Despite these facts, Andrew Tate has continued to double down on his outrageous claim.

“People underestimate that I’m the world’s first trillionaire.

When I say this people go, ‘Oh he’s not that rich.’ I am literally the world’s first trillionaire Elon Musk, I win.”

Andrew Tate may not be a trillionaire, but he certainly makes more money than most social media influencers in the world today.

What Is Andrew Tate’s Real Net Worth?

Andrew Tate has a net worth of approximately $700 million dollars in 2023. His net worth skyrocketed in 2022 after he launched his new course “Hustler’s University.”

This course was a huge success, and today it makes more than $10 million dollars per month under the new name “The Real World.”

Andrew Tate Net Worth Progression

  • 2023:

    $750 Million Dollars
  • 2022:

    $500 Million Dollars
  • 2021:

    $100 Million Dollars
  • 2020:

    $50 Million Dollars
  • 2019:

    $30 Million Dollars

Andrew says growing his net worth was a conscious decision.

He knew he wanted to get rich from a very young age. He sat down with his brother Tristan Tate and they worked out a game plan for how they were going to make their money.

“I said to Tristan we need to discuss this, we need to plan this, we need to work out a way we can get rich.

And that’s when I started understanding and analyzing banks, the money system, and how the world really works.”

Today Andrew Tate makes so much money that everything in the world is free to him. If he wants something, he buys it without considering the price at all!

Here are some of his most expensive assets in 2023:

Andrew Tate’s Most Expensive Assets

  • Dubai mansions

    $50 million each
  • Romanian house

    $30 million
  • Private jet

    $20 million
  • Bugatti Chiron

    $5.2 million
  • Diamond watches

    $5 million each

Andrew Tate says the fastest way to build your wealth in 2023 is to start a successful online business.

He describes the internet as a “global marketplace” where you can reach customers all around the world instantly.

He believes this is a far superior business model compared to your regular brick and mortar store, where you are only selling to people in your town or city.

“The internet is the new battleground of earth, the wild west, the place of truth and opportunity.”

So how did Andrew Tate make his $700 million dollar fortune? Was it dumb luck, or did he execute a genius plan to become rich?

Let’s solve this mystery once and for all…

How Many Casinos Does Andrew Tate Own?

Andrew Tate talking about his casinos

Andrew Tate opened his first Romanian casino in his early 30s. He networked with some older Romanian casino owners, and they agreed to go into business with the young kickboxer.

Andrew’s first casino was a massive success, and within a few months Andrew owned a total of 15 Romanian casinos making millions of dollars per month!

Andrew says the key was figuring out a way to make the first casino profitable as quickly as possible.

In the end Andrew found a perfect solution: he put up a sign that said “FREE COFFEE” outside his casino, and he had a young cute barista serving coffee for everyone!

“Instead of going to Starbucks, you could just come to my casino and get a free coffee, and then gamble your coffee money. And I ended up making a bunch of money!”

Andrew Tate says his casino business is one of his most profitable companies.

He has 15 separate casinos in Romania making millions of dollars per month. It’s almost like having a real-life money printer!

Here are some of Andrew Tate’s other most profitable business ventures:

Andrew Tate’s Most Profitable Businesses

  • The Real World

    – $10 Million / Month
  • Romanian Casinos

    – Millions / Month
  • Webcam Studio

    – $500,000 / Month
  • OnlyFans Company

    – $200,000 / Month
  • The War Room

    – Unknown

Andrew Tate says his casino business was so successful, it allowed him to transform his old webcam studio empire into a smaller, more efficient OnlyFans business.

At his peak Andrew had 70+ models working for his webcam studio business.

He says this business became too difficult to manage, as women are unreliable and unpredictable.

What he did is he kept his 10 best models, trained them how to make money using OnlyFans, and then fired everyone else!

Today Andrew’s brother Tristan Tate manages this business, including their 10 female employees.

“My brother comes along and says ‘listen, you’re making a little bit of money. You’re a fine Caucasian of the wrong persuasion.

The men think you’re handsome, they should pay your ransom.

I’m gonna install some structure and some discipline in your life, and you’re gonna make some real money!’”

Of course, Andrew Tate’s most profitable business is called The Real World, aka Hustler’s University…

How Much Money Does Hustlers University Make?

Andrew Tate started The Real World, aka Hustler’s University in 2021.

He was trying to convince a young man that it was a waste of time to go to college, and he should learn how to make money in the real world instead!

“The reason I started Hustler’s University is because I was arguing with someone about how pointless the modern education system is.

I think the modern education system is nothing but an indoctrination machine, and they use it to indoctrinate the youth. They brainwash people!”

Andrew Tate started his online university as a way to teach men (and women) how to make money online and escape their boring 9-5 jobs.

Andrew Tate teaches 6 main wealth creation methods in his business:

Andrew Tate’s Modern Wealth Creation Methods

  • Copywriting
  • Freelancing
  • AmazonFBA
  • E-Commerce
  • Stocks
  • Crypto

Of course, there are many different sub-variations of each of these strategies. For example, there are thousands of different forms of freelancing that you could do.

