Andrew Tate, a celebrated entrepreneur, four-time world kickboxing champion, and public figure, has shared his philosophy on life, success, and personal development through 41 tenets. These principles have served as a guide for many individuals seeking to achieve success in their own lives.

In this article, we delve into Tate’s 1st tenet: “I believe that men have the divine imperative to become as capable, powerful and competent as possible in this life.”

This tenet highlights the importance of self-improvement, personal growth, and striving to reach one’s full potential.

Tate’s 1st tenet encourages us to continuously seek to improve ourselves and become as capable, powerful, and competent as we can be. It underscores the belief that we have a divine mandate to strive for excellence and reach our maximum potential in life.

Understanding this tenet provides an insight into Tate’s life philosophy, which values personal growth, continuous improvement, and the pursuit of excellence. It suggests that our happiness and overall well-being are directly influenced by our commitment to personal development and self-improvement!

What Is Andrew Tate’s 1st Tenet?

Andrew Tate’s 1st tenet is a powerful proclamation of his belief in the potential and purpose of men:

“I believe that men have the divine imperative to become as capable, powerful, and competent as possible in this life.” 

This statement forms the foundation of his philosophy, setting the tone for his other tenets.

Importance of the 1st Tenet

The importance of this tenet cannot be understated. 

It encapsulates the idea that every man has a duty to strive for excellence, to continually push his boundaries, and to harness his potential to its fullest. 

It underscores the belief that men should not settle for mediocrity but should aim for greatness in every aspect of their lives.

Why Andrew Tate Believes in the 1st Tenet

As a four-time kickboxing world champion and successful entrepreneur, Andrew Tate is the embodiment of this tenet. 

His achievements are a testament to his faith in the divine imperative of men to be as capable, powerful, and competent as possible. He believes in it because he has experienced firsthand the transformative power of striving for excellence and empowering oneself.

How Following Tate’s 1st Tenet Can Improve Your Life

Following Tate’s 1st tenet can significantly improve your life. It serves as a daily reminder to seek self-improvement and personal growth actively. 

By embracing this belief, you develop a mindset that constantly pushes you towards self-betterment, thus enhancing your skills, knowledge, and overall competence.

Moreover, this tenet encourages you to harness your power and use it positively, influencing others and making a meaningful impact on the world. As you become more capable and powerful, you also become more confident, resilient, and motivated, leading to an enriched and fulfilling life.

Andrew Tate’s 41 Tenets – The Full List

Andrew Tate poster for 41 tenets

Andrew Tate, a world-renowned kickboxer and successful entrepreneur, is known for his unique approach to life which he encapsulates in his 41 tenets. 

These tenets, or principles, act as a guiding light for his personal and professional conduct, influencing everything from his decision-making process to daily habits.

After being banned from social media in August 2022, Tate took the opportunity to reflect on his values and beliefs. The result was a comprehensive list of tenets that he believes all men should strive to uphold. Andrew Tate’s tenets cover a wide range of topics including personal growth, discipline, influence, and societal contribution.

Here is the complete list of Andrew Tate’s 41 tenets:

  • Andrew Tate 1st Tenet: “I believe that men have the divine imperative to become as capable, powerful and competent as possible in this life.” – Andrew Tate
  • Andrew Tate 2nd Tenet: “I reserve my human right to hold my own beliefs and practice them as I see fit and allow other people the same right to believe and act as they wish.” – Andrew Tate
  • Andrew Tate 3rd Tenet: “I prefer loving rewarding consensual relationships with beautiful, positive and virtuous women.” – Andrew Tate
  • Andrew Tate 4th Tenet: “I believe men and women are different and that each has their own unique and important strengths and abilities.” – Andrew Tate
  • Andrew Tate 5th Tenet: “I believe men have the sacred duty to protect and provide for the important people in their lives.” – Andrew Tate
  • Andrew Tate 6th Tenet: “I believe men have the sacred duty to protect the innocence and sanctity of their children and reserve the right and responsibility to raise their children as they see best to ensure their long-term happiness and success.” – Andrew Tate
  • Andrew Tate 7th Tenet: “I believe that men have the sacred duty to raise strong, capable and honorable sons.” – Andrew Tate
  • Andrew Tate 8th Tenet: “I believe that men have the sacred duty to raise kind feminine and virtuous daughters.” – Andrew Tate
  • Andrew Tate 9th Tenet: “I utterly disapprove of violence within romantic or familiar relationships.” – Andrew Tate
  • Andrew Tate 10th Tenet: “I support good and honest governments who will obey their laws.” – Andrew Tate
  • Andrew Tate 11th Tenet: “I prefer to only conduct business dealings with trusted and vetted brothers.” – Andrew Tate
  • Andrew Tate 12th Tenet: “I believe that a man has a sacred duty to hold true to his word and do exactly what he says he will do.” – Andrew Tate
  • Andrew Tate 13th Tenet: “I believe that a man’s life is difficult and that he has a sacred duty to become strong to handle such difficulty.” – Andrew Tate
  • Andrew Tate 14th Tenet: “I believe men are personally responsible for their actions and for the results they achieve in their lives.” – Andrew Tate
  • Andrew Tate 15th Tenet: “I believe in emotional control and the vital need to become disciplined and professional in all things.” – Andrew Tate
  • Andrew Tate 16th Tenet: “I believe that men have the sacred duty to approach everything in life from a position of strength.” – Andrew Tate
  • Andrew Tate 17th Tenet: “I believe that all men have the sacred duty to become men of upright and virtuous character and live above all possible reproach.” – Andrew Tate
  • Andrew Tate 18th Tenet: “I believe it is incumbent upon me to ruthlessly identify my own weaknesses and limitations and I eagerly work to overcome them and become more capable in all realms.” – Andrew Tate
  • Andrew Tate 19th Tenet: “I seek to improve my personal freedom to think, act and live to my masculine imperative in all ways.” – Andrew Tate
  • Andrew Tate 20th Tenet: “I believe each man has a sacred duty to mold the physical body into the strongest and most resilient and most capable version of itself.” – Andrew Tate
  • Andrew Tate 21st Tenet: “I believe that men have the sacred duty to rigorously train themselves both physically and mentally every day.” – Andrew Tate
  • Andrew Tate 22nd Tenet: “I believe that I have the sacred duty to only eat the highest quality foods possible.” – Andrew Tate
  • Andrew Tate 23rd Tenet: “I reserve the right to protect the sanctity of my bloodstream and make my own decisions about medical care and procedures.” – Andrew Tate
  • Andrew Tate 24th Tenet: “I affirm the importance of endlessly improving my mental faculties through diligent work, study and practice.” – Andrew Tate
  • Andrew Tate 25th Tenet: “I believe in acquiring wealth and abundance in order to improve my life and do good for those I care about.” – Andrew Tate
  • Andrew Tate 26th Tenet: “I believe in the merits of healthy competition and constantly encourage all men to seek out competition to improve themselves.” – Andrew Tate
  • Andrew Tate 27th Tenet: “I believe that masculine brotherhood is essential to men’s mental health, happiness and success. And I relentlessly encourage men to meet together, train together and work together.” – Andrew Tate
  • Andrew Tate 28th Tenet: “I maintain the trust of my brothers through reverent silence, regarding our most sacred and shared experiences.” – Andrew Tate
  • Andrew Tate 29th Tenet: “I believe in honoring my ancestors and living in a way that would make most of them proud of me today.” – Andrew Tate
  • Andrew Tate 30th Tenet: “I reserve the right to administer difficult rites of passage for our young men to allow them to earn the rank of manhood.” – Andrew Tate
  • Andrew Tate 31st Tenet: “I affirm the importance and need for travel and adventure as men.” – Andrew Tate
  • Andrew Tate 32nd Tenet: “I seek to help men overcome poor mental health through embracing hard work, physical improvements and shared masculine brotherhood.” – Andrew Tate
  • Andrew Tate 33rd Tenet: “I reserve the right to make the best choices I can at the time to protect myself and respect my mental health.” – Andrew Tate
  • Andrew Tate 34th Tenet: “I do good in the world and seek to help those less fortunate.” – Andrew Tate
  • Andrew Tate 35th Tenet: “I believe all men have the responsibility to lead and guide those they care about for greater health, prosperity and happiness.” – Andrew Tate
  • Andrew Tate 36th Tenet: “I choose to only interact with those who are respectful and civil to me in return for my own respectfulness and civility.” – Andrew Tate
  • Andrew Tate 37th Tenet: “I reserve the freedom to speak and refer to others as I believe is best and most truthful.” – Andrew Tate
  • Andrew Tate 38th Tenet: “I reserve the right to choose my company and include only those whom I believe are best for my health, happiness and success.” – Andrew Tate
  • Andrew Tate 39th Tenet: “I believe I have an imperative to only spend my time that I determine is beneficial, uplifting and empowering to myself and others.” – Andrew Tate
  • Andrew Tate 40th Tenet: “I choose to only allow myself to be influenced by those who I believe have my best interests in mind.” – Andrew Tate
  • Andrew Tate 41st Tenet: “Each day I dedicate myself to create anew the greatest possible positive impact on the world and do the work necessary to achieve a greater masculine excellence across all realms of human endeavor.” – Andrew Tate

These tenets serve as a roadmap for anyone aiming to achieve their best potential and make a significant impact on the world. 

They encourage continuous personal growth, mindful decision making, and a commitment to positive societal contribution.

By following these principles, you can cultivate a mindset of excellence, foster healthier relationships, and lead a more fulfilling life. Andrew Tate’s 41 tenets are more than just guidelines; they are a testament to his resilience and dedication to continual self-improvement and societal contribution.