Andrew Tate charges $49 dollars per month for his course, and he currently has more than 200,000 members learning how to make money online. This means The Real World generates more than $10 million dollars in profit every single month!

So far The Real World is by far Andrew Tate’s most profitable business!

Is Andrew Tate Really A Trillionaire?

Andrew tate smoking cigar on airplane

Andrew Tate brags about the size of his ego, and is known for making outrageous claims.

He recently claimed that he is richer than Elon Musk, and even the world’s first trillionaire!

“I was broke for a long time. I made my first million when I was, say, 27.

And then, I had a hundred million by the time I was 31.

And then, I became a trillionaire quite recently.”

This is a bold claim to make. After all, Elon Musk – aka world’s richest man – is nowhere close to being a trillionaire!

So is Andrew Tate really worth more than a trillion dollars?

The truth is simple: no, Andrew Tate is NOT a trillionaire. He was exaggerating when he said he had a trillion dollar net worth, as his actual net worth is closer to half a billion dollars.

Still, this hasn’t stopped Andrew Tate from doubling down on his ridiculous claim!

“People underestimate that I’m the world’s first trillionaire.

When I say this people go, ‘Oh he’s not that rich.’

I am literally the world’s first trillionaire, Elon Musk, I win.”

Andrew Tate may not be a trillionaire today. However, at the rate he’s going, he may actually be the world’s first trillionaire in the next 5-10 years!

Does Andrew Tate Have A Bugatti?

Andrew Tate bought his first Bugatti in December, 2021. Specifically, he bought a Bugatti Chiron Pur Sport. Andrew Tate’s Bugatti is incredibly expensive and rare.

It cost him a total of $5.2 million dollars with all of the extra options, and only 60 of these cars have ever been produced!

Andrew Tate’s Bugatti Chiron | Price, Color, Model

  • Price:

    $5.2 Million Dollars With All Features, Custom Paint Job
  • Color:

    Reddish-Bronze Color With Custom Finish
  • Model:

    Bugatti Chiron Pur Sport (Extremely Rare)
  • Engine:

    8.0 L Quad-Turbocharge W16 Engine
  • Speed:

    Top Speed 305 MPH, 0-60 MPH In 2.4 Seconds
  • Interior:

    Black With Red And Copper Accents
  • Watch:

    $380,000 Matching Bugatti Watch (Optional)

Andrew Tate ordered his Bugatti with a custom copper or reddish-brown color.

Some people have criticized Andrew Tate for the color of his car, saying that it looks lame or boring.

Andrew Tate says that these people are just jealous of his success, and if they had a Bugatti of their own they wouldn’t be making fun of him!

“I had mixed reviews on the color of my Bugatti.

Some people said they liked it, some people said they didn’t like it.

So I said, what color is your Bugatti?”

The Bugatti Chiron is an extremely powerful car, with a top speed of 305 miles per hour and the ability to go from 0-60 miles per hour in just 2.4 seconds.

Here are some of the upgrades to the Bugatti Chiron Pur Sport model over more traditional Bugatti models:

Bugatti Chiron Pur Sport Upgrades

  • Revised gearbox with closer ratios
  • 3D-printed titanium exhaust
  • Fixed rear spoiler (110 lbs weight reduction)

Andrew Tate says the Bugatti is his absolute favorite car.

It is incredibly rare, and when people see him driving it in Romania or Dubai they immediately know that Andrew is a wildly successful man with lots of money.

Of course, Andrew Tate has a very large collection of supercars. Here are some of his other favorite cars that he owns:

Andrew Tate’s Supercar Collection

  • McLaren 765LT

    – $382,000
  • Rolls Royce Wraith

    – $380,000
  • Ferrari 812 Superfast

    – $365,000
  • Aston Martin DBS Superleggera

    – $316,000
  • Porsche GT Street

    – $316,000

Andrew Tate says the only way to afford 28 supercars is to start your own business, begin making money and aggressively scale your income.

This is good advice from the Top G!

Does Andrew Tate have A Private Jet?

Andrew Tate bought his own private jet in 2020 to make it easier for him to travel the world.

He reportedly spent upwards of $10 million dollars on the jet, making it one of his most expensive assets.

It’s unclear if Andrew Tate still owns the jet, or if he just charters the jet when he needs to fly somewhere. Andrew Tate says he spends approximately $40,000 dollars per flight, such as when he flies from Bucharest, Romania to London, England.

Here are some of Andrew Tate’s other expensive assets:

Andrew Tate’s Expensive Lifestyle Highlights

  • Owns a $30 million dollar mansion in Bucharest, Romania
  • Owns 36 super cars, including a $5.2 million dollar Bugatti Chiron
  • Flies all around the world in his private jet
  • Frequently spends $40,000 dollars for dinner in Dubai
  • Recently rented a super yacht for 1 week to party

Andrew Tate says the best part about owning a private jet is the time you save.

He says when you can fly from London to Bucharest in 1-2 hours, it’s almost like you are time traveling!

“The best part about having a private jet is it allows you to time travel. I can be in 4-5 different cities in a single day if necessary.