What Is Andrew Tate’s Net Worth?

Andrew Tate, a multi-faceted entrepreneur and world-class kickboxer, is known not only for his accomplishments in the ring but also for his staggering net worth. 

Currently estimated at a whopping $750 million, Tate’s wealth is a testament to his relentless hustle and savvy business acumen.

Diverse Income Streams: The $10 Million Monthly Earnings

Tate’s fortune doesn’t just accumulate; it gushes in from various sources. 

His most substantial revenue stream comes from Hustlers University, which alone pulls in an impressive $10 million per month. 

This online platform, where he shares his wisdom and strategies for success, has become a gold mine, contributing significantly to his ever-growing wealth.

The Flashy Lifestyle: Where the Money Goes

Unapologetically extravagant, Tate is known for spending his fortune on the finer things in life. From supercars to private jets, his lifestyle is as flashy as his bank balance. 

Here are some highlights:

  • $10 Million Mansion in Romania: Nestled in the heart of Bucharest, this palatial residence is a symbol of luxury and opulence.
  • Supercar Collection: His garage houses some of the world’s most exclusive vehicles, including several Bugattis.
  • $50 Million Homes in Dubai: His real estate portfolio includes multiple high-end properties in Dubai, each worth tens of millions.
  • Private Jet Flights: Regularly jetting off to exotic locations, Tate spends approximately $40,000 per flight.
  • Yacht Rentals: He often indulges in renting luxury yachts, adding another layer of extravagance to his lifestyle.

Flaunting Wealth: A Signature Tate Style

Tate’s approach to wealth is as unique as the man himself. He believes in living life to the fullest, and this philosophy clearly reflects in his lifestyle. 

His biggest assets, apart from his businesses, are his luxurious homes, supercars, and the priceless experiences he indulges in.

The Takeaway

Andrew Tate’s net worth and lifestyle are a testament to his mantra of working hard and playing harder. His flamboyant lifestyle is an embodiment of his belief in enjoying the fruits of one’s labor without hesitation or guilt. 

In the world of Andrew Tate, wealth isn’t just about numbers

How Did Andrew Tate Make His Money?

Andrew Tate’s wealth is as diverse as it is vast. 

With an estimated net worth hovering around the hundreds of millions, according to various sources, Tate has leveraged his talents and entrepreneurial acumen to build an impressive portfolio of income streams.

1. Hustlers University – The Billion-Dollar Brainchild

At the forefront of his wealth accumulation is Hustlers University, which turns over a staggering $10 million per month. This venture is a testament to Tate’s business prowess and could potentially be valued at over a billion dollars. 

As he often says, “The most important part of business is speed and getting other people to pay you.”

2. Webcam Studio Business – The Gateway to Millions

Before Hustlers University, there was the webcam studio business. 

This was his first foray into entrepreneurship, and it quickly became a cash cow, raking in $500,000 per month and catapulting him into millionaire status by the age of 27.

3. Romanian Casinos – A Controversial Venture

Tate’s involvement with Romanian casinos has raised eyebrows, with some speculating about potential money laundering for the mafia. 

However, these remain unproven allegations, and Tate continues to reap significant profits from this venture.

4. OnlyFans – The Ultimate Hustle

Tate’s success on OnlyFans is legendary. He currently manages 10-20 models, each earning up to $200,000 per year. 

He refers to this as the “ultimate hustle”, a testament to his ability to spot and capitalize on lucrative opportunities.

5. Kickboxing – From Passion to Paycheck

Tate’s kickboxing career also contributed significantly to his wealth. 

With earnings ranging from $50,000 to $100,000 per fight, this passion quickly morphed into a profitable enterprise.

Andrew Tate’s journey to wealth wasn’t merely about launching businesses; it was about identifying unique opportunities, capitalizing on them swiftly, and getting others to pay for his expertise. 

His ability to turn passion into profit is a key reason he considers himself a genius in business.

Verdict – What Is Andrew Tate’s 1st Tenet?

Andrew Tate poster of Tenet 1 from his 41 Tenets

Andrew Tate’s first tenet, “I believe that men have the divine imperative to become as capable, powerful and competent as possible in this life,” sets the tone for his philosophy. 

It underscores the importance of self-improvement, personal power, and competence in life.

However, it’s critical to remember that a philosophy or set of beliefs does not exist in a vacuum. A person’s actions and character can influence how their ideas are received and interpreted. Recent events surrounding Andrew Tate have raised serious questions about his conduct. 

These allegations could potentially impact the way his tenets, including the first one, are perceived.

In conclusion, while the first tenet of Andrew Tate may hold value for some individuals, it’s important to critically evaluate the source of these tenets and consider the wider context. 

As we navigate through life and its challenges, it’s essential to discern the values that guide us and ensure they align with respect, kindness, and justice!