There are times when I’m partying at 12 AM in a city, and my boy says things are getting lit in Miami, so I just charter the jet and fly over there within a few hours!”

Today Andrew Tate lists having a private jet as one of the top 3 things about being super rich.

He also likes driving super cars, and being able to order whatever he wants for dinner, including $10,000 thousand dollar steak dinners at the finest restaurants in Dubai.

Should You Join Andrew Tate’s The Real World?

Andrew Tate making his money

“The Real World” is not just another online course; it’s Andrew Tate’s most prized business venture and a transformative learning platform.

In this digital age, especially in 2023, Andrew believes the best route to wealth is through online businesses. And he’s here to show you exactly how to do it.

Wealth Creation for the Modern Age

Andrew Tate’s “The Real World” teaches a variety of modern wealth creation methods.

These strategies are geared towards making money online and include:

  • Affiliate Marketing: Learn how to earn passive income by promoting other people’s products.
  • Crypto Trading: Understand the volatile yet lucrative world of cryptocurrencies.
  • Stocks Trading: Get insights into the stock market and how to make profitable trades.
  • Business Management: Master the art of managing an online business effectively.
  • AI + Content Creation: Discover how to harness artificial intelligence for content creation.
  • Copywriting: Develop the skills to write persuasive content that sells.

Each strategy is designed to be incredibly effective in today’s digital landscape, giving you a competitive edge in the online business world.

Your Ticket Out of The Matrix

If you’re tired of living paycheck to paycheck and yearn for financial freedom, then “The Real World” is your ticket out of the matrix.

For just $49 per month, you get access to a treasure trove of knowledge that could set you on the path to riches.

Time to Step Into The Real World

There’s no better time than now to invest in your future. Join “The Real World” today and learn directly from Andrew Tate. He’s not just teaching you how to make money online; he’s showing you how to get rich.

So, don’t hesitate. Make the best decision of your life, escape the matrix, and step into “The Real World!”

Andrew Tate Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Much Money Did Andrew Tate Make From Kickboxing?

Andrew Tate says that he earned about $100,000 – $200,000 per year competing as a professional kickboxer.

The most he ever made from a single fight was $200,000. However, most of his fights paid closer to $50,000 – $75,000. Andrew Tate only fought twice per year, and he had to pay his manager and staff a significant chunk of his earnings.

Andrew Tate made good money as a kickboxer, but he says kickboxing isn’t boxing, and it’s hard to get super rich as a competitive kickboxer – even if you are the world champion.

2. How Much Money Did Andrew Tate Make From Webcam Modeling?

Andrew Tate started his webcam business when he was just 24 years old, and by the time he was 27 he was earning $500,000 per month with approximately 7 million dollars in the bank. 

3. How Much Money Did Andrew Tate Make From Hustler’s University?

Andrew Tate has over 200,000 members in The Real World, aka Hustler’s University.

With each member paying $49 per month to stay in the program, Andrew Tate is making approximately 10 million dollars per month.

4. Does Andrew Tate Own Real Estate?

Andrew Tate owns his $30 million dollar mansion in Bucharest, Romania. However, he says that he recently sold all of his other properties around the world.

He prefers to hold his net worth in other assets instead.

5. Does Andrew Tate Own Cryptocurrencies?

Andrew Tate is a big fan of cryptocurrency – including bitcoin and etherium. However, he does NOT endorse any one particular coin.

He says he likes to store part of his net worth in digital assets, rather than physical assets like real estate.

6. How Expensive Is Andrew Tate’s House?

Andrew Tate lives in a $30 million dollar mansion in Bucharest, Romania. He currently lives with his younger brother Tristan Tate, plus his cousin Luke.

7. How Expensive Is Andrew Tate’s Supercar Collection

Andrew Tate has never publicly stated how expensive his supercar collection is. However, his most expensive car is his Bugatti Chiron, which costs approximately 5.2 million dollars.

Andrew Tate has 28 supercars in total, so it’s safe to say he has spent 10-15 million dollars on his supercars.

8. Why Is Andrew Tate So Famous?

Andrew Tate has been in the public scene for a very long time. He was the youngest ever Indiana state chess champion, he starred in different reality TV shows like Big Brother, and of course, he was a 4x kickboxing world champion.

However, his popularity exploded in 2022 when people started reposting old videos of him on TikTok and YouTube. At one point, Andrew Tate was the most googled man on Earth.

9. What Is The Real World By Andrew Tate?

The Real World is Andrew Tate’s new and improved version of Hustler’s University. Andrew says that The Real World is the world’s best online educational platform.

Many people claim his program is nothing more than a pyramid scheme, with people getting paid to promote the program with their affiliate links.

However, Andrew has more than 200,000 students currently enrolled in the program.

You can click right here to learn more about The Real World.

Verdict | How Did Andrew Tate Make His Money?

So what’s the verdict… how did Andrew Tate actually make his money?

The truth is Andrew Tate made his money through a wide variety of private businesses, including his webcam modeling business, his Romanian casino business, and his online businesses like The War Room and The Real World.

Andrew Tate may not be a trillionaire like he claims.

However, he is worth hundreds of millions of dollars, and is easily one of the wealthiest people in the world.